Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Priestesses of Lada, Part V

Lada Encounters
Great love can bring a sense of completion, but also great wonder. 

Roll 1d12
1. A random, lucky party member spots an available member of the opposite gender (with a Charisma of 14 +1d4). If they play their cards right, the two will become inseparable lovebirds, enjoying many hot summer nights together, kissing deeply at the slightest provocation (a base 85% chance).

2. Beware! A body of water lies ahead. Those who explore will be relieved to find it to be warm and containing a (roll 1d4): [1] beautiful (and available) woman, [2] pair of lovers, [3] priestesses of Lada (50% chance of her also having a Lado; 50% chance of him being present too), [4] a rusalka- a Slavic nymph.

3. A flaxen-haired maiden approaches a random party member, bestowing a message to help them find love. The maiden is a volkhva (oracular priestess) of Lada of course, and the party member must venture to a/an (roll 1d4): [1] pond, [2] stream, [3] field, or [4] area of brilliant sunshine in order to find their partner. For those who do within 1d20 turns, see result #1 above.
4. Joyously dancing, 3d8 Slavs are present at a wedding. Depending on how much Lada has blessed the couple, the bride will either be (roll 1d4): [1] hopelessly devoted, [2] simply in love, [3] somewhat of a challenge, [4] a 'bridezilla'. There's also a base 33% chance of 1d4 rusalka being present too, enjoying whatever unfolds. 

5. A mysterious woman is rumored to be in the area, teaching a special Ladan bonding ritual. Those who find her may undergo it to be forevermore linked to their mate, suffering any harm they might suffer, but also gaining a +1 to all rolls when holding hands.

6. Strangely, many beautiful flowers grow here. With proper preparation, they can be used to concoct a love potion, though the ones so affected will be under the spell forevermore (a save vs. spell resists).

7. Who is doing all the yelling? Two lovers are at odds with each other, despite their many pleas to Lada. Those who wish to help will eventually uncover that they are being affected by Chernobog, dread lord of darkness (detailed in a later post).

8. All those who are within 1/4 mile (and already besmitten) will experience a change in their lover, possibly providing a challenge that only further guidance from Lada can provide (roll 1d4): [1] falling ill, [2] must spend more time apart, [3] must spend more time together, [4] nymphomania/ satyriasis

9. 2d3 Varangians dwell here, following Freya and Sif. And although those goddesses are similar to Lada, they are also more openly magical and warlike, making them potentially useful allies to Ladans in need of combat aid.

10. Here at this kapische, one blessed by Lada dwells. And though quite beautiful (Charisma 14 +d1d4), she will remain loyal to her Lado, otherwise dispensing healing succor to those who visit and are pure of heart. She turns out to actually be (roll 1d12): [1-3] just a devout follower of Lada, [4-8] a priestess of Lada, [9-10] a volkhva of Lada, [11] a rusalka, [12] an avatar of Lada.

11. A group of 3d4 children are dressed up as kings and queens, visiting those in the area in order to find a grown up to marry to another grown up. These matchmakers approach the party within 2d8 rounds.  

12. Legend is that a fabled 'Lada chariot' is in this very area. Though somewhat compact, it can be driven without mount and handles surprisingly well, moving up to 80' per round.

*If those affected by any of these encounters are faithful followers of Lada (or similar goddess), they can adjust any rolls made on this table by + or - 1.

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Charisma= Personality
Save vs. spell= Make a Will save DC 15.

Lyuba, Sample 2nd Level Priestess of Lada
Align: N
MV: 40’
AC: 8
HD: 2
Atk: none
Dmg: none
SP: Lada mysteries, turn ability
Spells prepared: [1st] Cure Light Wounds, Sanctuary, Feather Fall*
SV: C2
Mor: 7

Possessions:  Holy symbol, garland of flowers, pretty dress, love poems from her Lado (Dabroslav, a cleric of Perun), 15 gold pieces

Lyuba, DCC Stats
Init +1
Atk none
AC 11
HD 2d8-1
MV 30’
Act 1d20
SP: Lada mysteries, turn ability
Spells known: [1st] Detect Magic, Holy Sanctuary, Protection from Evil, Second Sight, Water Walk
Ref +2
Fort +0
Will +3

Next week: clerics of Veles!