Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Swynwraigs of Cerdiwen, Part III

What unfolds might not always be so easily met.

Divine Tests
1-4. How do you show your awen? The swynwraig will be preoccupied for the next 2d6 turns unless she does something based on which of her aspects applies at the time. If she does so, then she need only be so occupied for 1d6 turns.
Ceridwen the Transforming: work to alter something.
Ceridwen the Mother: care for her offspring.
Ceridwen the Wise: dispense wisdom.

5-9. The shifts become more plain to see. The swynwraig loses access to some of her spells (50% chance for each one), possibly including her turn ability. Either roll 1d4 or select to see what she needs to do to get each one back based on which aspect of Ceridwen fits best. Each requires roughly 1d6 turns once a fitting subject has been found and a successful Wisdom check with a -5 penalty (DC 20) made.
[1] Make someone more beautiful, brighter. (the Transforming or the Mother)
[2] Make someone wiser, more deep. (the Mother or the Wise)
[3] Chase after someone, consuming aspects of them for rebirth, whether symbolically or not. (the Mother or the Transforming)
[4] Recite a poem, inspiring someone. (the Transforming or the Wise)

10-16. Insightful, maternalistic remoldings befall the swynwraig. Whether rolling 1d6 to randomly determine what it is or selecting based on her resonance with the aspect, the test will cause her to be changed for a duration of one year and a day.
[1] Every 1d12 days, she is turned into either a greyhound, otter, or hawk for the next 4d6 hours. And though she assumes that animal's mind during that time, she does gain a +5 bonus to dealing with animals of that type afterwards until her next change. (the Transforming)
[2] If she falls in battle or gives birth, any of her allies within 1d10 x 20 feet gain a +1d3 bonus to all rolls for the next 1d6 hours. 
(the Transforming)
[3] Like Morfran, she becomes dark, dumb, and deformed, losing 1d2 Intelligence and Charisma. (the Mother)
[4] Like Creirwy and Taliesin, she becomes light, bright, and beautiful, gaining 1d2 Intelligence and Charisma. (the Mother)
[5] Whenever she's asked a question, her reply is difficult to fathom, requiring a Wisdom check (DC 15) to comprehend. (the Wise)
[6] Whenever she's asked a question, there's a 10% chance of her being able to immediately cast a divination spell that she knows, and it doesn't count against her daily spell limit. Still, only those who don't know that the swynwraig has this trait will be able to trigger it. (the Wise

17+ Who's tending the cauldron? The swynwraig must undergo an ordeal to find out for 1 day, plus 1 additional day per divine test result over 17. Roll 1d2 or select which occurs based on the most fitting aspect. Once selected, every day that the test is in effect requires new rolls within one of the following situations.
[1] She becomes a greyhound, otter, or hawk while the last person she spoke to becomes a hare, fish, or bird respectively. A chase ensues and there's a base 10% chance of the hunted becoming eaten each day. If this occurs, then the victim must save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10. Success indicates that the victim simply awakens unharmed the next day. Failure shows that the victim is now inside the swynwraig, waiting to be reborn/ reincarnated sometime within the next 1d8+1 months. Friends and allies of the one consumed will likely take a dim view of the swynwraig- a base 95% chance. (the Transforming or the Mother)
[2] She must supervise a cauldron. Each day, there's a base 25% chance of the swynwraig getting burned by a drop, tasting it, and then she must save vs. poison/ make a Fortitude save DC 15. Failure indicates that the swynwraig is chased and consumed by an avatar of Ceridwen, reborn 1d10 months later. Success indicates that she gains beauty and insight- a +2 to Charisma and Wisdom. (the Wise: or the Transforming)

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