Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Priestesses of Mokosh, Part I

Lawful Slavic Goddess of Motherhood, the Earth, Moisture, & Weaving

Tenets of Mokosh
* Care for your children & husband, put them first
* Honor the earth, let it provide for your family...
* Weaving, to be returned when done...
* Enjoying all moistures in-between

Priestesses of Mokosh
Special: Mokosh is served by priestesses and volkhvas (slavic oracular priestesses).
Allowed Weapons: None
Allowed Armor: None
Symbol: Breasts, Moist Soil, Thread
Can Turn: Those who don't treat their children well
Mokosh Mysteries: When with their children, standing barefoot upon moist earth, or when weaving, priestesses of Mokosh can reroll a failed save. They may do so up to thrice per day per level, selecting which result they wish to keep.

Next week: Priestesses of Mokosh, Part II!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Clerics of Veles, Part V

Veles Encounters
Such strange ways, brought before, held, as Veles says...

Roll 1d12
1. A series of caves lie ahead. Those who explore will find them to be (roll 1d6): [1] wet, [2] cunningly mazelike, [3] chaotically arranged, [4] filled with contraband, [5] housing an anarchic cell of Veles followers, [6] reroll twice.

2. What water is this? It is a (roll 1d4): [1] puddle, [2] pond, [3] stream, or [4] river, that contains (roll 1d4): [1] a beast of Veles- per result #7 below, [2] a strange presence, [3] a cunning item, [4] nothing at all?

3. Undermine the underhanded. There are those who claim to bring things down, but would only then lead to more tyranny. The party is approached by a follower of Veles who seeks assistance with defeating such types (who themselves likely belong to a cult) (roll 1d3): [1] a 'Gang' that forces others to 'Get Along' (or else), [2] those protesting the use of 'bad words' (and thereby demand bizarre recompense from those who use them), [3] systematic inquisition attempts against the local, forthright but buffoonish king (so that they may create a dictatorship of their own).

4. A huckster is spotted, but a group of cultists are also nearby, as well (roll 1d4 to determine the latter's allegiance): [1] Uncle Steel Dwarf, [2] Tezschnaz, [3] Enak, [4] Chernobog. The former may be forgiven by Veles, but the latter may not, for they are what always brings about the end of Slavic (and other human) civilization.   

5. You have stolen my name! A random, unlucky party member has his or her name taken; no others will be able to utter it, nor recognize the one afflicted easily until either 1d3 days pass or a volkhv of Veles provides blessing. Until then, all followers of Veles will have access to 1d6 x 10% of his wealth and other accesses!

6. This place demands a Secret Word to Pass in order to proceed any further. Who may guess it? Those who make an Intelligence check with a -10 penalty will, though followers of Veles and similar divinities won't suffer it in this case. What is more, those who fail face more than simply barrier though: they must save vs. spell or have their name stolen too (per result #5 above). 

7. Terrifyingly, a howl erupts and a beast appears! It is a (roll 1d4): [1] wolf, [2] bear, [3] serpent, [4] horned beast. It will attack any it can reach for the next 3d6 rounds, invincible, targeting Lawful combatants before all others (and followers of Perun even before them), only to vanish once more. Followers of Veles would be wise to stay out of the way. 

8. Rumors abound of Varangians setting fires, making practical jokes, and toppling pediments in the area. Yes, though they do follow Loki, Slavic followers of Veles will find such acts to be not in their interest and may even take action themselves (a base 50% chance). 

9. Punctuated by high winds and a thunderclap, 1d6 followers of Perun arrive, seeking any followers of Veles to attack on sight. See  Perun Encounters (link) for additional details if needed. 

10. Who will have Mokosh? 3d6 followers of Veles battle 3d6 followers of Perun to find out. Each side has equal chances of defeating the other; that is, if the party doesn't intervene to see whether her waters will rise up or down. 

11. A mysterious forest arises in the distance. Sacred to Veles, it contains (roll 1d6): [1] many willow trees, [2] 1d4 beasts of Veles - per #7 above, [3] 2d3 followers of Veles- per #12 below, [4] a giant, lewd, horned, dual-phallused centaur with 2d4 nude celebrants (in the tradition of powitanie jaryly), [5] a kapische (which allows Slavic casters to reroll their magical side-effects if they wish), [6] reroll 1d6 twice.

12. Only revealed now is one so blessed by Veles, even devout perhaps... (roll 1d12): [1-3] a non-classed follower of Veles, [4-7] a cleric of Veles, [9-11] a volkhv of Veles, [12] a Veles avatar.

DCC RPG Conversions 
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15
Intelligence check with a -10 penalty= Make an intelligence check DC 25, DC 15 if followers of Veles.

Next week: priestesses of Mokosh!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Clerics of Veles, Part IV

Cleric Spells (Veles)
Clerics of Veles have access to the following spells, reflecting his cthonic, chaotic, bestial, and cunning nature.

1st Level: Command, Create Water (flowing up from below), Cure Light Wounds (reversible), Detect Evil (lawful, light, airy, and/or heroic beings), Light (reverse), Purify Food and Drink (reversible), Remove Fear (reverse), Resist Cold, Charm Person*, Sleep*

2nd Level: Augury, Bless (reversible), Delay Poison, Find Traps, Hold Person, Snake Charm, Speak with Animal, Barkskin (D), Feign Death (D), Obscuring Mist (D), Warp Wood (D), Amnesia*, Darkness Globe*, Detect Invisible*, ESP*, Invisibility*, Knock*, Mirror Image*, Ray of Enfeeblement*, Scare*, Shatter*

3rd Level: Animal Growth, Animate Dead, Cure Blindness (reversible), Cure Disease (reversible), Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Remove Curse (reversible), Speak with Dead, Hold Animal (D), Insect Swarm (D), Plant Growth (D), Snare (D), Tree Shape (D) (willows only), Water Breathing (D), Infravision*, Protection from Normal Missiles*

4th Level: Create Food and Water (subterranean and/or bovine fare), Cure Serious Wounds (reversible), Detect Lie, Divination, Lower Water (reverse), Speak with Plants, Sticks to Snakes, Tongues, Hallucinatory Terrain (D), Hold Vegetation and Fungus (D), Passplant (D), Protection from Electricity (D), Arcane Eye*, Confusion*, Dimension Door*, Fear*, Fumble*, Mover Earth (Lesser)*, Polymorph Others*, Polymorph Self* 

5th Level: Commune, Cure Critical Wounds (reversible), Animal Growth (D), Insect Plague (D), Sticks to Snakes (D), Transmute Rock to Mud (D), Tree Stride (D) (willows only), Distort Distance*, Passwall*, Secret Chest*, Stoneshape*, Telekinesis*, Wall of Stone* 

6th Level: Find the Path, Heal (reversible), Part Water, Arcane Window*, Guards and Wards*, Move Earth* 

7th Level: Regenerate, Restoration, Creeping Doom (D), Reincarnate (D), Transmute Metal to Wood (D), Clone*, Duo Dimension*, Phase Door*

1st Level (d11): Blessing, Darkness, Detect Evil (lawful, light, airy, and/or heroic beings), Food of the Gods (subterranean and/or bovine fare), Paralysis, Resist Cold (but not heat), Second Sight, Word of Command, Charm Person*, Sleep*, Glorious Mire*

2nd Level (d18):  Cure Paralysis, Curse, Binding, Lotus Stare, Neutralize Poison or Disease, Restore Vitality, Snake Charm, Wood Wyrding, Detect Invisible*, ESP*, Forget*, Invisibility*, Knock*, Phantasm*, Ray of Enfeeblement*, Scare*, Shatter*, Sequester*

3rd Level (d8): Animate Dead, Remove Curse, Speak with the Dead, Dispel Magic*, Emirikol's Entropic Maelstrom*, Transference*, Water Breathing*, Forest Walk* (willows only) 

4th Level (d6):  Affliction of the Gods, Vermin Blight, Polymorph*, Transmute Earth*, Wizard Sense*, Kith of the Hydra*

5th Level (d3): Hepsoj's Fecund Fungi*, Mind Purge*, Replication*

Next week: Clerics of Veles, Part V!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Clerics of Veles, Part III

Veles tests his cleric to see what he's really worth.

Divine Tests
1-3. Is more chaos better? Veles will have the cleric see, with a 1d8-5 modifier applied to all his rolls for the next 1d2 turns x 3.

4-8. Action is needed. The cleric must now perform some sacred test, since he loses access to some of his spells (50% chance for each one), including possibly his turn ability, until it is done. Roll 1d6 for each.
[1] Break a law with one who is meant to enforce it knowing that the cleric did so.
[2] Startle someone of equal level or greater.
[3] Laugh hysterically at one of higher status and who will dislike it.
[4] Give all the coin on his person to the next musician he meets. 
[5] Insult a follower of Perun or similar, Lawful god.
[6] Shepherd livestock, or the dead if possible, for 1d4 hours, preferably underground or near water.

9-14. Veles sees fit to change the cleric... permanently. His appearance is altered, whether an eye, hand, foot, or even complete head, causing him to increasingly look like a hybrid monster to the non-faithful, along with a cumulative -2 Charisma penalty when attempting to associate with such types. Roll 1d6 each time this test occurs to determine the nature of the change: [1] Wolf, [2] Serpent, [3] Stag, [4] Bat, [5] Bear, [6] Shadowy Form. 

In return, he gains a corresponding benefit (roll 1d6 again): [1] +3 bonus for all rolls made to hide, [2] can regain 1d4 hit points per day by smothering a wound with fresh earth, [3] can remove one harmful effect when completely bathed in subterranean water once per day, [4] can make a bite attack every other round of melee combat for 1d4 damage. [5] can choose to go first in initiative up to once per day, [6] can reroll one of his spell rolls up to once per day.

15-17. Oh the turns that Veles makes. For the next 4d6 hours, those who once knew the cleric no longer recognize him, seeing him only as a stranger instead. Foes might mistake him too, though followers of Perun are immune from the effects of this temporary identity loss that Veles did take. 

18+ A stronger challenge from Veles arrives... in the form of a monster! It will lurk within a 360' radius of where this test occurs, attacking the cleric, his allies, and any who might remain in or venture into that area until it is itself slain. Roll 1d3 times on test results #9-14 above to see what form the monster takes, possibly being some sort of  chimeric beast. In any case, its stats will be:
Align: C; Mve: 50’; AC 4; HD: 5; Attk: 2 (claw/ bite); Dmg: 1d6+1 bite; SP: cause fear to those who first encounter it- save vs. death negates; Sve: F6; Mor: 9

And for every divine test result over 18, increase the radius of its prowling range by 60' and its HD and damage bonus by 1!

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Charisma= Personality
Turn ability= Turn Unholy ability

Stats for results 18+ monster: Init +3 Attk claw +7 melee (1d6+1), bite +7 melee (1d6+1); AC 15; HD 5; MV 40'; Act 2d20; SP: cause fear to those who first encounter it- Will save DC 10 negates; SV Fort +5; Ref +5; Will +7; AL C. 

Next week: clerics of Veles, Part IV!


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Clerics of Veles, Part II

Magical Side-Effects
Underwordly chaos from the magic-man rings true. Those who would harness it must see what's required, two. Roll on the following tables (Flow and Form), combining them to determine the spell's magical side-effect, if you do. 

For example, a roll of 2 on Flow and 4 on Form would indicate that if serpents or hairy beasts aren't within range, then the spell only works at 50% its usual potency. On the other hand, a roll of 7 on Flow and 1 on Form would mean that if the cleric is underground when casting the spell, then an aspect of it can be doubled and it is not expended that day...

FLOW (d8)
1. Give Unto Me: The spell requires the Form rolled in order to function. It will only do so once it is provided.

2. It Would Behoove You: If the Form isn't available, the spell works at just 50% its normal strength.

3-6. Nothing Yet: The spell works normally this time; no need to roll for Form.

7. A Wise Choice: If the Form is available, the spell's effect, range, or duration can be doubled. If not, then the spell has a 50/50 chance of either still being able to work normally or won't work this time at all!

8. Potent: The spell occurs for twice its usual effect, range, or duration, and it is not expended for the day. The cleric also gains the ability to sense the direction to the nearest Form rolled for the next 1d6 turns.

FORM (d6)
1. Under: The cleric is either actually in some subterranean place or otherwise very well-hidden from the eyes of Law.  

2. Earth: A handful of dirt, soil, or stone is in the cleric's grasp.

3. Water: The cleric is within 30' of some body of water or at least have a pint's worth on him from an underground source.

4. Serpent: Something very serpentine is held by the cleric- living serpents can be within 60'. Other beasts, if hairy, will also do at that range.

5. Cunning: The spell is cast without anyone else noticing, with music, or in some other, especially clever or Chaotic way.

6.  Magic: All magical effects within 120' of the spell's casting works at 1d6 x its normal strength for the next 2d6 rounds (roll for each spell and magic item already present or that enters the area). Ignore the Flow result in this case- the magic flows on its own!

DCC RPG Conversion notes
Spell not being expended for the day= spell gains a +2 bonus to its spell check

Veles Sorcerers
Treat as his clerics, except that they fight as and have the HD of magic-users (DCC wizards), but also have no limit to their daily spells- they can keep casting spells until they wish to stop (or are stopped).

What is more, they roll an additional d10 whenever casting their spells, along with the d8 and d6 on the tables above:
1. The spell triggers a divine test (detailed next week)!
2. The spell may require two Forms to work- roll twice on that table to see which ones.
3. The spell affects a random target within 120' instead.
4-7. The spell  has no additional sorcerous requirement. 
9. The sorcerer automatically casts a random spell on a random target within 120', sometime within the next 1d20 rounds. possibly including himself. 
10. The spell functions at 1d4+1 x it's normal power!

Next week: Clerics of Veles, Part III!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Clerics of Veles, Part I

Chaotic Slavic God of the Underworld, Water, Serpents, & Magic

Tenets of Veles
* Remain below
* Flow and adapt as needed
* Undermine Law's tyranny
* Strike deadly when you must
* Be cunning, revealing your true power

Clerics of Veles
Special: Veles is served by clerics, volkhvs (Slavic oracular priests), and sorcerers (detailed in Part II).
Allowed Weapons: Staff, dagger, sling
Allowed Armor: Hide or lighter
Symbol: Beast, Serpent, Willow
Can Turn: Lawful, bright, stormy, or airy beings.
Veles Mysteries: Clerics of Veles can reroll a spell roll when fighting a lawful, bright, stormy, and/or airy  being, though they must abide by the second result. They may do so up to once per level per day.

Next week: Clerics of Veles, Part II!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Priestesses of Lada, Part V

Lada Encounters
Great love can bring a sense of completion, but also great wonder. 

Roll 1d12
1. A random, lucky party member spots an available member of the opposite gender (with a Charisma of 14 +1d4). If they play their cards right, the two will become inseparable lovebirds, enjoying many hot summer nights together, kissing deeply at the slightest provocation (a base 85% chance).

2. Beware! A body of water lies ahead. Those who explore will be relieved to find it to be warm and containing a (roll 1d4): [1] beautiful (and available) woman, [2] pair of lovers, [3] priestesses of Lada (50% chance of her also having a Lado; 50% chance of him being present too), [4] a rusalka- a Slavic nymph.

3. A flaxen-haired maiden approaches a random party member, bestowing a message to help them find love. The maiden is a volkhva (oracular priestess) of Lada of course, and the party member must venture to a/an (roll 1d4): [1] pond, [2] stream, [3] field, or [4] area of brilliant sunshine in order to find their partner. For those who do within 1d20 turns, see result #1 above.
4. Joyously dancing, 3d8 Slavs are present at a wedding. Depending on how much Lada has blessed the couple, the bride will either be (roll 1d4): [1] hopelessly devoted, [2] simply in love, [3] somewhat of a challenge, [4] a 'bridezilla'. There's also a base 33% chance of 1d4 rusalka being present too, enjoying whatever unfolds. 

5. A mysterious woman is rumored to be in the area, teaching a special Ladan bonding ritual. Those who find her may undergo it to be forevermore linked to their mate, suffering any harm they might suffer, but also gaining a +1 to all rolls when holding hands.

6.  Strangely, many beautiful flowers grow here. With proper preparation, they can be used to concoct a love potion, though the ones so affected will be under the spell forevermore (a save vs. spell resists).

7. Who is doing all the yelling? Two lovers are at odds with each other, despite their many pleas to Lada. Those who wish to help will eventually uncover that they are being affected by Chernobog, dread lord of darkness (detailed in a later post).

8. All those who are within 1/4 mile (and already besmitten) will experience a change in their lover, possibly providing a challenge that only further guidance from Lada can provide (roll 1d4): [1] falling ill, [2] must spend more time apart, [3] must spend more time together, [4] nymphomania/ satyriasis

9. 2d3 Varangians dwell here, though, unlike many of their kinsfolk, they are generally more peaceful, following Freya and Sif. And although those goddesses are similar to Lada, they are more openly magical and warlike, making them potentially useful allies to Ladans in need of combat aid.

10. Here at this kapische, one blessed by Lada dwells. And though quite beautiful (Charisma 14 +d1d4), she will remain loyal to her Lado, otherwise dispensing healing succor to those who visit and are pure of heart. She turns out to actually be (roll 1d12): [1-3] just a devout follower of Lada, [5-8] a priestess of Lada, [9-10] a volkhva of Lada, [11] a rusalka, [12] an avatar of Lada.

11. A group of 3d4 children are dressed up as kings and queens, visiting those in the area in order to find a grown up to marry to another grown up. These matchmakers approach the party within 2d8 rounds.  

12. Legend is that a fabled 'Lada chariot' is in this very area. Though somewhat compact, it can be driven without mount and handles surprisingly well, moving up to 80' per round.

*If those affected by any of these encounters are faithful followers of Lada (or similar goddess), they can adjust any rolls made on this table by + or - 1.

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Charisma= Personality
Save vs. spell= Make a Will save DC 15.

Lyuba, Sample 2nd Level Priestess of Lada
Align: N
MV: 40’
AC: 8
HD: 2
Atk: none
Dmg: none
SP: Lada mysteries, turn ability
Spells prepared: [1st] Cure Light Wounds, Sanctuary, Feather Fall*
SV: C2
Mor: 7

Possessions:  Holy symbol, garland of flowers, pretty dress, love poems from her Lado (Dabroslav, a cleric of Perun), 15 gold pieces

Lyuba, DCC Stats
Init +1
Atk none
AC 11
HD 2d8-1
MV 30’
Act 1d20
SP: Lada mysteries, turn ability
Spells known: [1st] Detect Magic, Holy Sanctuary, Protection from Evil, Second Sight, Water Walk
Ref +2
Fort +0
Will +3

Next week: clerics of Veles!