Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Lords of Maidens, Part III

Maidens can embody the essence of their lords and divinities. What is more, such beautiful entities can often be found in the entourage of goddesses too, whose beauty is greater yet.

Maiden Divinities & Cults
Certain types of maidens tend to serve certain divinities.

Greek & Roman
Aphrodite / Venus: fey (nymphs & sirens) & elemental (fire & water)
Artemis / Diana: fey (fairty godmothers & sprites) & elemental (earth)
Athena / Minerva: angelic (muses & valkyries)
Hecate / Trivia: devilish (erinyes), demonic (succubi), & fey (fairy godmothers)
Hera / Juno: angelic (guardian angels & ancestral spirits) & devilish (nemeses & erinyes)
Hestia / Vesta: angelic only (guardian angels, muses, & ancestral spirits)