Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Priestesses of Lada, Part III

Just how bright does the priestess's love shine? Lada will help to show her the way.

Divine Tests
1-4. Where for art my Lado? Unless the priestess actually has her love at her side (or closer), then she suffers a -1d4 penalty to all her rolls for the rest of the day.

5-9. Oh, sweet summer love! The priestess loses access to some of her spells (50% chance for each one), including possibly her turn ability. Roll 1d6 for every one lost to see what she needs to do in order to get it back. Each result will require 3d3 turns to complete, though if her Lado, her love, is in sight when doing so, it only needs to be done for 1d3 turns.
[1] Groom and beautify herself
[2] Bathe in water
[3] Dwell in an open field
[4] Bathe in sunlight
[5] Demonstrate her beauty
[6] Encourage fertility, especially on a warm summer night

10-14. The light shines even more brightly in the priestess, changing her from now on. Roll 1d6.
[1] Her features lighten and brighten, granting her +1 Charisma.
[2] Whenever her Lado is harmed, she suffers a -1 to all her rolls until the next sunrise.
[3] Natural beasts, plants, and weather effects no longer wish to harm her, granting her a +4 AC and/or save bonus in such situations.
[4] She must bathe in either water, sunlight, or her Lado's gaze for at least 1d3 turns each day or take a -2 to all her spell rolls.
[5] Crops and folk grow fertile around her, ensuring a good seeding, harvest, and birth to all within 120' when such things are happening. 
[6] She tends to set things on fire: passions, dry tinder, and the like have a base 25% chance of igniting whenever she first comes within 30' (save vs. spell negates), for she is a summer girl.

15-17. Something may befall her life with her Lado. For if she can't have him, then....? Roll 1d3:
[1] They become married, or if already married, renew their vows. In either case, it will require a daylong celebration to occur sometime within the next month with at least 2d4 guests and 2d100 gold pieces in materials provided for its success. Otherwise, the priestess must roll again for her divine test and with a +5 modifier.
[2] She is now with child and switches to become a priestess of Mokosh (detailed in a few more weeks) during that time. Once the child is born, she may choose to keep primarily following Mokosh or return to Lada.
[3] Her Lado perishes. Unless she finds a new one (or they are reunited in the Afterlife), she will turn to following Baba Yaga (detailed in a few more weeks after Mokosh).

18+ Absence turns the heart into fodder. Lada sees fit to remove the priestess's lover from her life for a time, preventing them from being together (as well as her being able to bypass her magical side-effects and some of her divine test results too). He will be gone for 1d3 days per divine test result, though the reunion will be sunny indeed, granting them both a +1 to all rolls for each day they were separated, showing that he does feel that way too.

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Charisma= Fellowship
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15

Next week: priestesses of Lada, part IV!