Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gazetteer of the Shenbyrg Vale: Walstock

The main setting for my first novel, Night Skies Over Valhallow, and to a lesser extent my second novel, Quiet Upon Shenbyrg's Dawning, Walstock is herein detailed for both fans of the book and roleplaying gamers alike.

The seat of power for the Count of Shenbyrg, Walstock is a place of great intrigue. Bordered by bucolic Calvary to the west, fascistic Mauriatown to the north, the majestic Shenbyrg river to the east. and the magocracy of Caelum Mount to the south, it has been the focal point for many adventuring parties and strange occurrences for decades. It has recently fallen under the control of various Cults (see below), which allowed for a full invasion of Helltowne.

Official Ruler: Count Remus (currently missing)
Actual Rulers: Helltowne Occupation Force
Symbol: Blue & Golden Falcon
Faiths: Formerly Tyr and Minerva, now the Cults of R'ti, Ghulshield, and others have officially replaced them
Major Locales:
North: The County Castle, Knights Falcon Chapterhouse, Tower of Mistro
West:  Church of Tyr, The Brick Villas, Below's Mine, Walmarket
Central: Church of Minerva,  The Gaol (now Gaolag), Watch Command, The Mailery, The Meathouse, The Springing House, The Academy, The Hospitalia
Southern: Notacos Opry House, Mac Donaghill's, Colonel Siegfried's Gnome-Whipped Chickenhouse, Cindy's Tavern, The Schoolhouse