Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Clerics of Mielikki, Part V

Mielikki Encounters
The hunt may bring more than what one may expect.

Roll 1d12
1. A bear suddenly emerges. The great beast stares at the party, their response will then determine its. Roll 1d8, subtracting one for every faithful follower of Mielikki (or similar divinity) present: [1 or less] leads party to a silver basket and golden cradle worth 3d6 x 50 gold pieces, [2-3] leads party to honey and apples that would provide 4 adult meals, [4-5] yawns and wanders off, [6-7] huffs and acts aggressively, [8] attacks! 

2. Here dwells a jovial and reckless man. This Lemminkainen-style ranger would like to find the Hiisi Elk (per #4 below), and will agree to train any who might help him in his special, Finnish wizard-warrior fighting ways (link). 

3. 4d6 evil, dark northerners rampage through a settlement, claiming that the local Finns have somehow belittled Pohjola. A captivating Finnish maid (see #12 below) approaches the party for aid, fearing the northerners may choose to enter and despoil the nearby woods.

4. Rumor has it that the legendary Hiisi Elk is nearby. Those who seek it out and hunt it down will find it to be (roll 1d4): [1] a hostile hill nature spirit, [2] an ill-tempered, dire elk (4 HD), [3] an ogre-elk hybrid (+20' speed), [4] just a pine tree.

5. Tapio is worshipped at this place. Amongst the great trees and stag heads, treat it as a Cernunnos encounter (link), but substitute select elements with Tapio, Finns, and Tapio's wife, Mielikki. 

6. Up ahead is the sound of squeaking. A small animal is stuck in a trap. It is a (roll 1d4): [1] squirrel, 
[2] rabbit, [3] wood grouse, [4] bear cub. Those who free it will gain a +1d2 bonus to all their rolls for the rest of the day, along with the ability to speak with animals of that type, thanks from Mielikki. Those who don't will suffer one of her divine tests instead.

7. Did you feel that? A fit woman traveler (per #12 below) walks by and notifies the party that the haltija (local spirits) are angered. Until the party does one of the following, they will become lost for 1d3 hours (roll 1d4): [1] put their clothing on backwards for 2d6 turns, [2] care for, plant, or save a tree, [3] save a trapped animal, [4] remove all clothing for 3d6 turns.

8. 3d4 cows graze here, chewing succulent plants at the forest's edge. Any who would disturb them will earn the ire of Nyyrikki, Mielikki's cattle-guarding son. 1d4 metsan haltija will materialize (treat them as Finnish satyrs) to set things right.

9. With enlivening and intoxicating scents, healing herbs sprout around the area. Those who harvest them sparingly will have enough to grant a +2 bonus to any roll for up to 3 spells, +4 if the casters are followers of Mielikki. Those who harvest them greedily will instead attract the attention of an angry bear.

10. The local lodge of Mielikki is seeking volunteers to investigate a similar (and potentially rival) group. Roll 1d4: [1] followers of Artemis, who are Greek and more vigilant, [2] Skadi devotees, who are Norse and more mountain-based, [3] Danu worshippers, who are Celtic and more river-based, [4] 'Greenwoodian' Mielikki followers, who are from some forgotten place and more unicorn-based. 

11. Did you hear that? Haltija (local spirits) are present. Those who commune with them wisely (via a Wisdom check) will gain the benefits of a Commune with Nature spell, becoming magically aware of the immediate area. Followers of Mielikki (and similar divinities) who do so will maintain that benefit until they leave the area. Those who are disrespectful though will instead summon a devotee of  Mielikki (see #12 below) to intervene.

12. One faithful in Mielikki, a rustic and friendly woodswoman, enticing and calming, says hello. She is actually (roll 1d12): [1-3] just a devout follower and/or blessed by Mielikki, [4-7] a cleric of Mielikki, [8-11] a druidess of Mielikki, [12] an avatar of Mielikki.

Next week: clerics of Ilmarinen!