Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Cleric Encounters: Set

18th in the Divinities and Cults: Volume III series (one more to go!), we have Set, Egyptian dark god of the desert, foreigners, & storms.

1.  For the next 1d8 quarter miles, all becomes dry and desiccated thanks to the machinations of Set. If already desert, then it becomes worse! All Lawful beings and lovers of moisture suffer a -2 to all rolls while there. See also Desert Encounters (in Volume III) to determine what else Set might now have in store.

2.  Who’s snakier? Apep might be the patron of serpents, but Set can conquer them too! 4d4 followers of Set are attacking either (roll 1d5): 
[1] 2d4 followers of Apep, [2] a giant snake, [3] 1d3 snake men, [4]1d2 clerics of Apep, [5] 2d3 cultists of a combined Apep-Set cult, determined to rule the world! [6] reroll twice. The party would likely celebrate the conflict of such evil cults regardless of who wins.

3.  Unfortunately for one unlucky party member, Set seeks to abuse him terribly like he did Horus. The party member must save vs. wand or take 1d6 damage along with a -1d6 penalty to all his rolls for the next 24 hours, due to severe humiliation. Still, if he makes the save by 10 or more (or rolls a natural 20), then it is Set who is bested and the party member gains 1d6 hit points and a +1d6 bonus to all his rolls for the next 24 hours thanks to Horus.

4. Foreigners are everywhere, or at least they seem to be! All whom the party encounters for the next 2d4 hours will speak an unknown language and have a strange look to them. Those who see the party will experience the same, though magical attempts at communication and discernment do have a base 50% chance of success. In any case, Set will be pleased at the resulting conflict that will most likely ensue from such a loss of familiarity.

5. A number of Set’s minions have overrun this place. Roll 1d8 to see how serious the incursion is: [1] 1d4 giant scorpions, [2] 4d4 scorpion men, [3] 1d3 chaotic griffons, [4] 1d3 hippopotamuses, [5] 2d2 crocodiles, [6] 1d2 giant spitting cobras (HD 5), [7] 2d4 Set cultists, [8] reroll twice. In any case, the stage will be set for great peril!

6. All in the party must save vs. spell or suddenly give into rampant urges, selfishness, and megalomaniacal tirades. The situation lasts for the next 2d4 rounds, likely causing severe intra-party conflict, though followers of Lawful deities are immune. Followers of Set of course act this way all the time, so a save for them is unnecessary.

7. Unfortunately for the nearest individual in a random direction, Set seeks to do unto them what he did to Osiris! For the next 6 rounds, one of their body parts gets hacked off unless they save vs. death each round. Such an event will also cause the loss of 25% of their remaining hit points, while the loss of another extremity will cause 1d20 damage and the loss of the head will likely cause instant death: [Round 1] left arm, [Round 2] right arm, [Round 3] left leg, [Round 4] right leg, [Round 5] other extremity, [Round 6] head.

8. The party stumbles upon a cult of Set! Since they are so diabolical, it could be anyone, even misleading the party into some sort of set up (roll 1d6): [1] 1d4 clerics of Set, [2] 1d3 priests of Set, [3] 1d3 anti-paladins of Set, [4] 1d4+3 cultists of Set, [5] 2d6 scorpion men, [6] reroll twice.

9. The sky grows dark and the winds rise, bringing destruction to the area for the next 1d3 turns. All must take cover or suffer 1d3 damage per round from the dry winds, whirling maelstrom, and blinding sands of Set’s wrath.

10. Set is the Foe of Ra (though that wasn’t always the case)! The party comes upon a follower of Set who is actually working with some of the Sun Pharaoh’s faithful, but there’s only a 50% chance of his motivations being pure. The Setian will calmly insist that Apep is the main threat- that total annihilation of the world is far worse than Set’s striving for mastery of it. Nevertheless, he will definitely slip into a vicious frenzy if asked what animal his mask actually is.

11. A great orgy is revealed, replete with 4d20 participants. Though led by followers of Set (see #8 above), they actually care little for the participants (or orgies for that matter) and are only sponsoring it to later blackmail them. The Setians will therefore attempt to flee at the earliest opportunity if the event is disrupted.

12. The followers of Set have been busy! They are working to hatch a nefarious scheme which will come to fruition sometime in the next 1d20 hours (roll 1d6): [1] get dupes to funnel their money into a pyramid, 
[2] achieve mind control via barber-dentistry, [3] enlist the service of a doppelganger and his barbarian gang, [4] build a massive dome that will terrorize people, replete with 6 war chariots and mounted ballista, [5] refine a mass teleportation spell, allowing followers of Set to transport armies past their foes’ defenses, among other things, [6] unleash an enormous Setian pylon device that can control the weather.

Sample 6th Level Cleric of Set
Align: C
AC: 4
HD: 6
Atk: 1
Dmg: 1d6+3 (+1 was scepter) or 1d6+2 (mace)
SP: Set turn ability, mysteries, Brutal Strength, Desert Touch (divine tests), 40% chance of becoming enraged for one round whenever he experiences a setback.
Spells prepared:
1st level: (3+2) Cure Light Wounds (x2), Remove Fear (reverse), Jarring Hand*, Setian Missile*
2nd level: (3+2) Bless, Bless (reverse), Hold Person, Snake Charm, Ray of Enfeeblement*
3rd level: (2+1) Hieroglyph of Warding, Remove Curse (reverse), Sand ShapeD
SV: C6
Mor: 8
Possessions: +1 Scale mail, +1 was scepter, mace, 128 gold pieces, 1 random magic item, letters to use as blackmail, two Set cultists.

Next week: cleric encounters concludes with Tiamat!