Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Druids of Johnny Applewheeze, Part I

Johnny Applewheeze
Chaotic Arch-Demon of Allergies of All Kinds
Cult Edicts of Johnny Applewheeze
* Cause great suffering via otherwise harmless things
* Spread such things everywhere, especially apples!

Druids of Johnny Applewheeze
Special: Johnny Applewheeze is served by evil druids, as well as shamans and mystics. See Volume II for rules on the latter two classes.
Allowed Weapons: Dagger, dart, apple sling, sickle, scythe
Allowed Armor: Leather overalls with tin pot hat or lighter
Symbol: Apple-Red Swollen Eyes, Skin, Nostrils
Mysteries of Johnny Applewheeze: Druids of Johnny Applewheeze have a 75% chance of knowing what a person is allergic to, so as to better harm them. They may attempt to do so at will, but there is always a chance of failure because Applewheeze is an arch-demon rather than a full demon lord.

Magical Side-Effects
Having folks suffer from otherwise harmless things is certainly demonic! Roll 1d12.

1. Appleodema: Johnny calls for a random someone within 15’ to be slain via a serious allergic reaction. Unless they save vs. poison, they will immediately experience a swollen, apple-red death. If no one else is around, it is the druid who is chosen.

2. How Do You Like Them Apples? The druid must use at least a handful of an allergen from the list below for the spell to work, throwing it in the target’s face, hopefully causing a terrible reaction to boot!

3. And Now I Plant My Seed in You: Along with any other spell effects, the target must save vs. poison or gain a random allergy as Johnny’s foul seed tries to find fertile ground within them.

4. Cornucopia of Pain: The immediate, 1d6 x 5’ area becomes full of 1d3 types of allergen. For those who are allergic, much itching, sneezing, and wheezing will abound until they leave.

5-8. No Side-Effect: The spell works normally this time, though Johnny looks forward to planting future side-effects.

9. Poison is in Everything: The druid finds that out too, gaining a 50% bonus to the spell’s effect, range, or duration, but also suffering a -1d4 to all rolls for the next 1d4 rounds afterwards, hoping for the remedy.

10. Apple Atopy: If he has ever touched his target with an apple, then the druid can increase the spell’s effect, range, or duration by 50%. Of course, the target must also save vs. poison or have an immediate reaction, even if he or she isn’t normally prone to one.

11. Keep The Doctors Away!  As long as there are no actual healers within 60’, the magic’s effect, range, or duration is doubled. It’s good that the druid keeps an apple on hand daily to make sure doctors aren’t.

12. Poison Appleseeds: To better keep humans in check- via great suffering- the spell happens for double its normal effect, range, or duration, as well as it not being expended that day. In addition, if it would cause harm to a target with any sort of allergy, then they must save vs. poison or immediately die of appleodema.

Generating Allergies
For most humans, roll 1d10 -7 times on the list below to determine how many they have (if any) and then roll for what they are. Results of zero or less indicate that the individual is currently allergy-free.
For humans that have been repeatedly exposed to the magic of Johnny Applewheeze though, roll 1d10 -4 times.
For demi-humans, humanoids, and domesticated animals, roll only 1d10 -9 times, since they aren’t particularly hated by Johnny. All others are generally free of allergies, at least when it comes to the ones on the following list.

Allergens (d16): [1] eggs, [2] mold, [3] cow’s milk, [4] flowers, [5] nuts, [6] dust, [7] pets, [8] healing potions, [9] hay, [10] crustaceans (‘crabapples’), [11] bread, [12] bees, [13] presence of ex-lovers, [14] ongoing magical effects, [15] rain, [16] apples! (x2 reaction)
Reaction: -1d12 to all rolls for 1d6 (then roll 1d20): [1-10] rounds, [11-15] minutes, [16-19] hours, [20] days. Note that rolling the same number on the d12 and d20 indicates a severe reaction (appleodema) in which case the individual must immediately save vs. poison or die. No matter the type of reaction, the symptoms can be negated with disease-curing magic, but the allergy itself is certainly a curse.

DCC RPG Conversion notes:
Save vs. poison= make a Fortitude save DC 15
Spell not expended that day= spell gains a +2 to its spell check

Next week: druids of Johnny Applewheeze, Part II!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Clerics of Paul Bunyan, Part III

Cleric Spells (Paul Bunyan)
Clerics of Paul Bunyan have access to the following spells. Since he is only a demigod though, his clerics have a 25% chance of failure each time they try to cast spells of 4th level or higher. This penalty is in addition to any other requirements his clerics might have to make such spells work, no matter how many trees they cut.

1st Level: Create Water (as blue snow), Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil, Purify Food and Drink, Remove Fear, Resist Cold, Sanctuary (if out on the frontier), Animal CompanionD, Detect Snare and PitsD, Divine WeatherD, Pass without TraceD, Enlarge*, Jump*, Ventriloquism*

2nd Level: Bless, Delay Poison, find Traps, Hold Person, Spiritual Weapon (held by a phantom lumberjack), BarkskinD, StumbleD, Strength* (recipient becomes very hungry afterward)

3rd Level: Animal Growth, Cure Blindness, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Locate Object, Remove Curse, Striking (on allowed weapons), Plant GrowthD, SnareD, Frontiersman’s Cabin (as Tiny Hut*)

4th Level^: Create Food and Water (lumberjack fare), Cure Serious Wounds, Detect Lie, Divination, Lower Water, Neutralize Poison, Protection from Evil 10’ Radius, Hallucinatory TerrainD, Temperature ControlD (to make things colder)
5th Level^: Commune, Cure Critical Wounds, Dispel Evil, Flame Strike (appears as Paul’s axe coming down from the sky), Plane Shift (only works when cast out on the frontier), Distort Distance* (no earth elemental required), Teleport* (as Plane Shift)

6th Level^: Animate Objects, Earthquake (thanks to the movements of a giant, blue ox), Find the Path, Heal, Part Water, Speak with Creatures, Stone Tell, Ice Storm* (looks blue)

^25% (additional) chance of spell failure

1st Level (d9): Blessing, Food of the Gods (lumberjack fare), Holy Sanctuary (if out on the frontier), Paralysis, Protection from Evil, Resist Cold (but not heat), Animal Summoning*, Enlarge*, Ventriloquism*

2nd Level (d6): Cure Paralysis, Divine Symbol, Neutralize Poison or Disease, Restore Vitality, Locate Object*, Strength* (recipient becomes very hungry afterward)

3rd Level (d5): Bolt from the Blue (appears as Paul’s axe coming down from the sky), Remove Curse, Spiritual Weapon (held by a phantom lumberjack), Dispel Magic*, Paul’s Axe (as Blade of Atropos*, but it requires an axe and has a bonus against fearsome critters instead)

4th Level^ (d4): Cause Earthquake (thanks to the movements of a giant, blue ox), Breathe Life*, Frontiersman’s Bond (as Bottomfeeder Bond*, but works with those who dwell on the great frontier), Planar Step* (only works when cast out on the frontier)

^25% (additional) chance of spell failure

Avatar of Paul Bunyan
Align: N
MV: 50’
AC: 3
HD: 14
Atk: 1 axe
Dmg: 7d6
SP: Paul Bunyan cleric spells/abilities (caster level 9), immune to any harmful cold effects), 50% chance of having a giant, blue ox companion (stats below)
Magic Resistance: 10%
SV: F15
Mor: 11

Ever happy, rigorous, and hungry, Paul Bunyan Avatars are quick to aid the faithful or anyone else caught up in a tricky situation. Found almost exclusively on the great frontier, they are otherwise quite prosaic, simply clear-cutting vast swathes of wilderness while happily singing a song, only to dine on enormous flapjacks and other oversized lumberjack cuisine afterwards. Wilderness types might appreciate their ruggedness, but may not be too fond of such destruction. On the other hand, those who favor civilization would likely appreciate it. For their part, if questioned, Paul Bunyan Avatars will simply ask if it’s chow time yet.

Giant, blue ox companion: Mve: 60’; AC 4; HD 5; Attk: 1 trample; Dmg: 2d6; Sve: F5, Mor: 6 (12 when around the cleric)

DCC RPG stats:
Init: +2; Atk axe +19 (7d6+6); AC 16; HD 15d10; MV 40’; Act 2d20; SP Paul Bunyan cleric spells/abilities (caster level 12), immune to any harmful cold effects), 50% chance of having a giant, blue ox companion; SV Fort +20, Ref +5, Will +12; AL N

Giant, blue ox companion: Init: +1; Atk trample +7 (2d6+5); AC 15; HD 5d10; MV 50’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +10, Ref +2, Will +5

Paul Bunyan encounters
For divine test results 18+ or whenever the tall tales of Paul are needed. Roll 1d12:
1. As it gets very chilly out, all in the immediate area must make a Constitution check / Fortitude save DC 15 or begin to freeze to death.
2. 1d4 fearsome critters attack the party, see divine test results #16-17 for stats!
3. Strange weather occurs with blue snow falling, words freezing on the air, or even torchlight turning to ice. Those who witness it must save vs. spell / make a Will save DC 15 or be too fascinated to leave for the next 1d6 turns.
4. 4d4 very happy lumberjacks are found, humming, whistling, and/or outright singing. They have a base 80% chance of being over 6’ tall, a 40% chance of having a Paul Bunyan cleric amongst them, and a 20% chance of wearing women’s clothes.
5. Scintillating lights appear. It is a portal that leads to the Big Rock Candy Mountains, a fey realm land of plenty- see Volume II to generate details and it would be much appreciated by Paul Bunyan and his faithful.
6. A giant, blue ox arrives and guesses that the one in the party with the highest strength score is its master. It will follow them around for the next 4d6 turns, destroying most structures they enter and causing a general ruckus, unless somehow given the slip.
7. Would you believe it, but an enormous, 1d30 x 10’ diameter flapjack is found! There is a 50% chance of it still being in its enormous frying pan, as well as a 10% chance each hour of a Paul Bunyan Avatar coming to claim it.
8. 1d4 miles of trees in a random direction get chopped down. Witnesses report that a large fella done it. 
9. Strangely, the path, road, or route the party is on becomes straight. It’s almost like some gigantic ox pulled it hard enough to make it that way.
10. The next dead beast the party encounters, by their hand or elsewise, immediately comes back as a fearsome critter (see divine test results #16-17 for stats). It may now be chow time!
11. If a tree fell on you in the forest, would you make a sound? An unlucky party member will find out, taking 1d30 damage.
12. Enraged nature types arrive, upset over these changes to the natural order. They total 2d4 rangers, druids, squirrels, and/or other tree-huggers and are out to put a stop to all the clear-cutting, gluttony, and strange weather that has occurred. As such, they will take a very dim view of any Paul Bunyan clerics they meet.

Next week: druids of the demon lord Johnny Applewheeze!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Clerics of Paul Bunyan, Part II

Divine Tests
The great frontier can be a dangerous place, but only if you lose faith in Paul Bunyan.

1-4. The cleric gets turned around and loses his way. He’ll need to make a Wisdom check or he and his companions will become lost for the next 3d6 turns, even if it’s in his own log cabin.

5-9. Reckon it’s time for a challenge!  The cleric loses access to some of his spells (50% chance for each one) including possibly his turn ability. He must do one of the following to get each one back. Roll 1d4.
[1] Chop down at least 6d10’ of trees (height-wise), likely earning the ire of forest-lovers, squirrels, and those with cottages nearby (a base 80% chance for each).
[2] Consume at least 5d10 pounds of food (half if it’s lumberjack fare) and then save vs. poison or suffer severe gastrointestinal discomfort, being unable to act for the next 1d6 hours.
[3] Fight off a 1d4 HD fearsome critter. Luckily, Paul will send one the cleric’s way in time for supper (or whenever the Referee determines), unless there’s already one around. See divine test #16-17 for stats.
[4] Enough for a Tall Tale... The cleric must see something of great size, number, or intensity. What that is depends on his experience, but he can never use the same thing twice to satisfy this result.

10-15. Now Paul brings out the cleric’s bigger woodsman in him, or something like that. Roll 1d4.
[1] Brawny-Man: The cleric has been eating well! He gains 2’ in height and commensurate mass, adding 1 to his Strength and chances of being admired. Still, his brain shrinks a bit to make up for it, causing him to lose 1 Intelligence as well.
[2] Special Friend... A giant, blue ox shows up to assist the cleric, following him unto death (whether its own or his). And though it is a mighty fighter, this massive beast won’t realize its size as it tries to follow him down narrow paths, damages nearby structures, and the like. Stats follow, though the cleric would be wise to keep his ‘babe’ on a very sturdy leash unless absolutely needed:
Mve: 60’; AC 4; HD 5; Attk: 1 trample; Dmg: 2d6; Sve: F5, Mor: 6 (12 when around the cleric)
[3] More is Better! Whether cutting timber, chowing down on food, or casting spells in Bunyan’s name, the cleric has trouble holding back. From now, whenever an opportunity presents itself for the cleric to do one of those three things, he must save vs. spell or must do so 1d3 additional times that day. Even more, the save becomes 2 harder every time he experiences this test result.
[4] The Little Lumberjack Inside You: Like in magical side-effect #10, the cleric now has the urge to sing loudly and/or act very unmanly whenever no one else appears to be around. In fact, that might not even stop him- the cleric must save vs. death or must do so for at least 1 turn every day even when others are watching. What is more, as in divine test #3 above, for every time he experiences this divine test result, the save becomes 2 harder!

16-17. Fearsome critters roam the wilds and 1d4 of them show up in 2d3 rounds, double if out on the open frontier. Time to make a man out of you, cleric!
            Mve: 50’; AC 5; HD 1d6; Attk: 1; Dmg: 1d6 +1 per HD; SP: (see below); Sve: F1 + HD, Mor: 10
            Special (roll 2d12):
            [1] spiked hide causes 1d2 damage to those who grab it
            [2] breath weapon causes 2d6 damage to all in a 15’ cone, 3/day
            [3] +1 damage due to particularly nasty attack,
            [4] makes bizarre noises
            [5] can fly at a rate of 50’
            [6] can turn invisible, 3/day
            [7] can only move in circles
            [8] always looks like its smiling
            [9] +20’ speed
            [10] +4 AC bonus
            [11] successful attack knocks foes back 1d4 x 5’
            [12] per Referee

18+ Get a load of the weather we’ve been having! The temperature drops real cold, affecting a 1 mile radius per divine test result over 17. All in the area will likely have to stick to felling timber and lumberjack fare in order to keep warm, experiencing a Paul Bunyan encounter (see Part III) each hour while there. It lasts for the next 1d6 days and most fans of the natural order of things won’t be too happy about it.

DCC RPG Conversion notes:
Wisdom= if not using the optional rule in Volume I, have the cleric make a Luck check DC 15 instead
Turn ability= Turn unholy ability
Save vs. poison= make a Fortitude save DC 15
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10
Referee= Judge

Stats for Giant Blue Ox in results #10-15 [2]: Init: +1; Atk trample +7 (2d6+5); AC 15; HD 5d10; MV 50’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +10, Ref +2, Will +5

Stats for Fearsome Critters in results #16-17: Init: +4; Atk bite or claw +1 per HD (1d6 +1 per HD); AC 14; HD 1d10 – 6d10; MV 40’; Act 2d20; SV Fort +2d6, Ref +2d10, Will +1d4

Next week: clerics of Paul Bunyan, Part III!