Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Priestesses of Britomartis, Part I

Neutral Goddess of Maidenhood, Nets, Wild Places, and Hunting

Tenets of Britomartis
* Remain a sweet maiden, loved by Artemis
* Assist fishers and sailors, encouraging commerce
* Protect wild places and sacred barriers
* Respect the hunt

Priestesses of Britomartis
Special: Britomartis is served by priestesses. In Minoan areas, she is known as Diktynna. Some followers of Artemis see her as an aspect of their goddess too.
Allowed Weapons: Net, sword, bow, dagger
Allowed Armor: Leather or lighter
Holy Symbol: Net, Butterfly, Coin, Mountain
Can Turn: Men who would harm women
Mysteries of Britomartis: Up to once per day per level, a priestess of Britomartis can gain a +2 bonus to one of her spell rolls when located near a net or mountain, as well as anything resembling them.

Next week: Priestesses of Britomartis, Part II!