Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Clerics of Arawn, Part I

Welsh God of the Hunt, Death, & the Otherworld

Tenets of Arawn
* Hunt upon your demense 
* Bring doom to those whose time has come
* Dwell in the Otherworld
* Show great respect for what's given

Clerics of Arawn
Special: Arawn is served by clerics, druids, cyfrinydds (Welsh mystics), and gweledydds (Welsh seers). He can also be followed in one of various ways, bestowing distinct abilities based on his aspects (see below). Which one applies can remain set, be determined at random as the situation warrants, or can even change over time. 
Allowed Weapons: Spear, sword, axe, bow
Allowed Armor: Chainmail and shield or lighter
Symbols: Horn, White Hounds with Red Ears, Darkened Hood
Can Turn: (by aspect)
    Lord of the Hunt: those who are surprised in a wilderness area
Lord of Death: undead
    Lord of the Otherworld: those not from the world they're currently in (if not known, a base 20% chance)
Mysteries of Arawn: 
Up to once per day per level, spellcasters who follow Arawn can do one of the following:
    Lord of the Hunt: gain a +2 bonus to a roll vs. one who is not aware of them.
Lord of Death: gain a +2 bonus to a roll vs. one who has lost at least 1/2 their hit points.
    Lord of the Otherworld: can discern what world an individual is about to go to next (before passing away or entering a portal).

For example, a cleric of Arawn might turn as Lord of Death, but access mysteries as Lord of the Hunt in a particular instance, or all the time, or turn and access mysteries as Lord of Death only, etc.

For details on related divinities, see here.

Next week: clerics of Arawn, Part II!