Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cleric Encounters: Bast

9th in the gods and goddesses series for Divinities and Cults: Volume III, we have Bast, Egyptian goddess of cats, protection, and luxury.

Bast Encounters
1. A sleek, leather-clad woman approaches. It may be later revealed that she is a (roll 1d6): [1] cleric of Bast, [2] priestess of Bast, [3] thief, [4] multiclass cleric-thief of Bast, 
[5] simply a faithful follower of Bast, or 
[6] a Bast Avatar. In any case, she may give a lucky party member a tongue bath.

2. A luxury is found. It is (roll 1d8): 
[1] a sistrum (shaker-rattle), [2] jewels, 
[3] a fine garment, [4] an alabaster jar, 
[5] perfume, [6] a luxurious piece of furniture, [7] ointment, or [8] a fine ornament. To the right buyer, it is worth 1d6 x 100 gold pieces, though the one who finds it must save vs. death to part with it.

3. When the party is next home (or at an Inn or other home away from home), an intruder is found! It will have an HD equal to the highest level in the party, though that can be halved if any faithful of Bast are present.

4. With a mighty roar, a huge lion with a remarkable head comes into view. Roll 1d4: [1] male head w/ headdress, [2] female head w/ headdress, [3] hawk’s head, or [4] ram’s head. It is an Egyptian Sphinx and it doesn’t care for riddles or showing off its bosom!

5. Even if not at an Inn, a random lucky party member has an ‘Inncounter’ (per Volume III). Whether it be a fine guest or a catty drink, it is sure to be memorable and sacred to Bast.

6. Bast has many children and one affects the party now (roll 1d4): [1] Mau: a slain cat is found- should it be avenged? [2] Mafdet: fight a serpent with an HD equal to the lowest party member’s level, 
[3] Nefertem: something sweet can be smelled, or [4] Maahes: the next being the party encounters turns into a catfight at least.

7.  Suddenly, a random party member begins to shudder and choke. It turns out that they are trying to cough up a hairball! He or she must make a Constitution check each round to spit it out or take 1d4 damage. Having someone faithful to Bast around grants a +4 bonus to the check though, since they are used to such things.

8. A great threat to home and comfort is revealed (roll 1d4): [1] stinging vermin, [2] many serpents, 
[3] noisy cultists with fanatic beliefs, or [4] greedy merchants. Whatever the case, Bast will smile upon (and even offer her aid if necessary) to those who put a stop to it.

9. Leaping from a hidden spot, a cat-woman is revealed! Though her claws and bestial features may cause those not familiar with Bast’s faith to see her as a monster, her very nature is very alluring regardless.  Still, she has a base 75% chance of acting only in her own interests each round, so she might be hard to fathom in any case.

10. The party becomes subject to a game of cat-and-mouse. Something seems to be stalking them, only to become elusive when attempts are made to stalk it in return. The prowler turns out to be a cleric of Sekhmet, very similar to Bast, though emphasizing lion qualities and much less domesticity.

11. A festival occurs! Like at Bubastis, men and women enjoy music, river-lounging, much drinking, and even occasional flashing. They converge on a temple of Bast (see Volume III for more on Egyptian Temples). As for the participants, it’s unclear where they come from, but they certainly do come.

12. Bast’s bust! Whether a statuette, the real thing, or an illustration, all male members of the party must save vs. paralysis or have to remain transfixed, staring. Females and those who follow Bast (even if the bust isn’t of hers) are immune, thanks to being used to such things.

Sample 9th Level Priestess of Bast
Align: N
MV: 40’
AC: 5
HD: 9 (hit die and attack as a magic-user^)
Atk: 2
Dmg: 1d3+1 (claw) & 1d4+3 (whip)
SP: Bast turn ability, mysteries, priest rules^, cat eyes, cat body, way of Sekhmet I (divine tests), 50% chance of acting in an impulsive and selfish way each encounter
Spells prepared:
1st level: Cure Light Wounds (x2)^, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil, Sanctuary, Allure*, Charm Person*, Pass without TraceD, Hold Portal*
2nd level: Augury, Bless, Delay Poison, Speak with Animals (felines), Charm Person or MammalD, Knock*
3rd level: Cure Blindness, Locate Object, Remove Curse, Suggestion*
4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison
5th level: Secret Chest*
SV: C9
Mor: 9
Possessions: +2 Leather armor, holy symbol, +2 whip, 199 gold pieces. fine garments, sistrum

Next week: we take a look at some more of the Volume I revisions (for Labyrinth Lord and DCC RPG), which should be available in PDF and print-on-demand soon!