Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Skadi Encounters, Part III

Quests of Skadi
Freedoms shows clear upon the mountain expanse. Roll 1d20.

Honor the cold and highlands: A dream comes to a chosen party member to cast off their winter gear. A cold snap comes too, but if the dreamer and others they notify oblige, they will be quite chilly for 1d3 hours, but will receive a blessing from Skadi along with a natural and comfortable warmth in the interim, not needing to beg the frost giants for protection.

3-4. Find freedom through rugged independence: A group of Franks has taken up residence in a mountain cabin. That they wish to not serve another might be understandable, that they insist on calling it a "chalet" might not.

5-6. Hunt & ski: ‘tis the way of life: Certain hunters range in the area, outcompeting all others. Though skilled, their harnessing of the snowy slopes has given them a great advantage, until one of their number has gone missing. Those who search will well find that thurs frost giant has taken exception to their use of the wintry ways.