Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Totems: Eagle, Part IV

Eagle shamans and other cleric-types who call upon the totem gain access to certain spells. A number require the shaman to fight the offending spirit- see details at the end of this article. They otherwise follow the guidelines of totemic magic (link). 

1st Level Spells (d8)
1. Aerie Protectionas Protection from Evil, but only works in elevated areas.
2. Cure Light Eagle Wounds: as Cure Light Wounds, but only works on those who follow the eagle's ways.
3. Eagle's Command: as Command, but lasts for 2d3 rounds and requires fighting the target's guardian spirit...
4. Eagle Companion: as Animal Companion (D), but must be a single eagle.
5. Eagle Eye: as a reversible Remove Fear, but must stare at the target rather than touch them.
6. Eaglefall: as Feather Fall*, but any subjects must be clothed at least mostly in feathers.
7. Elevated Detection: as Detect Evil, but detects dark and/or serpentine beings.
8. Radiant Eagle: as Light, but will not illuminate dark and/or serpentine beings, even if hidden or disguised.

2nd Level Spells (d6)
1. Eagle Blessingas Bless, but grants allies a +1 to Saving Throws and to hit bonus instead, along with a +4 bonus to sight-based checks too.
Eagle's Nest: as Levitate*, but must be used to attack at some point during it's duration.
3. Phantom Eagle: as Spiritual Weapon, but appears as a spirit eagle that can keep attacking even if the shaman doesn't concentrate. It also attacks at up to double the range, but must target any dark or serpentine beings first.
4. Raptor's Gaze: as Hold Person, but requires the caster locking eyes with the target.
Serpent's Bane: as Delay Poison, but grants full immunity from that of serpentine and/or dark beings.
6. Speak with Eaglesas Speak with Animals, but only works with eagles and eagle-beings.

3rd Level Spells
1. Aerie Protection 10' Radius: as Protection from Evil 10' Radius, but only works in elevated areas
2. Eagle's Break: as Remove Curse, but someone or something else within 1d6 x 10' must gain the curse instead and the shaman will do his best to then destroy it.
3. Eagle's Cure: as Cure Disease, but requires the shaman fight the disease spirit...
4. Eagle Dispel: as Dispel Magic, but the same...
5. Eagleskin Magic: as Polymorph Self* or Polymorph Other*, but can only take on or grant the form of an eagle.

4th Level Spells (d5)
1. Aerie's Call: as Summon Animal I (D), but just summons eagles.
2. Aquiline Truth: as Detect Lie, but the shaman must immediately attack any confirmed liars.
3. Cure 
Serious Eagle Wounds: as Cure Serious Wounds, but only works on those who follow the eagle's ways. 
4. Eagle's Domain: as Commune with Nature(D), but must be in a place where eagles dwell.
5. Exorcism of the Eagle: as Exorcism, but the shaman must fight the offending spirit...

5th Level Spells
1. Cure Critical Eagle Wounds: as Cure Critical Wounds, but only works on those who follow the eagle's ways.
2. Dispel the Dark: as Dispel Evil, but works on serpentine and dark beings too, if they are fought... 
3. Eagle Flight
: as Fly*, but recipient cannot hover unless pointing directly into steady wind.

4. Eagle Strike
: as Flame Strike, but the damage is done by phantom eagles that do +2 damage vs. dark or serpentine beings. 

6th Level Spells (d3)
1. Eagle Ally: as Summon Monster, but summons one creature or being that is eaglelike and has a HD of 7 or less.
Eagle Realm: as Plane Shift, but only transports to and from aerie places dominated by eagles and aquiline beings.
3. Summon Aerie Servant: as Summon Aerial Servant, but it appears as a phantom eagle, it can't be sent to retrieve items, but it can be sent to attack a dark, serpentine, or controlling individual. What is more, it does not return murderously insane if it fails at its mission.

Fighting Spirits
Eagle shamans and those who follow certain other totems sometimes prefer to fight spirits directly as part of their spells. To do so, they must make a Wisdom or Charisma check (DC 15). Success means the spell works. Failure indicates that the shaman must try again next round. Rolling a natural 1 shows that the spell fails and is lost, and the shaman must also save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 or have the offending spirit inhabit them instead!

Shamans who rely on such an approach can opt to fight/ exorcise other spirits that they encounter this way as well.

Next week: Totems, Eagle Part V!