Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Clerics of Perun, Part III

Perun leaves his thundermarks upon those who must be shown the way.

Divine Tests
1-3. A deep rumble occurs and the cleric will contemplate things for the next 2d6 turns; 1d6 if he has been following Perun's tenets well (per Referee).

4-9. What remains once the storm ends? The cleric loses access to some of his spells (50% chance for each one), including possibly his turn ability. Roll 1d6 for each one to see what he must do to get it back.
[1] Find a new chaotic, watery, serpentine, or dark foe.
[2] Defeat a chaotic, watery, serpentine, or dark foe (whether new or already known).
[3] Forgive the next foe he meets (as long is it is not a chaotic, watery, serpentine, or dark one!)
[4] Guard a kapishche (Slavic outdoor sacred enclosure) for 3d6 turns. There is a base 10% chance per turn of a Perun encounter occurring though (see Part V). If a Kapische isn't available, a new one can be built with the assistance of 1d4 others and 1d20 in gold pieces for double that amount of time.
[5] See that an oath is fulfilled by the last person he has met.
[6] Ensure that the ways of Rod (the Slavic supreme deity) are honored in the next place he sees.

10-14. It is a time for heroes, so Perun makes it harder for the cleric to not attack villains on sight, specifically chaotic, watery, serpentine, or dark ones. To resist the urge to make such an attack, even if it might be unwise at the time to do so, the cleric must save vs. spell and every time he experiences this test, the save becomes 2 harder. Still, he also gains one of the following benefits to help ensure his victory when the good battle with such beings invariably occurs (roll 1d6): 
[1] Gain +1 Strength
[2] Gain +1 Constitution
[3-4] Can ignore up to 3 thunder/lightning damage per round
[5-6] Gain a better axe: a hand axe if he has none, a battle axe if he already has a hand axe, or a two-handed axe if he already has a battle axe.

15-17. Ball lightning explodes, causing 5d6 damage (or 6d6 damage on a roll of 16; 7d6 on a roll of 17) to all within 60' of the cleric. Any who are in range and are innocent (per Referee) are unharmed. A save vs. paralysis for 1/2 damage is allowed for any who aren't.

18+ Perun tosses three golden apples into the sky. They return as ball lightning, like in results #15-17 above, but this time affecting a greater area. Each falls to ground somewhere within 300' of where this test occurs, centering on a random, unlucky target, doing 8d6 damage to all within a 60' area and who aren't innocent. For every test result over 18, increase the total test area by 30', the ball lightning damage by 1d6, and the radius of each strike by 10'.  Grooms, stalls, and wedding guests seem to be preferred targets.

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Referee= Judge
Turn ability= Turn Unholy ability
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15
Save vs. paralysis= make a Reflex save DC 15
Constitution= Stamina