Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Lords of Wards, Part III

Ward Divinities & Cults
Protective deities grant access to certain lords of wards.

Greek & Roman
Apollo: angelic & elemental fire
Athena / Minerva: angelic
Dionysus: fey & demonic
Hades / Dis Pater: devilish & elemental earth
Hephaestus / Vulcan: elemental fire & earth
Hecate: devilish, demonic, & fey
Hermes: angelic & fey
Hestia / Vesta: angelic
Zeus: angelic & elemental air

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Lords of Wards, Part II

What might be kept out might not resolve what's within.

Warding Tests
1-4. How much time to spare? The warder becomes (overly?) cautious for the next 1d3 days, causing his ward spells to each take 1d12 rounds longer to cast. If he experiences this test again while it's still in effect, then the time required is compounded (2d12, 3d12 extra rounds to cast, etc.) for the duration.

5-7. What the warder would resist becomes increasingly trying, even under normal circumstances. When exposed to what he last cast a warding spell against (e.g. cruelty, disorder, jerkishness, etc.), the warder must save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 or suffer a -3 penalty to all rolls. This test lasts for the next 1d3 days, though if experienced while the same is still in effect, it becomes permanent. Perhaps its time for another warding spell?

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Lords of Wards, Part I

Lords of Wards grant spells that protect individuals or areas via angelic, fey, elemental, demonic, or devilish craft. Each prevents access to that which could harm or can even prevent the escape of such perils too.

Ways of Wards
Wards may bar or contain that which is...
Angelic: disorderly, disruptive, messy, unhealthy, jerkish, or cruel
Fey: orderly, restrictive, banal, unhealthy, prudish, or cruel
Elemental: hot, cold, airy, watery, or earthy
Demonic: orderly, restrictive, banal, healthy, normal, or kind
* Devilish: disorderly, disruptive, unhealthy, free, or kind

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Lords of Maidens, Part III

Maidens can embody the essence of their lords and divinities. What is more, such beautiful entities can often be found in the entourage of goddesses too, whose beauty is greater yet.

Maiden Divinities & Cults
Certain types of maidens tend to serve certain divinities.

Greek & Roman
Aphrodite / Venus: fey (nymphs & sirens) & elemental (fire & water)
Artemis / Diana: fey (fairty godmothers & sprites) & elemental (earth)
Athena / Minerva: angelic (muses & valkyries)
Hecate / Trivia: devilish (erinyes), demonic (succubi), & fey (fairy godmothers)
Hera / Juno: angelic (guardian angels & ancestral spirits) & devilish (nemeses & erinyes)
Hestia / Vesta: angelic only (guardian angels, muses, & ancestral spirits)

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Lords of Maidens, Part II

As with mortal maidens, supernatural maidens can surely test as well.

Maiden Tests
1-7. Longing, the enchanted one loses access to his maiden for a time, being unable to call upon her and also suffering a -1d3 penalty to all rolls for the next 1d3 days. With her return, he will likely feel more connected again, though perhaps more of a man from the experience too.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Lords of Maidens, Part I

Working at the behest of divinities, lords of Maidens send angelic, fey, elemental, demonic, or devilish spirit women to be companions for mortals. Such maidens may then use their powers on their behalf, which can be quite compelling.

Ways of Maidens
Maidens are...
Angelic: peaceful, harmonious, & bountiful, remaining honorable and pure
Fey: wondrous, enchanting, & sentient, though elusive or entrapping
* Elemental: fiery, cold, wet, dry, or airy.
Demonic: bizarre, mutagenic, wanton, and possessing, but can be quite enticing.
* Devilish: empowering, dominating, punishing, and entrapping, though may be rewarding

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Lords of Realms, Part III

Realms can range from heavenly to horrifying, and might even stretch to where one is. The lords provide the doors to such places, but the gods themselves can give their followers the keys, even if they themselves don't exactly match the realm's alignment.

Realm Divinities & Cults

Greek & Roman
Hades (Dis Pater): Beneath the earth, his faithful call upon earthy elemental and taking demonic lords of realms most often.
Hermes (Mercury): Travelling any of the realms, his messengers are most at home in the angelic and fey.
Poseidon: To sea realms, watery elemental and fey lords are fitting.
Zeus: Atop Mt. Olympus, he is served by both the angelic and the airy elemental lords.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Lords of Realms, Part II

Harnessing the power of lords of supernal realms doesn't come without risk. Those who do so can face such tests, whether they travel to such realms or not.

Realm Tests
1-7. Oh, the places that know you. The wayfarer loses access to all his powers and spells (not just his realm ones). He also emits an aura of the realm he follows for the next 4d6 hours. Treat as Conjure Realm (see Part I), but it follows him wherever he goes, having a range of 1d6 x 60', and its characteristics change every 1d3 hours (reroll on the realm table). Once it ends, then his powers and spells will be returned to him.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lords of Realms, Part I

Lords of Realms are supernatural servants of divinities and can be angelic, fey, elemental, demonic, or devilish. They grant different abilities and spells to mortals, though what they are is based on other planes of existence.

Ways of Realms
Realms can be...
* Angelic: peaceful, harmonious, bountiful, but restricted to the goodly
* Fey: wondrous, enchanting, sentient, but tricky
* Elemental: fiery, frosty, airy, watery, or earthy
* Demonic: bizarre, mutagenic, wanton, and possessing
* Devilish: empowering, dominating, punishing, and entrapping

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Lords of Puppets, Part III

Puppets can serve many masters. Supernatural lords serve divinities and cults, and the mortals who follow both can serve as vessels for such power. And though they are called angelic, fey, demonic, or devilish, they aren't necessarily innately lawful, good, chaotic, or evil. Any divinity or cult can have such servants, though the more likely ones are noted below.

Puppet Divinities & Cults

Greek & Roman
Apanchomene (Artemis/ Diana): Espousing childlike innocence, she is served by angelic and fey lords.
Dionysus/ Bacchus: As used in his theatres,  fey and demonic lords abound.
Hecate/ Trivia: Demanding justice via magic poppets, she is served by angelic and devilish lords.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Lords of Puppets, Part II

As servants of divinities, supernatural lords understand that the former can test their faithful. Still, lords grant powers and spells themselves too, and those who fail to abide can be punished in much the same manner. Whether such is done in an angelic, fey, demonic, or devilish way, those who deal with puppets shouldn't be fooled by their toylike appearance.

Puppet Tests
1-7. Who's pulling the strings? The puppeteer loses access to all his granted powers and spells (not just the puppet lord's ones). See what must be done to get them back. 
    Angelic: Give their puppet to a good person. It is then entirely up to the latter when they give it back to the puppeteer, if at all.
   Fey: Win an argument with the puppet. An Intelligence check with a -5 penalty may be required (DC 20). Failed debates can be retried 1d6 hours later, though they'd likely be very trying.
   Demonic: Engage in a horrific act of anarchic aggression, having the puppet seem to assist. It might even smile on its own.
   Devilish: Promise one's soul, or trick another into doing so, using the puppet to seal the deal. Hopefully a kiss won't be required.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Volume V

Volume V: Beast Spirits & Folk

(Still working on getting the cover picture updated and then the book should be ready for sale.)

The next tome in the Divinities & Cults series explores various beast spirits and mythic folk, including new rules to use in your old-school game. Along with additional guidelines, magical side-effects, tests, and spell lists, assorted bestial and folk abilities are also available. These animalistic and kindred endowments allow for even greater customization of barbarian characters that follow beast spirits or of others whose race is from myth or folklore. What is more, these abilities are sorted by various divinities and cults, expanding upon the information presented in previous volumes.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Lords of Puppets, Part I

Lords are supernatural servants of divinities that can be angelic, fey, demonic, or devilish. They grant different abilities and spells to mortals who follow their ways, though it might be unclear just who the servant and who the lord is.

Our first example begins with Lords of Puppets. Each kind has their own general guidelines that are followed.

Ways of Puppets
* Angelic Lords: Use puppets to promote what is orderly and good.
* Fey Lords: Puppets help with enjoying and celebrating life!
* Demonic Lords: Puppets help with enjoying great mayhem and slaughter!
* Devilish Lords: Make puppets of others.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Zeus Encounters, Part III

Quests of Zeus
The father above will see who his heroes are. Roll 1d20.

1-2.  Exercise your leadership in the name of Zeus: If not so already, the most patriarchal member of the party feels compelled to be leader. If already leader, then he will work to expand his authority for at least the next 1d3 days. Others might protest, but they do so at the peril of Zeus' ire.

3-4. Usurp those who are unfit: Though technically a king, there is one who no longer protects his subjects nor keeps his house in order. He and his circle of corrupt advisors must be removed before his land is destroyed by the many invaders they are allowing in.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Zeus Encounters, Part II

Temples of Zeus

Style (d8)
1. Aeolic: windy
2-4. Ionic: regal
5. Corinthian: imperial
6-8. Doric: stately

Form (d12)
1-3. Shrine
4. Tholos (Round)
5-12. Rectangular

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Zeus Encounters, Part I

Rulership shines above.

Main Emphasis (d20)
1-2.  Exercise your leadership in the name of Zeus
3-4. Usurp those who are unfit
5-6. Rule justly 
7-8. Sow your royal oats
9. The Greeks Themselves
10. Heroic Adventure
11. Syncretism with another sky and/or storm god
12. Local variation
13. Archaic, Mycenaean 
14. Eagle spirit
15-20. All are emphasized

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Tyr Encounters, Part III

Quests of Tyr
Who has the mettle to do what's right? Roll 1d20.

1-2. Be prepared to give whatever is necessary in the name of the Law: One party member's father (who happens to be a giant) has an enormous keg that is required by the Gods. It must be acquired at any cost, even if one's multi-headed grandmother intervenes (a base 75% chance).

3-4. Keep one’s word, even unto death: The next quest a party member agrees to must be completed, even if they and the rest of the party die trying. To do otherwise would be to provoke a divine test of Tyr.