Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Clerics of Veles, Part I

Chaotic Slavic God of the Underworld, Water, Serpents, & Magic

Tenets of Veles
* Remain below
* Flow and adapt as needed
* Undermine Law's tyranny
* Strike deadly when you must
* Be cunning, revealing your true power

Clerics of Veles
Special: Veles is served by clerics, volkhvs (Slavic oracular priests), and sorcerers (detailed in Part II).
Allowed Weapons: Staff, dagger, sling
Allowed Armor: Hide or lighter
Symbol: Beast, Serpent, Willow
Can Turn: Lawful, bright, stormy, or airy beings.
Veles Mysteries: Clerics of Veles can reroll a spell roll when fighting a lawful, bright, stormy, and/or airy  being, though they must abide by the second result. They may do so up to once per level per day.

Next week: Clerics of Veles, Part II!