Thursday, April 15, 2021

Moneychangers of Geedeepee, Part III

The bears and bulls might prove too much for even the greediest moneychanger.

Devil Tests
1-3. With diabolic scheming, the moneychanger must scry the Infernal Realm of Markets, taking at least 2d6 turns.

4-9. The Corpus of Geedeepee grows hungry, demanding its disciple take more initiative so it can feed upon his profit. The moneychanger loses access to some of his spells (75% chance for each one, possibly including his turn ability) until he commits such acts. Roll 1d6 for each one lost to see what it must be. 
[1] Trick someone out of at least 10d20 gold pieces.
[2] Hire a servant for a task, berate them, and then pay them poorly.
[3] Pollute, overharvest, and/or leave much refuse on a natural area that's at least 1d6 x 100' in size.
[4] Purchase new items for himself, worth at least 1d4x100 gold pieces in value.
[5] Attack a victim directly, call them lazy, and take their money.
[6] Have a victim slain by a bear or bull, then take their money.

10-12. Such devilry can come at a cost to one's health and well-being. Unless the moneychanger can find a willing dupe to take his place by the next dawn, he suffers a permanent 1d2 penalty to a random ability score as Geedeepee's corruption of life or distortion of mind takes hold of him too.

13-14. The earth cracks and moans beneath the moneychanger's fancy shoes, emitting noxious fumes, foul refuse, and a dismal air fitting for diabolic wealth. The area within a 1d6 x 100' diameter will grant a +2 to all rolls related to industry and commerce from now on, but also a -10 penalty to all rolls related health, happiness, freedom, and serenity.

15-17. The moneychanger gains 3d6 zero-level workers to assist him, depressedly serving his every selfish whim for 1d4 copper pieces a day. Still, there's a base 66% chance each day of a 'setback' occurring, rolled for each of them (1d6): [1-2] fallen ill, the worker now has a -2 penalty to all rolls, [3-4] maimed, the worker loses the ability to walk, use one hand, or see out of one eye [5] worker is slain, [6] worker is on strike and now devoted to killing the moneychanger. If enough workers are affected at once, such 'setbacks' might actually become serious for the moneychanger.

 The markets collapse under the moneychangers fiat fallacies, causing all Golden Promises he has created so far to be adjusted to their true value (zero). Depending on how much he spent in a given area, many lives may be ruined, but he certainly will be, as an angry mob tracks him down sometime within 1d6 turns and inflicts 6d6 damage before he can escape. And for every devil test result over 18, the damage done increases by 3d6 more.

Next week: Moneychangers of Geedeepee, Part IV!