Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Kolduns of Baba Yaga, Part IV

Koldun Spells (Baba Yaga)
Who can stand wielding what the Witch Goddess can?

1st Level: Command, Cure Light Wounds (reversible), Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil (+3 if cast in her hut), Remove Fear (reverse), Resist Cold, Divine Weather (D), Faerie Fire (D), Pass with Trace (D), Message*, Shocking Grasp*, Shield*, Sleep*, Spider Climb*, Ventriloquism*

2nd Level: Augury, Bless (reverse), Delay Poison, Find Traps, Know Alignment, Hold Person, Holy Chant, Resist Fire, Reveal Charm, Speak with Animal, Spiritual Weapon (wielded by a phantom), Barkskin (D), Feign Death (D), Find Plant (D), Fire Trap (D), Obscuring Mist (D), Produce Flame (D), Stumble (D), Warp Wood (D), Amnesia*, Arcane Lock*, Auditory Illusion*, Detect Invisible*, ESP*, False Gold*, False Trap*, Invisibility*, Knock*, Levitate*, Light* (reverse), Ray of Enfeeblement*, Scare*, Shatter*, Stinking Cloud*, Web*

3rd Level: Animate Dead, Cure Blindness (reverse), Cure Disease (reversible), Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding (works when placed in her hut), Locate Object, Prayer, Remove Curse (reversible), Speak with Dead, Striking, Snare (D), Blink*, Clairaudience*, Clairvoyance*, Fly* (requires a cauldron to stand in), Tiny Hut* (but can move around on chicken legs instead), Suggestion*

4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds (reversible), Detect Lie, Divination, Exorcise, Neutralize Poison, Protection from Evil 10’ Radius (+3 if cast in her hut), Sticks to Snakes, Tongues, Flash Fire (D), Hallucinatory Terrain (D), Arcane Eye*, Charm Monster*, Fear*, Globe of Invulnerability (Lesser)*, Polymorph Others*, Polymorph Self*, Summon Monster II*

5th Level: Cure Critical Wounds (reversible), Flame Strike, Insect Plague, Control Winds (D), Wall of Fire (D), Contact Other Plane*, Distort Distance*, Feeblemind*, Magic Jar*, Secret Chest*, Telekinesis* 

6th Level: Animate Objects, Blade Barrier,Find the Path, Heal, Word of Recall, Control Weather (D), Fire Seeds (D), Anti-Magic Shell*, Arcane Window*, Dweomer of Rage*, Geas*, Guards and Wards*

7th Level: Astral Projection, Gate, Regenerate, Wind Walk (requires a cauldron to stand in), Control Weather (Greater) (D), Finger of Death (D), Reincarnate (D), Power Word Stun*, Summon Demon*, Permanency*

1st Level: Blessing, Darkness, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Paralysis, Resists Heat (but not cold), Second Sight, Word of Command, Chill Touch*, Choking Cloud*, Ekim's Mystical Mask*, Magic Shield*, Sleep*, Spider Climb*, Ventriloquism* 

2nd Level: Banish, Binding, Curse, Lotus Stare, Neutralize Poison or Disease, Restore Vitality, Detect Invisible*, ESP*, Fire Resistance*, Forget*, Invisibility*, Invisible Companion*, Knock*, Levitate*, Locate Object*, Monster Summoning*, Ray of Enfeeblement*, Scare*, Shatter*, Spider web*, Curse of Moirae*

Next week: kolduns of Baba Yaga, Part V!