Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Freya Encounters, Part I

Followers of Freya

Though her followers may heed all her tenets, some may emphasize one most of all. This choice not only focuses the fashion of their faith, but it can also alter the mysteries, magical side-effects, and divine test results available to them from Volume I.

Main Emphasis (d16)
1. Spread love (Gef)
2. Enjoy all that life has to offer (Horn)
3. Master the arts of passion (Mardoll)
4. Master the arts of magic (Galdor)
5. Master the arts of battle (Hild)
6. Bring beauty into your life (Skjalf)
7. Totemic focus: cats, falcons, or boar
8. Practice witchcraft/ shamanism (Seidr)
9. Anglo-Saxon, Gothic, or other Germanic tradition (Freo - link, Hretha- link)
10-16. (No special emphasis)