Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Clerics of Hretha, Part II

Magical Side-Effects of Hretha
Victory may take many paths. Roll 1d12.

1. Cruel: Spoils need be taken from someone. The magic requires something of value (at least 1d3 gold pieces per spell level) to be claimed from another who's lost, preferable via combat.

2. Swift: Ride forth! The cleric must be on the move, whether before or after the spell is cast. It will only be at 1/2 its usual power without it otherwise.

3. Tempestuous: What is victory if it isn't done loud? If the cleric isn't howling at the time, then the magic will only occur 1d6 turns afterward.

4. Windswept: Upon the open air, battle can be fully joined. The cleric and all on her side within 120' can gain a +2 bonus to hit and +10' speed with the wind at their backs (a 50% chance). If not , then the winds blow against her, and she and those on her side experience the opposite. Either way, it lasts for 3d4 rounds.

5-8. Triumph SignThe magic works without side-effect this time, except for a 33% chance of some subtle mark or display of victory appearing too.

9. W√¶lcyrge: The Anglo-Saxon valkyrie boost the spell for a 50% bonus to its effect, range, or duration, but if the cleric hasn’t fought ferociously or in a terrifying way (like they do) sometime within the last 2d4 hours, then she suffers a -4 penalty to all rolls for the same amount of time.

10. Shield-Maiden Way: As long as the cleric is defending an area claimed by Anglo-Saxons, then its effect, range, or duration can be raised 50%.

11. Battleground: Where else can the great deeds of valor be known? If at such a place where much fighting and bloodshed either is occurring or has occurred, then the spell's effect, range, or duration can be doubled. 

12. Victorious: Along with the spell not being expended so that it can be cast once more that day, its effect, range, or duration can be doubled. In addition, if the cleric has overcome a worthy foe (one of equal HD or higher) within the last 1d3 hours, then one of those aspects may be tripled.

Warrior women who pledge themselves to Hretha and other northern warlike goddesses. 

* They fight as fighters (using their bonus to hit, HD, and saves), but gain no weapon specialization or other special abilities.

* In return, they can cast spells as clerics of the same level, but know only 1d2 spells per level and can just cast 1/2 the cleric's amount of spells per day. 

* They must carry a weapon and shield to cast their spells, having their sorcery appear as battle prowess or herb-craft.

* What is more, they must save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 to initiate combat, though they can still always be ferocious and terrifying, for they are defending maidens after all.

Next week: Clerics of Hretha, Part III!