Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Druids of Bran, Part I

Bran the Blessed
Welsh God of Just Rulership, Massiveness, & Insight

Tenets of Bran
* Rule justly
* Be large
* Take clever actions...

* exhibit insight

Druids of Bran
Special: Bran is served by druids, brydydds (Welsh bards), and gweledydds (Welsh seers). He can be followed in one of a number of ways, granting different abilities based on  his various aspects (see below). Which one applies can remain set, be determined at random as the situation warrants, or can even change over time. 
Allowed Weapons: Club, spear, hammer
Allowed Armor: Chainmail and shield or lighter
Symbols: Head, Giant, Raven
Can Turnnone, though his mysteries are quite potent
Mysteries of Bran: Up to once per day per level, spellcasters who follow Bran can do one of the following:
   Bran the Just: gain a +2 bonus to all rolls for 2d6 rounds when fighting someone who has wronged them or a love one.
Bran the Giant: gain 5' in size and a +4 bonus to Strength and Constitution for 3d6 rounds. Suffer a -8 penalty to hiding, being quiet, avoiding being targeted, fitting into smaller areas, etc. during that time too.
   Bran the Clevergain a +10 bonus to surprise or to resist being surprised by any who haven't shown them the proper respect. The druid of Bran can then gain a +5 bonus to one of their rolls the following round too. 

For details on related divinities, see here.

Next week: druids of Bran, Part II!