Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Totems: Raven, Part I

Ways of the Raven
* Adapt as needed, remaining dark
* Transcend with your attention
* Be vigilant, helping other raven-types
* Voice skillfully, but beware non-raven magic

Followers of Raven Totems
Special: The raven is followed by shamans and barbarians, along with other classes including thieves, magic-users, and cleric and fighter-types too. 
Associated Divinities: Odin, the Morrighan, Lugh, Apollo
Allowed Weapons: Dagger, short sword, bow, staff, spear
Allowed Armor: Raven feathers or lighter, though always dark
Spirit of the Raven: Those who follow the raven will gain a random special ability for every odd level they have, drawing from the same list whether they are a raven shaman or raven barbarian. Otherwise, See the wolf totem (link) for general guidelines on how such abilities work.

Raven Abilities: (roll 1d12)
1. Raven-skin: Assume the form of a raven, whether ethereal or solid, becoming one in all ways but cognition for up to 1d3 rounds per level per day. The transformation takes 1d3 rounds, but doesn't count towards the duration limit. And if becoming ethereal, the follower's body is left behind for the duration, helpless and comatose. At 5th level, causes fear (as the spell) constantly in these forms. And at 9th level, the constant cause fear effect when in such forms is 5 harder to save against.
2. Raven Aspect: Gain a raven's superior sense of eyesight and hearing for up to 4d3 rounds per level per day. At 5th level, can gain either a +4 Dexterity bonus or can ignore up to 1d4 x 10' of falling damage instead. At 9th level, can glide up to 40' per round for the duration, arms/wings outstretched.
3. Raven Guardian Spirit: Call upon an ethereal raven ally to fight other spirits, scout an area, send mental messages, or detect other supernatural forces. It will obey for up to 1d3 rounds per level per day. Starting at 5th level, it can even become corporeal for up to one round per level per day of the duration: attacking, relaying physical messages, or performing other tasks if need be. And at 9th level, it can become corporeal for the entire duration as required.
5. Psycawmetry: Sense impressions from/ know some of the history of an object that the follower holds, up to 2d3 rounds per level day, but must save vs. death/ make a Wil save DC 10 or be unnerved by them (-2 to all rolls for the next 3d4 rounds)..
6. Keen Caw: Gain a +1d3 bonus to a roll involving loud speech (including casting a spell if heard by the target), up to once per day per level.
7. Strange Endurance: Receive a +1d3 bonus that can be added to either saving throws or to reduce damage done, as long as one is acting fatalistically, vengefully, and/or mysteriously. Usable up to once per day per level.
8. Crow's Feet: Detect disguised, hidden, or altered beings for what they really are, or even detect magic (per the spell), a total of up to twice per day per level.
9. Black as Raven's Wings: Can cause fear (as the spell) in those who hear or see them, up to once per level per day. Two daily uses can be used at once to cause fear in even those normally immune, such as undead.
10. Death Caw: Ignore fear and similar mental effects (via spell or otherwise), up to twice per day per level. The follower is also now considered to be undead 50% of the time, even if already fully so.
11. Murder: Gain a cumulative +1 bonus to all rolls when within 30' of other raven followers. It can be used up to once per day per level, lasts 2d3 rounds per use, and has a maximum bonus of +6. Half the bonus can even be added when working with wolf followers.
12. Raven Type: Gain a randomly determined ability from another chosen totem.

Next week: Totems: Raven, Part II!