Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Clerics of Hretha, Part III

Divine Tests
1-4. The cleric must contemplate victory for 2d6 turns, 1d6 if she has actually been victorious sometime within the last 1d6 hours.

5-14. And what must the cleric do next? She loses access to some of her spells (50% chance for each one), possibly including her turn ability. Roll 1d6 to see what triumphs she must seek to get them back.
[1] Howl and be tempestuous for at least 2d3 turns.
[2] Defeat a worthy foe (of equal level/ HD or higher) in combat.
[3] March at least 1d4 miles, challenging any who would prevent her passage.
[4] Stand on high ground, at least 2d4 x 10' above the surrounding lands.
[5] Contest the cold by being unprotected in such weather for 1d2 hours, or at least challenge a follower of such a divinity.
[6] Dare the warm by being unprotected in such weather for 2d4 hours, or at least challenge a follower of Eostre (link) or similar divinity.

15-17. Hretha sees fit to make the cleric more like her forevermore. Roll 1d3.
[1] Windish: A gentle breeze blows within 5' of her, granting her a +2 bonus to saves vs. gasses and other air-based perils, but she automatically burns out candles and feeble torches if she gets too close.
[2] Wælcyrgie-ish I: Gains a +3 bonus to cause fear in, demoralize, and unnerve foes, but suffers the same in penalty when attempting to provide courage, emotional comfort, or motivation.
[3] Wælcyrgie-ish II: Gains a +1 bonus to cause damage to wounded foes and to finish them off, but suffers the same in penalty when receiving physical comfort or healing.

18+ A great windstorm arises, affecting all within a 1/4 mile area for the next 1d3 turns. Those who do not find shelter within 1d3 minutes will take 1d3 damage per round, and such shelter will also collapse if not sturdy. Increase the area affected by 1/4 mile, the duration by 1d3 turns, and the damage by 1d3 for every divine test result over 18.

Wælcyrgie (Anglo-Saxon Valkyrie)
- Spirits that can take physical form for brief periods of time, as described in Volume IV. They often appear as either animals, hags, or warrior-women, though all terrifying. 

Associated with Hretha and other warlike Anglo-Saxon divinities, wælcyrgie can be summoned by their followers via the Summon Spirit spell.

For those who fight well in battle, they will (roll 1d12): [1-3] provide succor, [4-7] assist with combat, [8-10] continue to watch, [11+] choose to be slain
*For those who fight poorly, add 4 to the d12 roll.

can also use 1d8 of the following 20 spells at will (roll a d20 eight times to generate them- duplicate rolls mean that a particular wælcyrgie knows less spells).
1st Level: Command, Cure Light Wounds, Light (reversible), Protection from Evil, Remove Fear (reversible)
2nd Level: Bless, Delay Poison, Holy Chant, Resist Fire, Silence 15' Radius, Spiritual Weapon (appearing as the wælcyrgie wielding it)
3rd Level: Continual Light, Cure Disease, Glyph of Warding, Striking, Call Lightning (D)
4th Level: Gust of Wind*
5th Level: Blade Barrier (appearing as the wælcyrgie wielding them)
6th Level: Plane Shift
7th Level: Wind Walk

Next week: Clerics of Hretha, Part IV!