Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Poseidon Encounters, Part III

Quests of Poseidon
Watery adventure awaits. Will the tides cause such endeavor to become an odyssey? Roll 1d20./

1-2. Set your sails for adventure! The place the party next revisits seems different. The reason is (roll 1d4): [1] It has been occupied by followers of Athena or some of Poseidon's other rivals, [2] The tide has come in, rearranging things a bit,  [3] It is actually an otherworld (see table listed under Manannan in Volume II), [4] It is actually the same, the party has just been adventuring too long.

3-4. Respect the sea, ‘tis Lord Poseidon’s domain: Sailors speak of beautiful women arising at a certain stretch of sea. Those who seek them out will find them to be (roll 1d5): [1] oceanids (see Part II),
[2] nereids (see Part II), [3] mermaids, [4] sirens (see below & link), [5] various types- reroll twice.

5-6. 'Tis good work in avasting ye scallywags! 1d3 vagabonds are in the area, doing such vagabond things (see Volume I). 2d3 nautical types (see Part II) will soon show up too, likely doing even worse things to the vagabonds.