Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Clerics of Asclepius (part III)

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It may come time for the cleric to do Asclepius’s work more directly, or even experience some dangerous challenge.

Divine Tests
1-3. Time for incubation. The cleric must sleep at his or her earliest convenience for at least 1d3 hours. During this time, he or she has a 20% chance of being visited by Asclepius in a dream and experiencing the benefit described in the Healing Side-Effects section. 

4-7. Time to heal. The priest of Asclepius experiences a reduction in spells available (50% chance for each one) for the rest of the day. He can immediately regain one though for every time he successfully heals a patient (that actually needs healing). If too many healing spells had become unavailable from this Test though, then it might be difficult.

8-9. Have you come to some sort of Katharsis? It appears the cleric needs to, so he or she must purification themselves with hot baths, purgation, or even a visit to a gymnasium. Until he or she does so, all of the cleric’s spells will be unavailable.

10-11. The Healing God now calls the priest to work at the nearest Asclepeion or other place of healing. He or she must do so for the next 24 hours, leaving all other responsibilities behind for that time.

12-13. Chiron raised and instructed Asclepius and so now too must the priest. He or she must seek out a centaur or other great healer and spend at least 1d6 days with them. Until the priest does so, he or she will suffer a -3 to all rolls.

14-15. A snake arrives to remind the Asclepian cleric of the value of healing. It bites him for 1d20 (nonpoisonous) damage and then departs. If the cleric survives, then he or she gains a Rod of Asclepius, which grants them a +1 bonus to their healing rolls, which is constant as long as the cleric holds it (unlike the once per day per level bonus of Asclepian Mysteries). Future instances of this Test cause the surviving cleric’s Rod to gain an additional +1 bonus.

16-17. Cut open. Reenacting Apollo’s Caesarian section of Asclepius’s unfaithful mother, the Sun God rips the cleric from wherever he or she is to live with the nearest centaur teacher for the next 1d4 weeks. Depending on how far away that is, it may take the cleric some time to return.

18+ Zeus has had enough of the cleric’s meddling with the natural order. Whether he or she actually performed a resurrection or not, the Sky God will send a 5d6 damage thunderbolt to immediately smite the transgressor. For every Asclepeion result over 18, increase the damage by an additional 2d6 (so 7d6 damage at 19, 9d6 damage at 20, etc.)