Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Lords of Maidens, Part I

Working at the behest of divinities, lords of Maidens send angelic, fey, elemental, demonic, or devilish spirit women to be companions for mortals. Such maidens may then use their powers on their behalf, which can be quite compelling.

Ways of Maidens
Maidens are...
Angelic: peaceful, harmonious, & bountiful, remaining honorable and pure
Fey: wondrous, enchanting, & sentient, though elusive or entrapping
* Elemental: fiery, cold, wet, dry, or airy.
Demonic: bizarre, mutagenic, wanton, and possessing, but can be quite enticing.
* Devilish: empowering, dominating, punishing, and entrapping, though may be rewarding