Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Athena Encounters, Part III

Quests of Athena
Athena is the patron for many adventures. Each can be incorporated into general campaigns or even used as alternate divine tests for her cleric-types with variations based on how difficult they need to be. Roll 1d20.

1. The moral course of action is always the best (Boulaia): A great prize is available, but it obviously doesn't belong to the party. The treasure even has a specific person's name labelled on it.

2. Seek justice, especially for those who cannot seek it themselves (Areia): Beset by brutal followers of Ares, a nearby hamlet seeks to hire the party to help with what little funds they have left. Accepting such treasure might be as immoral as not helping them at all.

3. Work with your skills: true talents will reveal themselves (Ergane): An excellent seamstress, who is claimed to be divinely talented, has taken up shop nearby. She will need to either be supported (if she's humble) or chastised (if not). An Arachne spirit (see Part II) will be dispatched by Athena's temple if things aren't resolved soon.

4. Stand bravely in the manner of Athena, fear no evil! (Pallas): With signs of mass destruction and crushed citizens, it is made known that a gigante is terrorizing the area (link). If outmatched, Athena will lend some protective magic items to help defeat (and skin) it.