Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fighter-Wizards of Lemminkainen, Part I

Neutral Finnish Demigod of Adventure

Tenets of Lemminkainen
* Journey to take what is yours
* Honor oaths as long as others do (especially women)
* Fear not death or failure
* Use great items to ensure your success

Fighter-Wizards of Lemminkainen
Special: Being a demigod, Lemminkainen is just served by fighter-wizards (see below).
Allowed Weapons: Any
Allowed Armor: Chainmail and shield or lighter
Symbols: Copper Rake, Horse
Can Turn: None
Mysteries of Lemminkainen:  Fighter-wizards of Lemminkainen use a fighter's stats for combat, but gain no weapon specialization or other special abilities. In return, they can cast spells as clerics of the same level, but learn only one spell per level and can only cast 1/2 the cleric's amount of spells per day. 

Next week: Fighter-wizards of Lemminkainen, Part II!