Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Clerics of Surtr, Part III

Cleric Spells (Surtr)
Clerics of Surtr have access to the following spells:

1st Level: Command, Create Water (reverse), Cure Light Wounds (reversible), Light (reverse), Remove Fear (reverse), Burning Hands*, Enlarge*, Manipulate Fire*

2nd Level: Bless (reverse), Hold Person, Resist Fire, Spiritual Weapon (held by a phantom fire giant), Fire TrapD, Heat MetalD, Produce FlameD, Darkness Globe*, Pyrotechnics*, Stinking Cloud* (smoky), Strength*

3rd Level: Continual Light (reverse), Cure Blindness (reverse), Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Remove Curse (reverse), Rune of Warding (as Glyph of Warding), Striking, Protection from FireD, Explosive Runes*

4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds (reversible), Divination, Lower Water, Neutralize Poison, Flash FireD, Temperature ControlD (hotter only), Darkball (as Fireball*, but also causes darkness for 3d4 rounds), Fire Trap*, Flame Charm*, Summon Monster* (hellhound), Wall of Fire*

5th Level: Cure Critical Wounds (reversible), Flame Strike (very dark fire), Plane Shift (to Muspelheim only), Cloudkill* (noxious smoke), Teleport* (from one fiery area to another), Polymorph Self* (fire giant or hellhound forms)

6th Level: Heal (reverse), Fire SeedsD, Conjure Elemental* (fire only)

7th Level: Fire StormD, Incendiary Cloud*, Magic Sword* (made of fire!), Summon Demon* (rufendr- see below), Summon Monster* (fire giant)

1st Level: Darkness, Paralysis, Resist Heat (not cold), Word of Command, Choking Cloud* (smoky), Enlarge*, Flaming Hands*

2nd Level: Binding, Cure Paralysis, Curse, Neutralize Poison or Disease, Fire Resistance*, Scorching Ray*, Strength*

3rd Level: Bolt from the Blue (as dark fire), Spiritual Weapon (wielded by a phantom fire giant), Consult Spirit* (beings of fire only), Dispel Magic*, Monster Summoning* (hellhound), Planar Step* (from one fiery place to another)

4th Level: Desecrate, Control Fire*, Darkball (as Fireball*, but also causes darkness for 3d4 rounds), Polymorph* (self- fire giant or hellhound forms)

5th Level: Muspel Fire (as Righteous Fire, but is quite dark and pernicious), Monster Summoning* (fire giants or rufender only)

Rufendr (Muspelheim Demon)
Align: C
MV: 45’
AC: 0
HD: 9
Atk: 2 claws
Dmg: 2d4
SP: demon resistances and abilities, immune to fire, takes double damage from cold, touch causes 1 fire damage per round
SV: F9

These beings of blackened flame exist only to burn and rip asunder with their terrible claws, radiating intense heat that causes 1 fire damage to all who touch them each round. Each rufender will continue to destroy all it encounters until either destroyed itself or sent back to its fiery home- Muspelheim!

DCC RPG stats:
Init: +9; Atk claws +12 (2d4+3); AC 19; HD 9d12; MV 35’ (fly 40’); Act 2d20; SP demon traits, immune to fire, takes double damage from cold, touch causes 1 fire damage per round; SV Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +3; AL C. 

Avatar of Surtr
Align: C
MV: 60’
AC: -4
HD: 25
Atk: 1 flaming sword
Dmg: 10d8
SP: Surtr cleric spells/abilities (caster level 15), cause fear (save vs. death negates), immune to fire, takes double damage from cold, touch causes 2d6 fire damage per round
Magic Resistance: 35%
SV: F25

Enormous, dark, and fiery, a Surtr avatar can appear as a colossal, blackened fire giant or simply as a titan of shadow and flame. No matter what form it takes, those who see one and don’t have the good sense to run away screaming may have to do so anyway (if they fail their save). The unknowing might even think it some sort of gigantic demon or devil, but Surtr only wishes to burn the world to ashes, caring not for souls or corruption. So too do his avatars, dutifully slaying with their enormous, blazing swords all non-fire giants that cross their paths and causing 2d6 fire damage per round to any who are foolish enough to touch them.

DCC RPG stats:
Init: +3; Atk flaming sword +32 (10d8+12); AC 24; HD 27d10; MV 30’; Act 2d24; SP Surtr cleric spells/abilities (caster level 15), crit on 20-24, cause fear (Will save DC 10 negates), immune to fire, takes double damage from cold, , touch causes 2d6 fire damage per round; SV Fort +25, Ref +5, Will +18; AL C.

Surtr Encounters
1. Those holding a satanic ritual mispronounce one word and summon a powerful denizen of Muspelheim instead. It is a (roll 1d4): [1] rufendr, [2] avatar of Surtr at half strength and size, [3] fire giant jotun that burns like an elemental for 1d6 damage per round, [4] cleric of Surtr. The being will likely incinerate the satanists (a base 75% chance), though if not, it will otherwise spare and lead them to greater destruction of the surrounding area. No matter the result, the party will be left to deal with the smoky aftermath.

2. A battle is occurring between two different groups of fire giants: some with pale skin, others blackened. There are 1d4 on each side, serving either Sinmara or Surtr respectively, at war with each other even though their patrons are married in Muspelheim (or because of it!) The survivors will then attack the party unless they wisely take steps before then.

3. The area grows dark and a random, unlucky party member catches fire. He or she takes 1d6 damage per round until extinguished, also having a 50% chance of each of his or her garments and possessions being destroyed in the conflagration. Surtr likes that.

4. Here within a fell temple of braziers and basalt, Surtr is worshipped. Those who venture inside will find 1d4+1 clerics of his along with 1d4-1 anti-paladins, 2d4 hellhounds, 1d6 fire giants, and 2d4 sacrifices made ready (frost giants and/or followers of Freyr). Of course, the clerics and anti-paladins will likely be fire giants too (a base 70% chance) and also have a 25% chance of both being blessed with a change from divine tests #9-14 and suffering from pyromania thanks to divine tests #15-16.

Next week: we take a look at more Greek divinities, starting with clerics of Ares!