Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Warlocks of Chernobog, Part IV

Warlock Spells (Chernobog)
Chernobog's warlocks learn fell magic in addition to those of their doom-corruption's divinity, bringing darkness and despair to the what would otherwise be the lighter ways of Belobog.

~1st Level~

Black Harm 
Range: 30' per caster level
Duration: see below
Effect: An invisible, horrid ray of malfeasance strikes a target, causing them to save vs. spell or suffer depending on the warlock's doom-corruption's divinity:
Cherno-Perun: take -4 to all combat rolls for 1 minute per caster level, due to admonishment.
Cherno-Lada: suffer -2 to all rolls for 1 hour per caster level, due to heartbreak.
Cherno-Veles: lose 1 random item on their person, due to mischief. It will turn up 1 day later per caster level, covered in smoky filth. 
Cherno-Mokosh: be only able to move at 1/2 speed for 1 turn per caster level, due to overindulgence.
Cherno-Dazbog: switch to a random alignment every minute for 1 minute per caster level, due to psychosis.
Cherno-Baba Yaga: flee in fear for 1 minute per caster level, due to creeping terror.

Shadow's Reward 
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 unpleasant minute per caster level
Effect: One of Chernobog's dark blessings permeate the subject, granting them a fell ability. Non-followers of Chernobog who receive them also have a base 33% chance of receiving a divine test:
Cherno-Perun: +2 to all combat rolls vs. those who are weaker or outnumbered.
Cherno-Lada: +8 to all rolls made to manipulate others emotionally.
Cherno-Veles: +4 to all rolls made to deceive others in any way.
Cherno-Mokosh: +4 to all rolls made to control others.
Cherno-Dazbog: +8 to all rolls made to confuse others (INT check if unsure).
Cherno-Baba Yaga: +2 to all rolls vs. those who are of a lower level than them (or lower HD if level is unknown). 

~2nd Level~

Soul of Dusk
Range: 5' per caster level'
Duration: once the nefarious condition is met, see below
Effect: Shadow sets upon the target's heart, causing them to save vs. death or engage in some malediction befitting the warlock's doom-corruption, doing so to the next person or group they encounter: 
Cherno-Perun: attack as long as it would be a dishonorable fight.
Cherno-Lada: show faux-interest so that it would cause great heartache.
Cherno-Veles: attempt to cause serious disruption in their daily doings.
Cherno-Mokosh: browbeat as best they can.
Cherno-Dazbog: tell an irrational falsehood to at least 2d3 strangers.
Cherno-Baba Yaga: put a lower level (or HD) individual through a fatal test. 

The Knowing Dark
Range: 30' per caster level 
Duration: 1 disturbing turn per caster level
Effect: The warlock senses any beings within range who espouse doom-corruption. Once found, he can then focus on the individual for at least 1d6 rounds to uncover more about the specifics of their impure ways (per Referee). Those with a mind to conceal such things may save vs. death to do so, yet those who follow the same doom-corruption's divinity as the warlock may not. 

~3rd Level~ 

Doom Door 
Range: see below
Duration: Instant
Effect: Stepping long through the domain of Chernobog, the warlock sets foot on an area of darkness to emerge in another entirely that matches his doom-corruption's divinity. Anywhere such corruptions occur or are honored will do; the warlock need only have an idea where he is going. Otherwise, the range of such traversement is up to 100' per caster level, simply emerging at another place of physical darkness that is closest to the stated distance hence. 

Oh, Charring Pitch
Range: 20' per caster level
Duration: 1 terrible round per caster level
Effect: Behold, a great darkness comes forth, filling a 5' radius area per caster level. Those within must save vs. spell or not only be robbed of their sight, but of 1d6 hit points per caster level as well, burning in charring, stinking, inky blackness. And while their sight may return once the darkness ends, the horror of it and damage taken will be another matter altogether.

~4th Level~

Black Tragedy
Range: 30' per caster level
Duration: per doom-corruption divinity
Effect: As Black Harm, above, but all malfeasance effects are doubled and durations are increased by one order of magnitude: Minutes -> Turns -> Hours -> Days -> Weeks. Such may otherwise be removed early as one would a curse. 
Chernobog's Hound
Range: 10' per caster level
Duration: 1 horrifying round per caster level
Effect: Come forth! The warlock summons some shadow thing to do his dark bidding. After 1d3 rounds, it arrives, attacking an individual within range at the warlock's direction each round, causing those so targeted to save vs. death or lose 1d4 from a random ability score via its horrifying, phantom bites. Others who even see the hound must save vs. spell or flee.

~5th Level~ 

Shadow's Form
Range: Self
Duration: 1 abominable minute per caster level
Effect: Calling upon Chernobog's might, the warlock assumes a form befitting his doom-corruption's divinity, gaining darkened eyes, the benefits of Shadow's Reward, above, along with the following:
Cherno-Perun: +4 bonus to Strength, Constitution, and AC. Can cast Shocking Grasp every 3 rounds at will.
Cherno-Lada: +4 bonus to Dexterity, Charisma, and all saves. Can cast Charm Person every 3 rounds at will.
Cherno-Veles: +4 bonus to Intelligence, Dexterity, and all saves. Can cast Invisibility every 3 rounds at will.
Cherno-Mokosh: +4 bonus to Wisdom, Charisma, and AC. Can cast Hold Person every 3 rounds at will.
Cherno-Dazbog: +4 bonus to Strength, Intelligence, and AC. Can cast Confusion every 3 rounds at will.
Cherno-Baba Yaga: +4 bonus to Wisdom, Constitution, and all saves. Can cast Cause Fear every 3 rounds at will.    

Soul of Midnight
Range: 10' per caster level
Duration: see below
Effect: As Soul of Dusk, above, except that the effects last until dispelled, or as a curse, removed. The subject otherwise behaves in the warlock's particular doom-corruption's way, even needing to save vs. death at the stroke of midnight each night or decide to willingly pledge themselves to Chernobog! In such an event, nothing will save them then.

~6th Level~ 

Black Catastrophe 
Range: 50' per caster level
Duration: per doom-corruption divinity 
Effect: As Black Tragedy, above, but the area affected is a 5' radius per caster level, potentially making many befall terrible malfeasance.

~7th Level~ 

Stroke of Doom
Range: 100' per caster level
Duration: Instant
Effect: The warlock brings forth a great calamity, causing Chernobog's night to eclipse all hope depending on which doom-corruption's divinity is served. In all cases, a general 1/4 mile area is affected, though due to the nature of the calamity, its corruption may also spread.
Cherno-Perun: a 'natural' disaster occurs, devastating all who fail to escape within 3d6 minutes' time.
Cherno-Lada: torn with love-loss-longing, all must save vs. spell or be at each others' throats, murderous within 3d6 hours. There is a base 25% chance of the events spreading in a random direction.
Cherno-Veles: items go missing or are sabotaged, making all within suffer 4d6 damage from the mishaps occurring over 5d6 hours. Such anarchy has a base 50% chance of spreading in 1d4 directions.
Cherno-Mokosh: an oppressive leader comes to the fore, dragooning all within 2d6 hours, lasting until he or she is removed. There is only a base 10% chance of it spreading in a random direction though.
Cherno-Dazbog: madness descends on those there, causing them to generally behave as the results for (roll 1d4): [1] Cherno-Lada, [2] Cherno-Veles, [3] Cherno-Mokosh, or [4] Cherno-Baba Yaga. Reroll every hour for 2d6 hours.
Cherno-Baba Yaga: a heinous plague unfolds, killing just 1 in 12 of those who catch it within 1d12 days, but spreading to 11 in 12 anyway, likely ranging far beyond its original area.

Next week: Warlock of Chernobog, Part V! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Warlocks of Chernobog, Part III

Light comes to an end. Chernobog rises again.

Divine Tests
1-3. Abjure all contact! The warlock must seek sanctuary, eschewing others for fear that corruption might find him too. Once there, he shall do nothing else but remain for the next 3d6 turns, contemplating his own dark doom.

4-9. How much disaster can you spread? The warlock will find out, losing access to some of his spells (50% chance for each one), including possibly his turn ability, until he performs certain deeds. Roll 1d6 for each one lost to see what is required.
[1] Seriously disrupt a place of commerce for its own good.
[2] Close a schoolhouse, thereby causing all other forms of chaos.
[3] Spread the ways of one's specific doom-corruption's divinity: whether devastation, manipulation, anarchy, or the like.
[4] Attack 1d3 followers of one of the Slavic gods while salivating profusely, hoping to get their temple to close.
[5] Cough on everyone and everything encountered for the next 1d3 hours on purpose.
[6] Hoard sundry (and generally unnecessary) items, especially those related to chamber pots, for the next 1d3 days.

10-14. The blackness within the warlock now becomes obvious for all to see. Whenever this test occurs, roll 1d4 to determine what permanent change there is.
[1] Smoky: his gaseous stench makes those facing him in melee save vs. poison or take -2 to all rolls, but it's also obvious if he's been somewhere within the last 1d6 turns.
[2] Dark: gains a +6 bonus to being concealed in shadows, but also suffers a -2 to all rolls when in bright light.
[3] Disheveled: enjoys a +4 modifier against being held in place, but only has a base 40% chance of finding something on his person.
[4] Fatalistic: gains a +2 bonus to all saves, but must shout about it for at least 3d6 rounds whenever he does so.

15-17. The Law of Contagion demands that the warlock fear all he had come close to. Each person who he ventured within 6' of during the last 1d12+2 days has a base 25% chance of casting a random harmful Chernobog spell on him! Use the warlock's level to determine which spell levels to select from and also the intensity of the spells selected. If unsure of the warlock's contacts, then consider there to be 1d12+2 of them, making it likely that he may end up 6' under, as a result.

18+ Doom falls and all within 60' take 3d6 damage as horrible blackness oozes out of their body parts (see below for which body parts specifically ooze based on the warlock's doom-corruption's divinity). The warlock then realizes that his dedication to catastrophe may not be all that he thought it would be and suddenly shifts to Belobog, effectively becoming a follower of the non-corrupted version of his divinity, a true cleric of that Slavic god or goddess in all respects for the next 24 hours. For every divine test result over 17, increase the range by 60', the ooze-orifice damage by 3d6, and the length of his shift for another 24 hours; that is, if he survives that long.

Cherno-Perun: mouth and ears
Cherno-Lada: heart and generative organs
Cherno-Veles: eyes and ears
Cherno-Mokosh: navel and generative organs
Cherno-Dazbog: eyes and nose
Cherno-Baba Yaga: navel and anus

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Save vs. poison= make a Fortitude save DC 15 
Turn ability= Turn Unholy ability

Next week: warlocks of Chernobog, Part IV!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Warlocks of Chernobog, Part II

Magical Side-Effects
Doom comes upon the world, and to Chernobog's warlocks too if they aren't careful. Roll 1d12. 

1. Cleansing Shadows: Chernobog insists that the warlock either perform a horrible sacrifice or wash his hands within 3d6 rounds. If not, then he will experience any of the spell's ill effects himself and should probably wash his hands anyway.

2. Sanctuary of Calamity: Stay back 6' from others! If the warlock does keep such a distance socially for the next 1d6 turns, then his spell will work at its normal potency and not be halved in all regard, even if his social life may cease altogether. 

3. Heresy Mute: Beware of that which you speak. The warlock must have remained faithful to his doom-divinity's tenets, only saying the best about devastation, heart-games, subversion, or the like for the last 1d6 hours. If not, then he will suffer an immediate divine test as the spell occurs. 

4. That Charred Smell: Dooms leave scents and one wafts in now. All within 1d6 x 5 feet must save vs. poison or be unable to bear it, suffering a -3 to all rolls for the next 1d6 turns, choking on the blackened remains of shattered dreams. 

5. Corrupting Night: To spite Belobog, Chernobog turns the area pitch black, affecting a 1d6 x 5 feet radius from where the spell occurs for the next 1d6 turns and robbing all non-followers of dark demon lords of their sight while within. 

6-8. No Side Effect: The spell works normally for now. 

9. A Curse Upon Thee: The warlock can now go further, doubling the magic's effect, range, or duration if used to harm a follower of one of the Slavic gods (and thereby a follower of Belobog), triple if used to harm their specific doom-corruption's divinity (Perun, Lada, Veles, etc.) If none applies, then the magic has no effect at all.

10-11. Hope Apocalypta: Chernobog demands disaster and if the spell would specifically aid in that- or whatever the warlock's doom-corruption's divinity would espouse, then its effect, range, or duration to be doubled. Otherwise, the warlock takes 2d6 apocalyptic damage instead!

12. Doom's Blessing: The magic works for twice its normal effect, range, or duration, as well as it not being expended that day. In addition, the warlock gains the ability to sense the direction to the nearest example of his doom-corruption's divinity, allowing him to spread more doom-corruption more easily.

DCC RPG Conversion notes
Save vs. poison = Make a Fortitude save DC 15
Spell not being expended that day= gains a +2 bonus to its spell check 

Next week: Warlocks of Chernobog, Part III!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Warlocks of Chernobog, Part I

Chaotic Demon Lord of Doom-Corruption

Tenets of Chernobog 
*Spread doom via one of the following corruptions of the Gods, so as to defeat Belobog!
Cherno-Perun: brutality, puritannicalism, devastation
Cherno-Lada: obsession, heart-games, manipulation
Cherno-Veles: subversion, skulduggery, anarchy
Cherno-Mokosh: smothering, overindulgence, oppression
Cherno-Dazbog: chaos, madness, upheaval
Cherno-Baba Yaga: fear, being overly difficult, plague-slaughter 

Warlocks of Chernobog
Special: Chernobog is served by warlocks. In a sense, they are anti-clerics, since they work to subvert the message of a particular divinity (and thereby Belobog, Chernobog's arch-foe), rather than spread it. This trait is referred to as a 'doom-corruption's divinity'. For example, a warlock of Cherno-Perun would appear much like a follower of Perun to the untrained eye, but would actually be working to corrupt the tenets of Perun, or at least to promote Perun's extreme dark side.
Allowed Weapons: per the doom-corruption's divinity, plus a hidden curved dagger
Allowed Armor: per the doom-corruption's divinity, plus a hidden black robe
Symbol: per the doom-corruption's divinity, except that close examination will show it to be sinister, inverted, and/or darker
Can Turn: Followers of Slavic divinities, and thereby Belobog!
Chernobog Mysteries: Warlocks of Chernobog can reroll a failed save up to thrice per level per day. If they are actively engaged in doom-corruption at the time, then they can pick which result they wish to keep. If not, then they must take the second result, even if it's worse.

Next week: Warlocks of Chernobog, Part II!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Kolduns of Baba Yaga, Part V

Baba Yaga Encounters
Terrible things may happen, but those who survive may come out the better.

Roll 1d12
1. Old age comes for us all. A randomly determined, unlucky adult within 120' begins to experience more of the drawbacks of decrepitude. Whether it be aches and pains, or just finding it harder to do things generally, he or she suffers a -1d2 reduction to a random ability score, but also gains a +1d2 bonus to Wisdom.

2. Can you stand the tests? We shall see if a random party member has gone through enough already. Roll a 1d20: if the result is less than or equal to the character's level, then they gain an additional level. If not, then they lose 1 instead. Investigation will show that it is Baba Yaga at work. 

3. Three skulls are revealed. One burns for 3d6 damage, the other has an eternally lit flame, and the last grants immunity to fire for 24 hours. Those who pick them up will find out for themselves, though kolduns and witches will know already.
4. Up ahead, three cauldrons lie. Those who climb in will discover that each one may cause (roll 1d3): [1] old age (per result #1 above), [2] chicken legs (per divine tests #10-14), [3] +1 caster level. The effects last until the next (roll 1d3): [1] dawn, [2] dusk, or [3] midnight, though the bad memories may endure much longer.

5. Who is brave enough to enter the hut that stands upon chicken legs before you? How about the other two next to it? The first to enter one will be granted the answer to any one question they seek; the other two, death, putting one's chances of living at 1 in 3, while those faithful to Baba Yaga or a similar divinity will only be knocked unconscious with a wrong choice. 

6. Baba Yaga creeps closer. 1d3 party members immediately experience one of her divine tests- roll 1d20 on that table. Those who survive gain 1 level of koldun, even if they don't want it. 

7. Perhaps servants of Cherno-Baba Yaga, perhaps not, 1d6 alkonosts (Slavic harpies) lurk here, seeking prey. There is also a 50% chance of a follower of Baba Yaga arriving (per #11 below), whether to do battle with them, or to assist (an equal chance of either).

8. One of three ride by: a mighty, phantom bogatyr (Slavic knight) signalling a change of time (roll 1d3): 
[1] white - dawn, [2] red - dusk, or [3] black - midnight. It then becomes that time, leaving those who don't follow Baba Yaga or similar divinities to pause in confusion for 1 turn, a common consequence of such a radical change in time.

9. With horrid nightmares ending, a random, unlucky party member awakes from his or her next sleep, but cannot move, for they have been hagged! And though they will eventually regain motion 1d12 dreadful minutes later, the horror of this nocnitsa visiting each night can only be stopped by performing some deed to one faithful of Baba Yaga (per #11 below), which might be even worse. 

10.  A witch war is brewing between a group of 2d6 kolduns of Baba Yaga and 2d6 witch followers of another goddess (roll 1d6): [1] Hel of the Varangians, [2] Hecate of the Greeks, [3] Morrighan of the Celts, [4] Trivia of the Romans, [5] Ishtar of the Mesopotamians, [6] Loviatar of the Finns. Most might wish to flee such a calamity, though the heroic will wish to stand and fight.

11. Wizened and aged, a follower of Baba Yaga emerges. She is (roll 1d12): [1-4] just a devoted follower of Baba Yaga, [5-9] a koldun of Baba Yaga, [10-12] a volkhva of Baba Yaga. Those who seek her wisdom will almost always pay a price.

12. Death comes for us all. A randomly determined, unlucky adult within 120' must save vs. death or die. If they save, then the next adult in a random direction must save instead. The process continues until one perishes, proving who is worthy and who is not.

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Wisdom = Personality
Save vs. death = make a Will save DC 10

Next week: warlocks of Chernobog!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Kolduns of Baba Yaga, Part IV

Koldun Spells (Baba Yaga)
Who can stand wielding what the Witch Goddess can?

1st Level: Command, Cure Light Wounds (reversible), Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil (+3 if cast in her hut), Remove Fear (reverse), Resist Cold, Divine Weather (D), Faerie Fire (D), Pass with Trace (D), Message*, Shocking Grasp*, Shield*, Sleep*, Spider Climb*, Ventriloquism*

2nd Level: Augury, Bless (reverse), Delay Poison, Find Traps, Know Alignment, Hold Person, Holy Chant, Resist Fire, Reveal Charm, Speak with Animal, Spiritual Weapon (wielded by a phantom), Barkskin (D), Feign Death (D), Find Plant (D), Fire Trap (D), Obscuring Mist (D), Produce Flame (D), Stumble (D), Warp Wood (D), Amnesia*, Arcane Lock*, Auditory Illusion*, Detect Invisible*, ESP*, False Gold*, False Trap*, Invisibility*, Knock*, Levitate*, Light* (reverse), Ray of Enfeeblement*, Scare*, Shatter*, Stinking Cloud*, Web*

3rd Level: Animate Dead, Cure Blindness (reverse), Cure Disease (reversible), Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding (works when placed in her hut), Locate Object, Prayer, Remove Curse (reversible), Speak with Dead, Striking, Snare (D), Blink*, Clairaudience*, Clairvoyance*, Fly* (requires a cauldron to stand in), Tiny Hut* (but can move around on chicken legs instead), Suggestion*

4th Level: Cure Serious Wounds (reversible), Detect Lie, Divination, Exorcise, Neutralize Poison, Protection from Evil 10’ Radius (+3 if cast in her hut), Sticks to Snakes, Tongues, Flash Fire (D), Hallucinatory Terrain (D), Arcane Eye*, Charm Monster*, Fear*, Globe of Invulnerability (Lesser)*, Polymorph Others*, Polymorph Self*, Summon Monster II*

5th Level: Cure Critical Wounds (reversible), Flame Strike, Insect Plague, Control Winds (D), Wall of Fire (D), Contact Other Plane*, Distort Distance*, Feeblemind*, Magic Jar*, Secret Chest*, Telekinesis* 

6th Level: Animate Objects, Blade Barrier,Find the Path, Heal, Word of Recall, Control Weather (D), Fire Seeds (D), Anti-Magic Shell*, Arcane Window*, Dweomer of Rage*, Geas*, Guards and Wards*

7th Level: Astral Projection, Gate, Regenerate, Wind Walk (requires a cauldron to stand in), Control Weather (Greater) (D), Finger of Death (D), Reincarnate (D), Power Word Stun*, Summon Demon*, Permanency*

1st Level: Blessing, Darkness, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Paralysis, Resists Heat (but not cold), Second Sight, Word of Command, Chill Touch*, Choking Cloud*, Ekim's Mystical Mask*, Magic Shield*, Sleep*, Spider Climb*, Ventriloquism* 

2nd Level: Banish, Binding, Curse, Lotus Stare, Neutralize Poison or Disease, Restore Vitality, Detect Invisible*, ESP*, Fire Resistance*, Forget*, Invisibility*, Invisible Companion*, Knock*, Levitate*, Locate Object*, Monster Summoning*, Ray of Enfeeblement*, Scare*, Shatter*, Spider web*, Curse of Moirae*

Next week: kolduns of Baba Yaga, Part V!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Kolduns of Baba Yaga, Part III

Baba Yaga's tests are perilous, yes, but that makes those who survive them stand out from the rest!

Divine Tests
1-4. Oh, you should think twice... The koldunia suffers a -2d4 penalty to all rolls that she makes for the next 24 hours, though the penalty will also last 1 hour longer for every natural 1 she rolls during that time.

5-9.  Far be it for the Witch Goddess to take magic from her servant- she will instead have them suffer 'an unfortunate accident' at the next (roll 1d3): [1] dawn, [2] dusk, or [3] midnight. And though it will inflict 1d6 x 1d6 damage, there will be little doubt as to who is responsible, whether a white, red, or black knight is seen. 

10-14. I'm not one of those pretty girls. The koldunia grows forevermore like Baba Yaga, aging 1d3 years and losing 1d3 CHA (except with regards to magical matters) for every time she experiences this test. In return, she gains a special ability based on what that change is. Roll 1d6.
[1] Long nose: +6 bonus to smell checks & can detect nationality
[2] Gnarled skin: +2 AC bonus & +2 to save vs. poison
[3] Long fingers: +2 manual Dexterity & can make a claw attack for 1d2 damage each round
[4] Hunched back: +1 Constitution, +2 hit points, & cannot be flanked
[5] Chicken legs: +2 to all saves & can ignore 1 mundane attack per round
[6] Iron teeth: can make a bite attack for 2d4 damage each round

15-17. Spoiled! Something even more pressing occurs, affecting the koldunia unless she can meet the gaze of someone else within 1d6 minute's time in order to give it to them instead. A save vs. death prevents this though and forces the koldunia to experience the test herself. Roll 1d6:
[1] Crops fail, or if they don't have crops, their current food stores go bad.
[2] Wedding (or other romantic event they're having) gets crashed.
[3] Learn a secret, but also age 1d3 years.
[4] Turned into a dog for 24 hours.
[5] Whisked away on a flying cauldron, ending up 1d100 miles away in a random direction.
[6] Their passage is 'swept away'- everyone forgets who they are for the next 1d3 days.

18+  Baba Yaga's chicken-legged hut emerges and the koldunia must make a choice of three (per Referee: pick one of three cauldrons, skulls, brooms, or the like). If the correct choice is made, then the test ends. If not, then Baba Yaga bites the koldunia for 3d6 damage and she must choose again sometime within 1d6 turns, taking more damage and every 1d6 turns thereafter until the correct choice is made, potentially becoming the Witch Goddess's supper!

DCC RPG Conversion Notes 
Charisma = Personality
Dexterity = Agility
Constitution = Stamina
Save vs. death = make a Will save DC 10
Referee = Judge

Next week: kolduns of Baba Yaga, part IV!