Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Boons of the Greek Magical Papyri, Part 2

Continued from last week, here are some other ways that casters can use to make their spells work more easily and attempt even greater magical effects.

Asceticism (+1, +2, or +3): avoid food, drink, lovemaking, and/or other pleasures before attempting the spell. The bonus is based on how much is avoided and for how long. For example, fasting for a day before might grant a +1 bonus, while remaining ‘pure’ for a week might grant a +2.

Timing (+1, +2, or +3): cast the spell during the right time of day and/or season that matches either the Divinity being invoked, the spell being cast, or both. The higher bonus occurs when either both conditions are met and/or are very specific. For instance, invoking a dark goddess at night might bestow only a +1, while invoking her at the stroke of midnight on the eve of Samhain would grant a +3.

Tassel (+2): Attach a tassel to the recipient of the spell in order to make it more likely to work. The object will be obvious to all who notice, but not necessarily be identified as magical. If removed before the spell’s duration is over, then the spell automatically ends and the spell’s caster also takes a -2 penalty to all of his or her casting rolls for the next 1d6 days.