Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Totems: Wolf, Part II

Totemic Side-Effects
"It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be" - Virgil.
Roll 1d12 whenever one who calls upon their wolf totem to use a special ability or spell.

1. Carnage!
The wolf demands blood or some other carnal satisfaction. The follower must immediately go after 
prey for at least 1d3 rounds, even gaining a free, extra attack on the same round that this side-effect occurs. A save vs. death/ Will save DC 10 is required to resist even trying to take down the first tasty person he sees. If not, then he must go after someone or something else- he will not rest until it is done.

2. Stay Back! Those who violate the wolf's territory should beware. The follower must drive off one interloper who is within sight, even a party member if they are foolish enough to not respect the wolf. Marking his territory too also wouldn't hurt.

3. With Wolfish Grin: The follower takes on the appearance of his totem, gaining anything from very wolfish features to actual wolf parts. Those not partial to such traits may respond with fear (save vs. death/ Will save DC 10 negates). This effect lasts for the next 1d6 turns when he would otherwise appear human, though the follower might wish it was longer.

4. Hunting Ground: A lupine presence is felt by all, granting a +2 to hit, +4 against those who are wounded or notably sheepish. The area affected is 1d6 x 10' and it lasts for 2d6 rounds.

5-8. No Side-Effect: Though one might feel a cold, forest breeze or hear howling in the distance, the spell or special ability occurs normally.

9-11. Wolf Pack: If the follower has at least one other wolf follower ally who is present and also working against the same foe, then he can increase the special ability or spell's range, effect, or duration by 50%.

12. Who's Afraid of the Wolf? Not only can the follower add 50% to the special ability or spell's range, effect, or duration, but he can also have the foe he faces save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 or flee in terror!

Totem Spells
In addition to rolling on the table above, shamans and other cleric-types also must perform a certain task for at least 2d3 rounds when casting a wolf totem spell. The task must be done before the spell can be completed, though if they make a Wisdom or Charisma check (DC 15) to better placate the wolf spirits, it can be done that round. Roll 1d6.

1. Chant or Sing                                        2. Dance or Be Wolfish            3. Drum or Rattle     
4. Make Offering or Wear Wolf Parts    5. Lie Comatose or Babble      6. Roll 1d5 twice      

Next week: Totems: Wolf, Part III!