Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Odin Encounters, Part III

Quests of Odin
Wherever the worlds take you, Odin will be there too. Roll 1d12.

1-2. Wisdom: A battle is occurring between 4d3 vikings and 2d2 ulfhednar (see Volume I for details for both). A random one of their number is quite wise and a party member knows it. Odin sends a sign that they must assist that viking or ulfhedinn, preserving his wisdom and perhaps gaining some of their own in the process.

3-4. Death: With a gasp, a beautiful woman is spotted by a random party member. None other can see her, but there is a sense of a very familiar, unshakeable bond. Whether a fylgja or valkyrie, it is a sign of the party member's impending death, though if a follower of Odin, it will be seen as a glorious impending of Valhalla.

5-6. Insight: The next one to make a save begins to grasp that this life and this world are not all that can be perceived. The one so affected gains the use of the Odinnic Way (see Volume I) or variant mystery of Odin for the next 24 hours, clear-minded, but not one for idle chatter. If already one of his followers, then the one affected gains a temporary mystic level during that time instead.