Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Priestesses of Ilmatar, Part IV

Spells (Ilmatar) 
Whether air, water, fire, or earth, Ilmatar's blessing can give great magic birth.

1st Level: Create Water (reversible), Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic (if it's elemental in nature), Light, Resist Cold, Sanctuary, Divine Weather (D), Purify Water (D), Feather Fall*, Manipulate Fire*

2nd Level: Augury, Bless, Hold Person, Holy Chant, Resist Fire, Fire Trap (D, trapped item must have a duck symbol on it), Heat Metal (D), Obscuring Mist (D), Produce Flame (D, from shoulders or knees), Levitate*

3rd Level: Continual Light. Cure Blindness, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic (if elemental magic and is cast at 2 caster levels higher), Prayer, Remove Curse, Protection from Fire (D), Stone Shape (D), Water Breathing (D), Gust of Wind*

4th Level: Create Food and Water, Cure Serious Wounds, Divination, Lower Water (reversible), Flash Fire (D, reversible), Hallucinatory Terrain (D), Protection from Electricity (D), Temperature Control (D), Fire Shield*, Move Earth (Lesser)*

5th Level: Commune, Cure Critical Wounds, Flame Strike (can take the form of any element), Control Winds (D), Transmute Rock to Mud (D, reversible), Wall of Fire (D), Atmospheric Bubble*, Conjure Elemental* (though spell will end if caster is distracted), Passwall*, Wall of Stone*

6th Level: Heal, Part Water, Stone Tell (can be used on any element), Summon Aerial Servant, Control Weather (D), Fly*, Move Earth*, Stone to Flesh (reversible)*

7th Level:  Earthquake, Restoration, Wind Walk, Animate Mineral (D), Control Weather (Greater, D)

Next week: clerics of Ilmatar, Part V!