Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Priestesses of Aphrodite, Part II

Divine Tests (Aphrodite)
Love can surely swell the heart as much as it can break it. It is up to the priestess to understand both sides as she rides the tides of beatific passion.

1-4. Fully opened now, the priestess experiences a -2d3 penalty to all her rolls unless she is engages in some kind of pleasurable activity. The penalty can be reduced by 1 for each partner that she lies with for at least 1d3 turns, allowing her to experience even more pleasure.

5-9. While the enchantment of her form remains irresistible, the priestess does lose access to some of her magic (50% chance for each spell) including possibly her turn ability. To get it back, she must do one of the following, though she would likely enjoy doing so anyway. Roll 1d4.
[1] Make passionate love to the next remotely appropriate individual she sees. The process takes at least 2d3 turns. Feel free to use the Victory in Love and War table in Volume III to determine any additional effects.
[2] Walk around completely nude for the next 2d3 hours. The priestess may not even hold or carry anything during this time, apart from her lovers’ caress, intoxicating scent, and passionate taste.
[3] Aid someone who is seeking love, regaining her lost magic when she achieves matchmaker’s success after they conjoin in steamy intercourse.
[4] Punish someone who has angered Aphrodite, whether for being too prude, comparing their beauty to hers, not giving proper thanks, having sex in a temple, or the like.

10-15. Some pleasurable; some terrible; all carnal, Aphrodite instills a greater test upon her faithful. Roll 1d6.
[1] Seed of Anchises: The next child the priestess bears will be partially divine (see Avatars: Gods Incarnate in Volume III for bonuses), though her magical powers are only at 50% strength until she does conceive one.
[2] Scent of Lemnos: The priestess stinks for a time and becomes sex-starved as a result for the next 1d3 days, only to slake her lust for at least half that duration again once it wears off. In any case, she suffers a -2 penalty to all her rolls as both aspects occur- due to many naked distractions- along with the other effects.
[3] Prayer of Pygmalion: Bringing new love into the world, the next female statue the priestess encounters comes alive as a moral woman. She will, in turn, be a faithful wife to the next man she sees and remain very shapely.
[4] Hubris of Hippolytus: The next prudish person, follower of Artemis, or horse rider the priestess spots will soon perish in a bizarre way, sometime in the next 3d4 hours. Evidence will point to Aphrodite as arranging the death and likely create some vendetta against the priestess from the slain one's allies.
[5] Attendants Erotes: Invisible, winged, erotic companions follow the priestess from now on, much as they do Great Aphrodite. All adult humans who first encounter her must save vs. death or become overwhelmed by feelings of lust. If this occurs, then they must quench those desires for the next 2d3 rounds at least, most likely begging for the priestess to assist them.
[6] Kallipygos End: Becoming even more beautiful now, the priestess gains +1 Charisma, but also will blind for 1d3 rounds those who see her nude or even kill those who see her bathing nude for the first time. A save vs. spell negates in the first case; a save vs. death negates in the latter. Akin to magical side-effects #9 and #11, this test is permanent, so later results of those side-effects will cause any saves to be made with a -5 penalty when they occur, especially if she is showing off her shapely hindquarters at the time.

16-17. Whether from lying with Ares or by losing Adonis, the priestess’s closest male companion departs. If mortal, he must save vs. death or die, otherwise he will simply no longer associate with her. If it’s unclear who that man would be, then pick the last one that she laid with. 

18+ To the fairest. Like with Paris, who the most beautiful is must now be judged. All women (including the priestess) within 1/4 mile are brought together to be judged by a random man within that area. He will then select the one who makes the best Charisma check, modified by any 'bribes' she may give him (wink-wink, nod-nod). If he doesn’t select the priestess, then she will be stripped of all her powers for 1 day per divine test total over 17 from the shame of it. On the other hand, if any followers of other goddesses aren’t selected, then they will experience the loss of power instead, plus there is a base 25% chance of earning that divinity’s ire (75% if a follower of Hera), likely leading to war.

DCC RPG Conversion notes:
Turn ability= Turn unholy ability
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15
Charisma= Personality (or Comeliness, if using that optional rule from Volume I)

Next week: priestesses of Aphrodite, Part III!