Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Divinity Encounters: Mercury

What shall you uncover on your journeys? Check with Mercury: Neutral God of Messengers, Trade, Travel, & Luck, to find out!

Roll 1d12
1. A messenger arrives unexpectedly and he wants the party to (roll 1d4): [1] retrieve an item (roll again on #8 below), [2] make a trade, [3] follow him in a random direction for 2d4 hours, [4] travel to a location (roll again on #5 below). There is a 75% chance of the messenger being a priest of Mercury; 10% chance of actually being one of his Avatars.

2. A Mercurian priestess takes great interest in spreading luck and grants all within 60’ a special blessing for the next hour (roll 1d4): [1] physical swiftness (+2 DEX and +20’ speed), [2] mental swiftness (+4 INT), [3] great lightness (may jump for +10’ and also be immune to falling damage as a result, [4] hermaphroditism. In any case, none of those so blessed can wear pants, though the blessing can be resisted with a save vs. spell- especially #4!

3. The weather turns clear, cool, dry, and windy for the next 1d6 hours- very Mercurial. All types who enjoy such conditions gain a +1 bonus to all rolls while it lasts; all who don’t suffer a -1.

4. A magic-user is encountered, but this is no ordinary one: it is a Hermetic Wizard. He is of 2d4th level and knows nearly all of the spells of the various Roman gods- much as a lector priest does with the Egyptian ones (see Thoth in Volume III for details).

5. The party is tasked to travel to one of the following locations, receiving a blessing of Mercury of their choice (see #2 above) that lasts for their journey if they accept (roll 1d6): [1] a nearby dungeon, [2] a nearby city, [3] a nearby mountain, [4] a herm where a priest of Mercury is carrying a goat, [5] a mysterious island, [6] an Otherworld- see Manannan in Volume II for possibilities.

6-7. It is revealed that an otherwise normal-appearing NPC is actually a mystic of Mercury. He offers to teach any party spellcasters how to change one of their magical side-effect requirements into one of the following. Actual mystics in the party may opt to replace as many of their side-effects as they wish, syncretizing their magic in a Mercurial way indeed:
[I] Cannot wear pants when casting the spell or for 1d3 hours thereafter.
[II] After casting the spell, must travel to a location at least 1d4 quarter miles distant sometime within the next hour.
[III] Must be in the wind or under the open sky (Mercurial weather preferred- see #3 above) when casting the spell or within 1d4 hours afterwards.
[IV] For the next turn after casting the spell, they may choose to reroll any rolls they make once, but must take the second result. Unfortunately, so too can any foes they face during that time.
[V] Must be on a road or trail when casting the spell or within 1 hour afterwards.
[VI] Must cast the spell without others knowing.

8. An important item is ready to be acquired. It is located 2d4 miles in a random direction and is guarded by some dangerous monster, but it’s likely worth it, for it is (roll 1d4): [1] sandals that allow the wearer to fly at a rate of 40’, [2] a winged helm that grants +2 Intelligence, [3] a short bow that casts Charm Person on those it hits (and who still live), [4] a caduceus that grants it’s wielder a +2 to all healing magic rolls

9.  Though ‘escort nymphs’ may have certain connotations, 1d4 of them join the party and it is up to the latter to bring such beauties to their destination 4d4 miles away without haplessly falling in love (see Freya in Volume I for what might make them especially attractive).
Mve: 40’; AC 9*; HD 2; Attk: none; Dmg: none; SP: 15+1d4 Charisma, Charm Person or Mammal at will (as a 12th level caster), *All those who wish to harm them must save vs. spell first; Sve: C10, Mor: 7

10. As Oneiropomp, Mercury comes to 1d4 random party members in a dream. He will inspire them to solve some problem they are facing, though it will likely require them to assist a temple of Mercury and also avoid wearing pants (a base 85% chance of each).

11. Like how Mercury faced Argus, the party faces a Panoptic giant of their own. The all-seeing monster emerges, with eyes all over its body, and attacks immediately!
Mve: 50’; AC 5; HD 9; Attk: 1 club; Dmg: 2d6; SP: Never surprised; Sve: F9, Mor: 9

12. In celebration of the Mercuralia, merchants converge on the area, offering any item the party might wish to buy, though the price may be quite high. Still, those who follow Lord Mercury will be shown a way.

DCC RPG Conversion notes
Save vs. Spell= Will save DC 15
Magic-user= Wizard
Escort Nymphs: Init: +7; Atk none; AC 10*; HD 2d8; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SP 15+1d4 Personality/Comeliness, Charm Person at will (+15 spell check), *All those who wish to harm them must make a Will save DC 15 to do so first; SV Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +9
Panoptic Giant: Init: +2; Atk club +11 (2d6+4); AC 14; HD 9d10; MV 40’; Act 1d20; SP Never surprised; SV Fort +10, Ref +2, Will +7

Veloxus, Sample 9th Level Priest of Mercury
Align: N
MV: 55’ (boots of speed and also experiencing a #12 magical side-effect)
AC: 6
HD: 9
Atk: 1* (fights as a magic-user)
Dmg: 1d6+2 (+2 caduceus mace) or 1d6+2 (+2 staff)
SP: Mercury turn ability, mysteries, priest ability
Spells prepared: [1st] Cure Light Wounds (x2), Detect Magic, Feather Fall*, Jump*
[2nd] Augury, Bless, ESP, Invisibility*, Knock*
[3rd] Cure Blindness, Remove Curse, Blink*, Clairaudience*,
[4th] Cure Serious Wounds, Hallucinatory TerrainD, Arcane Eye*
[5th] Plane Shift
SV: C9
Mor: 9

Possessions:  Holy symbol, bracers of armor (+2 AC bonus), +2 caduceus mace, +2 staff, boots of speed (+10’ move), robes, 186 gold pieces, three 1st level Mercury priest acolytes

Veloxus, DCC Stats
Init +8 (experiencing a #12 magical side-effect)
Atk caduceus mace +6 melee (1d6+2) or staff +6 melee (1d6+2)
AC 14
HD 9d8
MV 45’
Act 1d20 + 1d20
SP: Mercury turn ability, mysteries, priest ability
Spells known: [1st] Blessing, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil, Holy Sanctuary, Resist Cold or Heat, Second Sight, Feather Fall*, Intellectus*
[2nd] Banish, Cure Paralysis, Restore Vitality, Stinging Stone, Detect Invisible*, ESP*, Invisibility*
[3rd] Remove Curse, Speak with the Dead, Consult Spirit*, Dispel Magic*, Planar Step*
Exorcise, Remove Curse, Dispel Magic*
[4th] Sanctify, Mercury’s Assistance, Wizard Sense*
[5th] The Dreaming*
Fort +3
Ref +8
Will +7

Next week: Divinity Encounters, the Morrighan!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Divinity Encounters: Mars

Unlike his Greek counterpart Ares *link*, the province of Mars is one of more orderly and soldierly combat, not to mention the home front that maintains the campaigns that make such repeated battles possible. 

In honor of Mars and to use the table below:
- When in melee, have each combatant roll with each attack they make.
- The one making the attack will gain the listed benefits if the situation applies to them. If it doesn’t apply, then add nothing, though the result will help describe that part of the battle in any case.
- Each benefit lasts for 1 round, keeping things interesting. For even more dramatic fights, use Battle Events from Volume II.
- Last, skilled warriors and devout followers of Mars and other war divinities can opt to roll a d4 to fight offensively or a d4+4 to fight defensively instead, as each round warrants.

Roll 1d8
1. Hack: +1 to hit and damage if their weapon is longer and/or heavier than their foe’s; +2 if both apply.

2. Slash: +1 to hit and damage if their weapon is sharp or their foe lacks body armor or a shield; +2 if more than one applies.

3. Thrust: +1 to hit and damage if their foe lacks body armor; +3 if their weapon is also sharp and pointed. Takes a -1 AC penalty the following round if they miss with this attack, due to being off-balance.

4. Slam: +1 to hit and damage if their weapon is heavy, blunt, or their foe lacks a shield; +2 if more than one applies. If hit, foe also suffers -3 to their initiative roll for the next round.

5. Parry: +1 AC bonus if wielding a sword or shield; +2 if wielding both.

6. Block: +1 AC bonus if wielding a shield or has some other sort of cover, including adjacent allies; +2 if more than one applies.

7. Duck: +1 AC bonus if wearing a helmet or their DEX is higher than their foe’s; +2 if both apply.

8. Dodge: +1 AC bonus if their DEX is higher than their foe’s or they aren’t wearing body armor; +2 if both apply. If not hit, then they can reposition themselves 5’ away for the next round.

DCC RPG Conversion notes
To hit= Attack bonus
DEX= Agility

Gaius Nicator, Sample 8th Level Cleric of Mars
Align: L
MV: 35’
AC: 2
HD: 8
Atk: 1
Dmg: 1d6+2 (+2 short sword) or 1d6+1 (+1 spear)
SP: Mars turn ability, mysteries
Spells prepared: [1st] Command, Cure Light Wounds (x2), Remove Fear, Scare*
[2nd] Bless, Delay Poison, Hold Person, Strength*
[3rd] Cure Blindness, Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Prayer
[4th] Cure Serious Wounds, Exorcise
SV: C8
Mor: 11

Possessions:  Holy symbol, +1 banded armor, +1 shield, +2 short sword, +1 spear, dagger, robes, 3 days rations, 137 gold pieces, fasces-scepter, two 1st level Mars cleric acolytes

Gaius Nicator, DCC Stats
Init +2
Atk short sword +7 melee (1d6+2) or spear +6 ranged (1d6+1)
AC 17
HD 8d8
MV 25’
Act 1d20 + 1d20
SP: Mars turn ability, mysteries
Spells known: [1st] Blessing, Detect Evil, Paralysis, Protection from Evil, Food of the Gods, Resist Cold or Heat, Word of Command, Scare
[2nd] Cure Paralysis, Curse, Divine Symbol, Neutralize Poison or Disease, Restore Vitality, Strength*
[3rd] Exorcise, Remove Curse, Dispel Magic*
[4th] Affliction of the Gods
Fort +3
Ref +2
Will +5

Next week: Divinity Encounters, Mercury!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Divinity Encounters: Manannan Mac Lir

Set sail and explore the many realms of Manannan Mac Lir: Neutral Lord of the Seas and the Ways Between. Each of these results can be chalked up to poor memory or the vagaries of fate, but all who follow Manannan know that those who encounter such things have actually been drawn into an Otherworld!

Roll 1d12
1. He wasn’t the king! The region appears to have a new ruler and he or she is (roll 1d6): [1] overly harsh, 
[2] overly soft, [3] overly corrupt, [4] overly foreign, 
[5] a lesser someone the party knew before, 
[6] reroll twice.

2. Who the heck are they? A new group has suddenly popped up and they are certainly (roll 1d8): 
[1] tyrannical, [2] insane, [3] irritating, [4] boring, 
[5] sinister, [6] grim, [7] friendly, [8] reroll twice. There’s also a 50% chance of the group being one that the party knew before, but is now different.

3. Don’t worry: I left it where I could find it again. A random party member loses one of his or her (roll 1d10): [1] garments, [2] treasures, [3] tools, [4] weapons, 
[5] mounts, [6] pets, [7] scrolls or books, [8] sundry items, [9] keys, [10] henchmen. Perhaps if they travel to another Otherworld, it will finally turn up again.

4. Who are you? The party apparently has a new member that is (roll 1d12): [1] irritating, [2] insane, 
[3] overly happy, [4] miserable, [5] secretly evil, [6] obviously evil, [7] a hypochondriac, [8] unduly slovenly, [9] actually very helpful, [10] actually a monster, [11] actually an elf, [12] reroll twice. There’s also a 50% chance of the new member being a double of a current or former party member, likely adding to the confusion.

5. Where did that come from? The area now features a large (roll 1d12): [1] hill, [2] mountain, 
[3] river, [4] valley, [5] pit, [6] lake, [7] dry area, [8] swamp, [9] forest, [10] field, [11] cave, [12] ocean beach that certainly wasn’t there before! Different creatures are sure to be in the area now, as well.

6. It never used to be this (roll 1d10) [1] hot, [2] cold, [3] humid, [4] arid, [5] wet, [6] dry, [7] cloudy, [8] clear, [9] windy, [10] calm! The climate has suddenly changed in this area, likely provoking a number of other changes too.

7. What the hell are you? The newly encountered creature is, relative to what the party knew of such creatures before (roll 1d6) [1] a stronger version: +1d6 HD, [2] a weaker version: -1d6 HD, [3] a more intelligent version: +2d4 INT, [4] a dumber version: -2d4 INT, [5] a hybrid with another type of random creature, [6] completely alien. Whatever it turns out to be, maniacal laughter will certainly follow.

8. Quite a roll with the gender! Women (in this world) are now (roll 1d8): [1] more dominant/aggressive, 
[2] more submissive/passive, [3] more sexual, [4] less sexual, [5] anatomically different (for better or worse- equal chance of each), [6] more capable of love, [7] less capable of love, [8] reroll twice.

9. Hmmm, what’s that burning sensation? Nature has suddenly changed, with a different (roll 1d4): 
[1] wild plant, [2] beast, [3] bug, or [4] foodstuff being present. The change has a 66% chance of causing a reaction to each of the party members that are exposed to it- see Johnny Applewheeze for specifics.

10. That’s not supposed to happen! Magic functions differently now (roll 1d4): [1] various spells are either 50% more or less potent (equal chance of either), [2] each spell has a 10% chance of being cast by itself at a random time on a random target each day, [3] various spells take 1d3 extra rounds to cast (a 50% chance for each), [4] the meanings of various words have changed, giving the party’s spells an additional 10% chance of failure each time they’re cast.

11. The worlds are your oyster. Something else changes- see the Otherworld Table in Volume II for what it is, how prevalent its extent, and its relative effect.

12. Reroll twice on this table for an encounter with multiple changes (or thrice, four times, if 12 is rolled again, etc.) Note that the party will likely realize that they have slipped into an Otherworld now. How do they return? Roll 1d6: [1] they will be drawn back to their own world within 1d30 turns, [2] they will be drawn back to their own world within 1d30 hours, [3] they will be drawn back to their own world within 1d30 days, [4] they must perform a certain task before returning, [5] they must go back exactly the way they came, [6] they must find another portal, though it only has a 5% chance of bringing them back to their original world.

Auentina, Sample 7th Level Mystic of Manannan
Align: N
MV: 40’
AC: 8
HD: 7
Atk: 1 (fights as a magic-user)
Dmg: 1d8+1 (+1 long sword) or 1d4 (sling)
SP: Manannan turn ability, mysteries, mystic ability
Spells prepared: [1st] Cure Light Wounds (x2), Sanctuary, Dimensional Missile*, Hold Portal*
[2nd] Augury, Reveal Home World, Invisibility*, Rope Trick*
[3rd] Cure Disease, Prayer, Blink*
[4th] Create Food and Water
SV: C7
Mor: 7

Possessions:  Holy symbol, +1 longsword, sling, robes, 3 days rations, small rowboat, journal of Otherworlds travelled, strange mechanical device, 3 strange gems, 87 gold pieces

Auentina, DCC Stats
Init +3
Atk longsword +4 melee (1d8+1) or sling +3 ranged (1d4)
AC 11
HD 7d8
MV 30’
Act 1d20 + 1d16
SP: Manannan turn ability, mysteries, mystic ability
Spells known: [1st] Detect Otherworldly, Food of the Gods, Holy Sanctuary, Resist Cold or Heat, Second Sight, Comprehend Languages*, Ward Portal*
[2nd] Cure Paralysis, Neutralize Poison or Disease, Restore Vitality, Dimensional Missile*, Invisibility*, Knock*
[3rd] Speak with the Dead, Spiritual Weapon, Planar Step*, Water Breathing*
[4th] Greater Planar Step*
Fort +2
Ref +2
Will +5

Next week: Divinity Encounters, Mars!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Divinity Encounters: Lugh

Are you skilled enough? Find out with encounters for Lugh: Celtic Lawful Long-Armed God of Skill, Truth, Heroism, & Light! 

Roll 1d12
1. The party comes upon a patron looking to see if someone has what it takes to be a (roll 1d5): [1] wright, [2] smith, [3] champion, [4] swordsman, or [5] harpist. The pay is 1d6 x50 gold pieces to perform such services, triple if a follower of Lugh or skilled in more than one of those areas.

2. Egads! One of a party member’s wives (or concubines, if none) has an affair with a follower of the Dagda. The party member must save vs. spell to resist taking vengeance, for if he does, then there is sure to be a blood feud between Lugh’s disciples and the Good God.

3. Having three faces certainly helps to get more done. A random person within 60’ is so affected, now being able to take 3 actions per round, but also will be confused for a monster by non-Celts, likely having to spend at least some of those actions avoiding attacks. The effect lasts for the next hour, triple if he or she is a follower of Lugh.

4. Only the best may join the Tuatha. All those within 120’ who have the abilities of a hero, poet, historian, sorcerer, or craftsman must compete to gain a Lugh-granted +1 bonus to all their rolls for the rest of the day. Those who fail suffer a -1.

5. Buried in a hole, a magic item similar to one sacred to Lugh is uncovered (roll 1d3): [1] Cloich Tabaill: a sling stone that kills fomorians and other deformed beings with one hit (save vs. spell negates), [2] Gae Assail: a +3 spear that can fight by itself, even attacking when not commanded to, or [3] Fragarach: a +5 sword whose dweomer kicks in once the wielder’s opponent attacks first. Followers of Lugh will of course insist that the item should be given to them, though followers of Manannan and Nuada will protest for Fragarach too.

6. Said to be the greatest of all druids, Lugh grants any in the party with such nature spells a +4 bonus to all magical rolls until the next day, just as long as they strictly follow his tenets (see Volume II). If none are present, then a druid of Lugh shows up instead to assist for that time.

7. It is now party warrior- or fighter-types who are so blessed with a +4 bonus to all combat rolls for 24 hours, but they must save vs. death to stop fighting after every combat. Just like CĂșchulainn, son of Lugh, the warp-spasm helps to win battles, but also twists the body and enrages the mind.

8. Trotting by and snorting, is a pig. Of course, it is a polymorphed man who, if killed, will raise the ire of Lugh and his followers. Just ask the Sons of Tuireann what happens then.

9. After a baying sound erupts in the distance, all goes quiet. Those who remain will soon encounter a failinis hound, offspring of Lugh’s own. It will attack any deemed unholy by that god, along with any who run, and will ruthlessly sniff all others.
Mve: 60’; AC 0; HD 3; Attk: 1 bite; Dmg: 1d6+3; SP: +8 to all rolls made against wild beasts,
any water it bathes in is turned to wine, Sve: C5, Mor: 10

10. 2nd time’s a charm! Reenacting part of the Second Battle of Mag Tureaidh, a fomorian (see Volume II for stats) arrives to face the party. Any who follow Lugh gain a +5 bonus to rolls throughout the fight.

11. Bright light shines down from above and it is time for some games! Like the Assembly of Talti, all in the area must engage in feats of athleticism, crafting, and mental aptitude, requiring a check for all 6 ability scores. Each individual gains a +1 bonus for the next 24 hours for every check successfully made; -1 for each one failed. In addition, the following may also arrive: 2d4 clerics of Lugh (a 50% chance), 2d3 druids of Lugh (a 40% chance), 2d2 gaesatae with especially limed hair (a 20% chance- see Volume II), and 1 Lugh Avatar (a 10% chance). It should be quite a competition indeed!

12. A taste of the early harvest festival is here, bringing Lugh’s blessings to the area. All within 1d6 quarter miles gain a +2 bonus to any rolls they make, double if it is actually Lughnassad day. Whenever it is, such encouragement to test one’s skills will continue until the following dusk, with Lugh hoping all will do their best to claim the grain.

DCC RPG Conversion notes
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10
Failinis hound: Init: +10; Atk bite +5 (1d6+5); AC 19; HD 3d8; MV 50’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +7
‘Check for all 6 ability scores’ is DC 15.

O’Abersand, Sample 6th Level Druid of Lugh
Align: L
MV: 40’
AC: 6
HD: 6
Atk: 1
Dmg: 1d8+1 (+1 spear) or 1d4+1 (+1 sling)
SP: Druid abilities, Lugh’s mysteries
Spells prepared: [1st] Cure Light Wounds, Faerie FireD, Pass without TraceD, ShillelaghD
[2nd] Spiritual Weapon (a Spear), EntangleD, Feign DeathD, Obscuring MistD
[3rd] Hold AnimalD, SnareD
SV: C6
Mor: 9

Possessions:  Leather armor, +1 wooden shield, holy symbol, +1 spear, +1 sling, harp, 3 days rations, shamrock, 57 gold pieces

O’Abersand, DCC Stats
Init +5
Atk spear +5 melee (1d8+1) or sling +7 ranged (1d4+1)
AC 13
HD 6d8
MV 30’
Act 1d20 + 1d14
SP: Druid abilities, Lugh’s mysteries
Spells known: [1st] Blessing, Protection from Evil, Ogham, Druid Sanctuary, Shillelagh, Animal Summoning*, Invoke Patron: Yddgrrl*
[2nd] Cure Paralysis, Curse, Shamrock Stare, Wood Wyrding, Forest Walk*
[3rd] Green Briar Jacket, Spiritual Weapon, Reincarnate*
Fort +2
Ref +6
Will +6

Next week: Divinity Encounters, Manannan!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Divinity Encounters: Dis Pater

Next in divinity encounters, we see the will of Dis Pater take hold: Roman Lawful God of Death, the Underworld, & Riches.  

Roll 1d12
1. Despair. All in the party must save vs. death or lose hope, thanks to life’s apparent meaninglessness. Those who fail take a -3 penalty to all rolls until either 1d6 hours pass or they can speak with a cleric of Dis Pater about the inevitability of death, making them enjoy what’s left of their life that much more.

2. Despise! A random individual within 60’ becomes outraged at another random individual in the same area. They must save vs. spell and attack, gaining a +4 bonus to hit if one who is faithful to Dis Pater is in range too.

3. This Father: Gloom fills the area, bringing an exhaustive serenity. All children (of any age) must save vs. death or fall into a deep sleep, slumbering in grave peace for 4d4 hours. And those who fail badly might just sleep forever (per Referee).

4. Not an Arch-devil, fool! Though dour, great Dis Pater isn’t fiendish and his followers approach the party to prove that point. They are asked to defeat a (roll 1d3): [1] group of diabolists, [2] group of demonists, or [3] group of necromancers that has unrightfully claimed Dis Pater’s name. Of course, if the party refuses, then the followers of Dis Pater will become even dourer yet.

5. Alone in his tomb-like home, a grim man dwells, singing the darkest dirges upon some relic harpsichord. He is actually (roll 1d10): {1-3] just a grim man, [4] a Roman vampire, [5-7] a cleric of Dis Pater, 
[7-9] a priest of Dis Pater, [10] an Avatar of Dis Pater.

6. A great hoard of Plutonian wealth is discovered, worth at least 4d4 x1000 gold pieces. Of course, it is guarded by a cerberus hound, preventing all but the most resolute from stealing such riches. See Volume II for the hound’s stats. 

7. Emerging when least expected, a cleric of Dis Pater confronts the party. Any who have been resurrected, trafficked with the undead, or failed to make proper funeral arrangements are sure to meet his wrath.

8. One festival every hundred years? A group of 4d4 Romans have gathered to honor the God of Death. They have selected for him a sacrificial bride who is (roll 1d4): [1] a virgin, [2] a conquered noblewoman, [3] a princess from a far-off land, [4] one of the party members. Whoever it is, the celebration will be notable and involve many well-rehearsed rituals since they’ve had so much time to prepare, allowing those who use that boon to gain an additional +1 bonus in a very Roman way.

9. 1d6 dread shades emerge from the dismal darkness, attacking the party. One of the latter is actually caring a defixio, whether knowingly or not, and that is what’s drawing them. See Volume II for the details of such things.

10. Missing Proserpina greatly, Lord Dis Pater causes the demise of a similar priestess in order to bring more light into his dim realm. Such a death will then trigger the priestess’s cult to seek revenge upon his. Roll 1d4: [1] Persephone of the Greeks, [2] Aerecura of the Gauls, [3] Ereshkigal of the Mesopotamians, [4] Hel of the Norse. Soon there will likely be more souls going to his dim realm.

11. Menacing laughter erupts from all around. Anyone who doesn’t follow Dis Pater must save vs. death or flee in fear in a random direction for the next 2d3 minutes. Followers of Dis Pater may wish to follow along anyway in order to have some maniacal laughter of their own.

12. Behold, a portal to the Underworld! Who knows what one would find there- or what might emerge, except of course those who would refer to Volume II.

DCC RPG Conversion notes
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15
Referee= Judge

Rhosentius, Sample 5th Level Cleric of Dis Pater
Align: L
MV: 35’
AC: 1
HD: 5
Atk: 1
Dmg: 1d6+1 (+1 rod) or 1d6 spear
SP: Dis Pater turn ability, mysteries, +1 to rolls made to harm/ be harmed by undead (divine test)
Spells prepared: [1st] Command, Cure Light Wounds, Inflict Light Wounds, Sleep*
[2nd] Bless (reverse), Silence 15’ Radius, Spiritual Weapon
[3rd] Continual Light (reverse), Glyph of Warding
SV: C5
Mor: 10

Possessions:  Roman banded mail, shield, holy symbol, +1 rod, spear, 3 days rations, 48 gold pieces

Rhosentius, DCC Stats
Init +0
Atk +1 rod (1d6+1) +4 or spear +3 (1d6)
AC 18
HD 5d8
MV 25’
Act 1d20
SP: Dis Pater turn ability, mysteries, +1 to rolls made to harm/ be harmed by undead (divine test)
Spells known: [1st] Darkness, Paralysis, Word of Command, Chill Touch*, Ekim’s Mystical Mask*, Sleep*
[2nd] Curse, Death Stare, Sequester*, Forget*, Scare*
[3rd] Spiritual Weapon, Eldritch Hound*
Fort +3
Ref +3
Will +6

Next week: Divinity Encounters, Lugh!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Divinity Encounters: Danu

Happy Spring Equinox! We present for your reading pleasure: encounters of Danu, Celtic Neutral Great Mother of Nature, Rivers, Fertility, & Tribe. 

Roll 1d12
1. Two great mounds rise in the distance. Sacred to Danu, they are quite wide and rounded, even producing thick, sweet, and nutritious calcium waters from springs at the top. They are aptly known as the Buxom Hills.

2. A milkmaid lumbers forth from her duties, sweating lightly in the warm air. Despite her appearance, she is actually (roll 1d8): [1-2] only a milkmaid, [3] a nature spirit, [4] a noblewoman lending a hand, [5-6] a druidess of Danu, [7] a priestess of Danu, [8] an Avatar of Danu. Whoever she is, the encounter will likely be massive.

3. The party comes across a great pile of stones. Inside, this cairn holds (roll 1d4): [1] 1d4 wights, [2] 1d3 fomorian trolls, [3] remains of 1d4 honored ancestors, [4] a portal to a Fey Realm. In the first two cases, followers of Danu would want the cairn purged; in the last two, it should be honored.

4. A priestess of Danu, clad only in golden brocade, is mounted alongside a druidess of Epona, bedecked in Lady Godiva style, naturally. Who would wish to ride with them first?

5. Up ahead, a large and hirsute man is bearing a bag. He is a firbolg: not nearly as bad as a fomorian, but no less a foe of Danu’s clan!  Mve: 50’; AC 5; HD 6; Attk: 1 bag; Dmg: 2d6; SP: those hit by bag must save vs. death or become stuck inside- only 1 victim may be so affected at a time; Sve: F6, Mor: 7

6. A priestess of Danu (who is lactating, comely, and somewhat deranged) attempts to snatch a random party member, forcing them to drink. If successful, it causes the one so nursed to (roll 1d6); [1] be healed of any ailments, [2] sleep for 1 hour, [3] be charmed by the priestess for 3 hours, [4] become drunk (-1d6 to all rolls) for the next 2 hours, [5] just have a strange taste left in their mouth, [6] reroll twice. A save vs. breast (breath) weapon avoids her grab and a save vs. spell avoids the effect of the drinking.

7.  Fey dance around a moonlit grove at night, led by a druidess of Danu. Those passing by must save vs. spell to resist the enchanting music they play. Those who join are then given (roll 1d4): [1] a time they’ll never forget, [2] a new fey spouse, [3] a random, beneficial spell from Danu’s list, [4] a new form- that of a bird for 2d6 hours.

8. A group of 2d4 particularly noisy fomorians have set up in a cave nearby. The locals have tried to endure their caterwauling at all hours, but a priestess of Danu wishes to enlist the party to silence them for good.

9. Like Danu’s namesake, the river flows. All women within 1/4 mile begin to do so too, wishing to bathe, and all men will wish to join with them for the next 1d6 hours. A save vs. spell negates, but the faithful of Danu may choose to automatically resist it, though they likely won’t want to.

10. Noble Celts of high heritage listen to the finest harp and flute music while drinking expensive wine. They are saddened though, for they (roll 1d4): [1] are facing a dire fomorian threat, [2] lost many of their warriors in battle, [3] had one of their women run off with a firbolg, [4] have insulted the Fae. Only some intervention of Danu (via the party of course) will set things right, bringing them home to the river green.

11. Rumor has it that a half-fomor child has been born to a woman, potentially corrupting the clan. What to do with it? The local druidess of Danu suggests (roll 1d3): [1] it be left in the wilderness for the Gods to decide, [2] it should be given to the fomorians to live with them, [3] the mother and the child should be given to the fomorians. Will the party help?

12. The sun and moon align, bringing a taste of Spring Equinox to the area. All encounters as far as the eye can see become river encounters (see Volume II for a list) as the result of rising waters, double if it is the actual Spring Equinox day. In any case, such large tracts of land will be so affected for the next 24 hours.

DCC RPG Conversion notes
Save vs. breast/breath weapon= make a Reflex save DC 15
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10

Firbolg: Init: +3; Atk bag +9 (2d6+3); AC 14; HD 6d10; MV 40’; Act 1d20; SP: those hit by bag must make a Will save DC 10 or become stuck inside- only 1 victim may be so affected at a time; SV Fort +8, Ref +0, Will +3

Landraste, Sample 4th Level Priestess of Danu
Align: N
MV: 40’
AC: 8
HD: 4
Atk: 1
Dmg: none
SP: Danu turn ability, mysteries, priestess bonus spell
Spells prepared: [1st] Cure Light Wounds (x2). Sanctuary, Animal CompanionD
[2nd] Hold Person, Charm Person or MammalD, Obscuring MistD
SV: C4
Mor: 8

Possessions:  nothing at all!

Landraste, DCC Stats
Init +4
Atk none
AC 11
HD 4d8
MV 30’
Act 1d20
SP: Danu turn ability, mysteries, priestess bonus spell
Spells known: [1st] Blessing, Detect Evil, Food of the Gods, Resist Cold or Heat, Second Sight, Plant Walk
[2nd] Cure Paralysis, Nature Charm, Warhorn of Elfland*, Charm Person*
Fort +3
Ref +4
Will +5

Next week: Divinity Encounters, Dis Pater!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Divinity Encounters: The Dagda

We return with another round of Divinities and Cults Volume II encounters. Behold the Dagda: Celctic Good God and All-father!

Roll 1d12
1. A large man is seen fathering a child with a fertile woman. There’s a 10% chance of him being an Avatar of the Dagda and the same of her being an Avatar of a Celtic goddess, otherwise he’ll just be one of the Dagda’s druids and she’ll just be fertile. There’s also a 10% chance of the sun standing still for one day afterwards; 100% chance if either one is an Avatar.

2. Two chariots are set side-by-side, bearing heavy loads of (roll 1d4): [1] stout men, [2] stout women, [3] stout oxen, [4] stout barrels of whiskey. A cleric of the Dagda officiates with an announcing voice while a crowd of 2d6 Celts wait to see which one can pull better.

3. The party comes upon a great feast. Besides the tankards of ale, hunks of meat, pots of stew, and loaves of bread, there are 3d6 festive and very red-necked Fianna (see Volume II for stats), along with a druid of the Dagda who will be happily partaking. Looking on are (roll 1d4): [1] 2d6 rival Celts who wish to partake too, [2] the druid’s wife (jealous and vengeful) over his partaking, [3] 1d3 mirthful fey, [4] 1d2 quiet nature spirits.

4. The next heavy drink that the party encounters becomes especially heavy, weighing twice as much and having twice the alcohol content. What happens then is anyone’s gin-guess.

5. The party is rescued by an especially rotund druid of the Dagda. Apart from his fondness for massive quantities of food and beer, he has seen a coven of witches somewhere in the nearby hills (roll for additional encounters there).

6. Fomorians! 1d3 of these monsters come scrambling out of the dark, caterwauling and wishing to engage in all that’s unholy. See Volume II for their stats or count them as mutant hill giants, though if the party is hopelessly outmatched, a cleric of the Dagda will arrive to help fight them off.

7.  A strange cauldron is uncovered. Apart from its many stylizations and bas-reliefs, it grants any food or drink requested and can even bring the dead back to life if placed inside. Such an item would seem a mighty boon; that is, until others find out about it and would seek to claim it in whatever way they can.

8. The sweet sound of harp music can be aheard from afar. Those who would call to it though risk mortally wounding all who it must pass through in order to come hither (save vs. death or take 1d20 damage). And even though it’s not as potent as Uaithne, it’s actually quite nice once all the blood is wiped off.

9. The party comes across a (roll 1d4): [1] keg of mead, [2] hunk of roast mutton, [3] well-carved club, [4] well-carved maiden. Left as an offering for the Dagda, they might choose to enjoy it themselves, but risk incurring his wrath if they do (a base 50% chance).

10. Two rival groups of Celts are a-fighting and a-fussing over who stole the others’ herd of sheep. Actually, it was an Avatar of the Dagda who has done so (for his breakfast). Indications of this include giant footprints, huge club drag marks, lots of wool, and a residual divine presence. It may be up to the party to let them know or else the feud will only grow worse.

11. For the next 2d6 hours, a small group of Celtic farmers can be heard discussing which chariots are best used for cutting crops and grass with their scythes. Those who don’t escape the far range of their voices and aren’t of an agricultural bent must save vs. spell or go insane. Only a devout follower of the Dagda can cure the resulting malady of hearing such things as ‘John’ and ‘Deer’ over and over in one’s head.

12. Seemingly out of nowhere, an immense club smashes through the area, causing damage based on who those present are:
                Fomorians and other foul inhuman types: 10d6 damage
                Spirits and nature types: 2d6 damage
                Followers of the Dagda: 2d6 damage
                Innocents: no damage
                All others:  4d6 damage

Afterwards, great laughter can be heard. Even better, a large amount of food and drink will be made available to any who survive.

DCC RPG Conversion notes
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15

Fergus, Sample 3rd Level Cleric of the Dagda
Align: N
MV: 40’
AC: 6
HD: 3
Atk: 1
Dmg: 1d8+2 (two-handed club)
SP: Dagda turn ability, mysteries
Spells prepared: [1st] Cure Light Wounds, Purify Food and Drink, Resist Cold, Hold Portal*
[2nd] Spiritual Weapon
SV: C3
Mor: 11

Possessions:  heavy furs, light kilt, holy symbol, two-handed club, 30 days rations, 12 pints of beer, 47 silver pieces

Fergus, DCC Stats
Init -1
Atk two-handed club +4 (1d8+1)
AC 13
HD 3d8+1
MV 30’
Act 1d20
SP: Dagda turn ability, mysteries
Spells known: Spells known: [1st] Blessing, Food of the Gods, Hungry Sanctuary, Enlarge*, Ward Portal
[2nd] Cure Paralysis, Restore Vitality, Forget*
Fort +4
Ref +1
Will +2

Next week: Divinity Encounters, Danu!