Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Totems: Boar, Part II

Totemic Side-Effects
The boar can lead to both gorging and goring. Roll 1d12 whenever one calls upon the totem to use a special ability or spell.

1. Under Hoof: Even a follower can get in the way. Unless he is actively seeking something to get or to gore, the follower must save vs. paralysis/ make a Reflex save DC 15 or be knocked over as a boar spirit goes to do so instead.

2. Swine's Price
: And where's your fortune? The totemist must have gotten a good amount of food, treasure, or other comfort, or at least had something new within the last 2d6 hours. If not, then his spell or special ability will only function at 1/2 its usual power.

3. Boar Hunger: Tapping into the totem can be famishing work and the boar follower must eat the next at least semi-edible thing he sees. He must do so for at least 1d3 rounds, preferably acorns, though he'll be able to digest it all the same.

4. Eofor: The devotee takes on a more porcine appearance, becoming quite large and portly. As a result, he gains a +2 bonus to Constitution, but also a -2 penalty to Dexterity for the next 1d6 turns, along with a -5 penalty to Charisma checks with those who aren't partial to boarish-types

5-8. No Side-Effect: Though some food, treasure, or other thing to enjoy might look especially appealing, or the sound (and smell) of swinish snorting can be heard in the distance, the spell or special ability otherwise works normally.

9-11. Battle Boar: If the devotee is cornered or charges his target in melee, then the special ability or spell's effect, range, or duration can be improved by 50%.

12. Gold Bristles: The range, effect, or duration of the special ability or spell is boosted by 50% and the follower also can sense the direction to the nearest deposit of gold, food, or other pleasure for the next 1d3 turns.

In addition to rolling on the table above, boar shamans must also roll on the shamanism table whenever they cast a spell (link- see bottom).

Next week: Totems: Boar, Part III!