Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Totems: Boar, Part IV

Boar shamans and other cleric-types who call upon the totem gain access to certain spells. Otherwise, they follow the guidelines of totemic magic (link). 

1st Level Spells (d8)
1. Boar Companion: as Animal Companion (D), but must be a single boar. And though it may not be pleasant, it can be ridden.
2. Boar's Heart: as Remove Fear (reversible), but only if the shaman is cornered or charging.
3. Detect Pleasures
as Detect Magic, except that it senses the presence of food, treasure, and other niceties at quadruple the usual range.
4. Gorge Away Light Wounds: as Cure Light Wounds, but only works on those who partake of food and/or other pleasures afterwards.
5. Hog's Mist: as Obscuring Mist (D), but also emits a hog odor, alerting predators that there is boar-kind inside.
6. Porcine Protection: as Protection from Evil, but only works in areas where food, treasure, and/or other comforts are available.
7. Squeaker's Constitution: as Strength*, but confers only 1/2 the bonus, and it is applied to the recipient's Constitution, rather than Strength.
8. Swine's Purify Food & Drink: as Purify Food and Drink, but those who partake will certainly eat like pigs.

2nd Level Spells (d9)
1. Boar Hide: as Barkskin (D), but  only works on those who follow the ways of the boar.
2. Boar Spirit: as Unseen Servant*, but is faster (like a boar), can only push things, and can even attack ethereal foes.
3. Hog's Health: as Neutralize Poison, but only works on those who follow the boar's ways.
4. Not By The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin
: as Find Traps, but works on potential ambushes and deceptions instead.
5. Phantom Boar: as Spiritual Weapon, but appears as a spirit boar that can keep attacking even if the shaman doesn't concentrate. It also has a 25% chance of either stopping to partake in pleasures or to charge a random individual each round though (equal chance of either).
6. Pig of the Sounder's Constitution: as Strength*, but the bonus is only applied to the recipient's Constitution and only works on those who have just partaken of food, treasure, and/or other pleasures.
7. Porcine Blessingas Bless, but grants a +2 bonus to hit and to damage to allies who are either cornered or charging instead.
8. Speak with Boarsas Speak with Animals, but only works with swine-kind, who do become slightly friendlier with the casting (they remain boarish though).
9. Swine Stink: as Stinking Cloud*, but must be targeted on those located behind (or at least downwind of) the shaman.

3rd Level Spells (d8)
1. Boar Cure: as Cure Disease, but makes the recipient hot and boarish for the next 1d6 turns too. They also must engage in some pleasure afterwards.
2. Boarskin Magic: as Polymorph Self or Other*, but can only take on or grant the form of a boar or other porcine creature. 
3. Entelodont Size: as Animal Growth, but just works on boar-kind.
4. Goring: as Striking, but the bonus can only be used by those who are cornered or charging.
5. Old Boar's Constitution: as Strength*, but the bonus is only applied to the recipient's Constitution and with a +2 bonus, along with no limit of 18.
6. Porcine Protection 10' Radius: as Protection from Evil 10' Radius, but only works in areas where food, treasure, and/or other comforts are available.
7. Smell Object: as Locate Object, but detects any treasure, food, or other pleasure, even if specifics about them aren't known.
8. Swine's Create Food & Water: as Create Food & Water, but must then be 'pigged-out' upon.

4th Level Spells (d7)
1. All the Way Home: as Haste*, but can only be used to aid in retreating or escaping.
2. Boar Call
: as Summon Animal I (D), but just summons boars. 
3. Boar's Exorcism: as Exorcism, but only works on non-boar type spirits.
4. Enchant Boar Arms: as Enchant Arms*, but only works on those allowed by the boar totem.
5. False Boar's Hoard: as False Gold*, but boarish-types are immune to the ruse.
6. Gorge Away Serious Wounds
: as Cure Serious Wounds, but only works on those who partake of food and/or other pleasures afterwards.
7. Grand Old Boar's Constitutionas Old Boar's Constitution, above, but the bonuses are +4.

6th Level Spells (d5)
1. Boar Communion: as Commune with Nature (D), but only works in areas where boars inhabit.
2. Feast of Sæhrímnir: as Create Food and Water, but can be consumed once again after it's finished.
3. Gorge Away Critical Wounds: as Cure Critical Wounds, but only works on those who partake of food and/or other pleasures afterwards.
4. Greater Boar Call: as Summon Animal II (D), but summons a giant boar or wereboar.
5. Greater Boarskin Magic: as Polymorph Self or Other*, but can just take on or grant the form of a giant boar or wereboar.

7th Level Spells (d5)
1. Boar Chariot: as Fire Chariot*, but is drawn by boars who aren't fiery, and each 
can be ridden separately instead. 
2. Boar's Hold: as Guards and Wards*, but can only be used on a place holding food, treasure, or other pleasures.
3. Hog's Path: as Phase Door*, but must lead to a place containing, food, treasure, or other pleasures.
4. Porcine Realm: as Plane Shift, but only transports to and from places dominated by boars and porcine-beings.
5. Swine's Summons: as Instant Summons*, but no gem is required and the item can be worth no more than the caster's level x 50 gold pieces.

Next week: Totems: Boar, Part V! 


Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Totems: Boar, Part III

Totem Tests
1-9. The boar needs its way. The totemist loses access to some of his spells or special abilities (50% chance for each one) until he performs a certain task. Roll 1d7 for each one lost to see what that is.
[1] Mess up everything in the immediate 1d6 x 10' area, even if natural. It must be made into a fitting boar-sty.
[2] Enjoy the company of other boar-types and indulge in pleasures for at least 1d4 hours. During this time, the follower will be automatically surprised if any aggressor shows up.
[3] Acquire food, treasure, or other comforts worth at least 2d6 x 10 gold pieces.
[4] Eat anything edible he finds for the next 1d4 hours.
[5] Commune with boar spirits, doing nothing else but drum, dance, chant, or the like for 2d6 turns.
[6] Wallow in mud and/or drek for at least 2d3 turns. Automatically fail all Charisma checks with non-boar types for the next 4d6 hours too.
[7] Destroy a non-boar shamanic magic item.

10-13. Boarishness resounds more in the 
follower now, causing him to behave in a certain way during the next 7d4 days. Each condition may be resisted by saving vs. spell/ making a Will save DC 15, and if the same is experienced twice in a row, it becomes permanent. Roll 1d5.
[1] Be rude to all he meets.
[2] Consume all food he finds.
[3] Whenever he fights, he must charge in and then retreat within 1d6 rounds.
[4] When food, treasure, or other comforts are available, he must immediately take his share (and more, if possible).
[5] Keep attacking a fallen foe until they no longer move, even if it would be inopportune. 

14-16. That the follower honors the boar becomes more obvious now, with him gaining some boar trait along with a cumulative 25% chance of causing fear and/or revulsion in any non-boarish types who notice it. Roll 1d4 to see which trait is bestowed, rerolling if the same is rolled more than once, as the follower increasingly becomes a boar hybrid.
[1] Boar Ears & Snout: gain excellent hearing and sense of smell, with a +4 bonus to such checks.
[2] Boar's Head: gain a gore attack for 2d3 +STR mod damage, double on a charge.
[3] Boor Hooves: gain +10' speed and the ability to knock foes prone on a successful charge attack (make an opposed STR check)
[4] Boar Hide: gain a +2 AC bonus.

17+ How useless are tests on a boar? The totemist will find out over the next 4d6 hours, plus 4d6 additional hours per totem test result over 17. And if he dies in the process, he can save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 and be resurrected- naturally going boar-wild (per the boar barbarian ability) for the remainder of the duration. Roll 1d4.
[1] The devotee is turned into a wereboar, apoplectic in its cravings.
[2] The devotee is turned into a boar, though for 4d6 weeks instead.
[3] An enraged dire boar with a HD equal to the totem test result attempts to gore the totemist and his comrades to death. It arrives within half the time remaining of the test's duration. It will then attack until either slain or the test's duration expires. If slain, it can make a tasty meal indeed, even resurrecting afterwards (like Sæhrímnir), so as to potentially be eaten again.
[4] The devotee is sent to a Boar Otherworld, his body lying comatose and his spirit returning with 3d4 hit points lost per 3 hours gone. Otherwise, the boar might get slaughtered...

Next week: Totems: Boar, Part IV!

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Totems: Boar, Part II

Totemic Side-Effects
The boar can lead to both gorging and goring. Roll 1d12 whenever one calls upon the totem to use a special ability or spell.

1. Under Hoof: Even a follower can get in the way. Unless he is actively seeking something to get or to gore, the follower must save vs. paralysis/ make a Reflex save DC 15 or be knocked over as a boar spirit goes to do so instead.

2. Swine's Price
: And where's your fortune? The totemist must have gotten a good amount of food, treasure, or other comfort, or at least had something new within the last 2d6 hours. If not, then his spell or special ability will only function at 1/2 its usual power.

3. Boar Hunger: Tapping into the totem can be famishing work and the boar follower must eat the next at least semi-edible thing he sees. He must do so for at least 1d3 rounds, preferably acorns, though he'll be able to digest it all the same.

4. Eofor: The devotee takes on a more porcine appearance, becoming quite large and portly. As a result, he gains a +2 bonus to Constitution, but also a -2 penalty to Dexterity for the next 1d6 turns, along with a -5 penalty to Charisma checks with those who aren't partial to boarish-types

5-8. No Side-Effect: Though some food, treasure, or other thing to enjoy might look especially appealing, or the sound (and smell) of swinish snorting can be heard in the distance, the spell or special ability otherwise works normally.

9-11. Battle Boar: If the devotee is cornered or charges his target in melee, then the special ability or spell's effect, range, or duration can be improved by 50%.

12. Gold Bristles: The range, effect, or duration of the special ability or spell is boosted by 50% and the follower also can sense the direction to the nearest deposit of gold, food, or other pleasure for the next 1d3 turns.

In addition to rolling on the table above, boar shamans must also roll on the shamanism table whenever they cast a spell (link- see bottom).

Next week: Totems: Boar, Part III!