Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Gazetteer of the Shenbyrg Vale: Strass Hill

Strass Hill
Land of the Norse, Strass Hill is a rough-and-tumble place. Bordered by fascistic Mauriatown to the southwest, Helltowne further east, and the dangerous amazons of Stephania to the north, it has been forced to remain strong despite its internal disputes between Jarls. A new group is about to change all that: Minas-Ninonans led by the skald Luce and a Hel-blessed nursemaid.

Rulers: Warring bands, led by various Jarls. until Luce and the Minas-Ninonas take over
Symbol: Purple w/ Ram imagery, though Skulls and Black will partially replace that
Faiths: Thor and Sif, though Hel will soon rise to prominence
Notable Locales:
The Caverns Crystal: adventuring locale, quite haunted and noted for its quartz energy
The Signaling Nob: excellent vantage point, looking over the majestic Shenbyrg River
The Strass Hotel: a very fancy establishment, still keeping some of its Ancient flavor
Various Taverns: definitely un-fancy establishments, frequented by the many Vikings in town
Waxing Moon Cove: magical depilatory lake- make sure to not anger any swimming locals!