Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Totems: Bull, Part I

Ways of the Bull
* Graze and grow large
* Charge those who enrage you

* Show your power to the herd
Eschew non-bullish things, especially non-bull magic!

Followers of Bull Totems
Special: The bull is honored by strong shamans and barbarians, as well as more civilized cleric-types and fighters too. 
Associated Divinities & CultsPoseidon, Potnia (Minoan), Fufluns (Etruscan- neutral version of Dionysus), Mithras (with the Taurobolium), Uruz Rune (Norse), Tarvos Trigaranus (3-horned, Celtic), Enlil (bull horns), Ishtar (via Gugalanna), Marduk, Nanna (bull lammasu), Tiamat (via Kusarikku), Apis (Egyptian), Cult of the Khalkotauroi (Colchis), The Sacred Bull (Yamnaya), Chernobog (via the Cherno-bull), Baphomet (demon lord). See also Minotaurs (link).
Allowed Weapons: Club, sword, axe, spear
Allowed Armor: Bull hide, horned helm, and shield or lighter
Spirit of the Bull: Those who follow the bull will gain a random special ability for every odd level they have. See the wolf totem (link) for specifics, as well as roll for totemic side-effects (see Part II) and even totem tests at times (see Part III.

Bull Shamans (roll 1d6)
1. Bull Leaperwhen unarmored and with one's hands free, gain a +2d3 bonus per odd level when attempting any acrobatics upon or near bulls and other cattle. Successful checks also grant the shaman a +1d3 bonus per odd level to their AC bonus too.
2. Bull-skin: Assume the form of a bull (HD 2), becoming one in all ways but cognition for up to 1d3 rounds per level per day. The transformation takes 1d3 rounds, but doesn't count towards the duration limit. At 5th level, they can assume the form of a large bull (HD 4) instead, and at 9th level, a minotaur (HD 6).
3. Spirit Bull: Can either project one's spirit as an ethereal bull or can call upon an ethereal bull ally to fight other spirits in the area. Roll to see which one is available at the beginning of each day, usable for up to 1d3 rounds per level per day. At 5th level, it can be a large ethereal bull instead, and at 9th level, an ethereal minotaur.
4. Bovine Aspect: Gain either a bull's gore attack (1d6 dmg), bonus when charging (+1d3 to hit and +50% damage if successful), carrying capacity (x4), or hit points (+8) for up to 1d3 rounds per level per day. At 5th level, two can be used at once, or one can be used with double its usual potency (a 2d6 gore attack, a +2d3 to hit charge with +100% damage, etc.) At 9th level, all four can be used at once, or two can be used with double potency.
5. Graze: Can live well on just raw grass and water for up to 1d3+3 weeks per odd level at a time, not needing any other nourishment, and be immune to natural elements. Having many cows around would be a boon too.
6. Bull BreedGain a random bull barbarian ability or even a magical ability from a similar totem, reflecting the specific type of bull totem they have.

Bull Barbarians (roll 1d6)
1. Horned Charger: After charging (while being horned with helm or otherwise) and hitting a foe, can make an additional, immediate melee attack for every odd level they have.
2. Bull Rush: After charging and hitting a foe, the target must save vs. death/ make a Fortitude save DC 10 or be knocked back 1d3 x 5' and take 1d6 additional damage if they thereby collide with something else. Increase the damage done by +1d3 for every additional odd level the barbarian has.
3. Bull Rage: Seeing red, can fight in an especially outraged, bullish manner for 2d6 rounds up to 1d3 times per odd level per day, gaining a +1d3 to hit, +1d4+2 to damage, and +1d3 to hit points while suffering an AC penalty of 1d3. To stop the rage early, they must save vs. spell with a penalty of 5/ make a Will save DC 20, otherwise they may even attack allies until it's over. What is more, the barbarian has a base 33% chance of actually turning into a large bull for every 3 rounds that he is raging, in which case it lasts 2d6+3 rounds longer and he also gains +2d4 Strength and Constitution during that time.
4. Massive: Gain +1d4+2' in size, along with +1d4+2 Strength, +3d3 Constitution, -2d3 Dexterity, and -5' speed.
5. Mighty: Gain +1d4' in size, along with +1d3+1 Strength, +1d3 Constitution, -1d3 Dexterity, and +5' speed when in open areas- at least 10' wide.
6. Bull BreedGain a random bull shaman ability or even a martial ability from a similar totem, reflecting the specific type of bull totem they have.

Next week: Totems: Bull, Part II!