Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Clerics of Potnia, Part I


Neutral Minoan Great Goddess of Snakes and Civilization

Tenets of Potnia
* Always bear your breasts bare, encouraging feminine affluence and potency
* Promote trade, the arts, beauty, and civilization
* Be generally peaceful, but honor labryses (double-headed axes), snakes, and bulls...
* Perform horrific sacrifices from time to time too!

Priestesses of Potnia
Special: Being usually peaceful and matriarchal, there are no Minoan clerics per se, but only Minoan priestesses, most of which follow Potnia. See Divinities & Cults: Volume II for additional details on Minoan Religion.
Allowed Weapons: None, though they may appear armed, bearing labryses, snakes, or simply their breasts.
Allowed Armor: None (see Weapons, above)
Holy Symbols: Labrys, Bull, Snake
Can Turn: Any who wear shirts (or at least shirts that don't reveal one's chest!)
Minoan Mysteries: Priestess of Potnia always gain a +1 bonus to their casting rolls whenever their bare breasts are bared.

Next week: Priestesses of Potnia, Part II!