Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Totems: Eagle, Part V

Eagle Divinities & Traditions
Characters can opt to substitute select eagle totem abilities, spells, side-effects, and totem tests for ones they would normally have, reflecting how the eagle can appear more majestically in their lives. Select or roll 1d8.

1.  Zeus, Apollo: Zeus's followers who have an affinity for the eagle will usually focus on its aspects of flight and transcendence, so as to transport to higher states. Those eagle totemists who follow Apollo instead incorporate being radiant and smiting the serpentine, especially Python.

2. Mars (the Aquila): Romans akin to the martial Aquila tend towards being sharp-eyed and stalwart, espousing vigilant duty. Any quick strikes they derive from the totem should be followed up with reinforcement, holding areas from those who might hold Rome. 

3. Lugh: followers of Lugh and other Celtic gods who emphasize the eagle tend to select aspects that transform into one, along with freedom and calling aquiline beings for aid. The Welsh especially focus on harnessing its wise vision, per the ancient Eagle of Gwern Abwy. 

Tyr, Heimdall: Norse who call the eagle their totem generally see it more from the vantage point of 
Veðrfölnir. Followers of Tyr who do so also focus on exorcizing spirits, while those of Heimdall usually prefer that which helps to keep a sharp eye out.

5. Svarog, Perun: Svarog's eagle totem followers espouse transforming and using the sky above. Perun's instead take more direct action with lightning strikes. Both seek to defeat the dark and serpentine, though they can also appreciate the importance of such things within the realm of Slavic dichotomy.

6. Enlil, Ishtar: rising above, royal and majestic, Mesopotamian eagle followers focus on the high ground and might of the totem, dominating the earthly rabble. Those who do so and follow Enlil often use such aspects for victory in kingship; those for Ishtar, love and war.

7. Horus, Ra: Egyptian eagle totemists emphasize its radiant and protective qualities in the name of preserving Ma'at, with Horus targeting the darkness of Set and Ra focusing on the serpentine doom of Apep. 

8. The Amaranthine Wizard: purging the shadowy and the serpentine might require taking on some of those aspects oneself. With the dark eagle ascendant, the Amaranthine Wizard will allow his followers to gain might in its iron claws, though the danger remains that such a resolution might be worse than the original peril. 

Next week, our series on totems continues with the Boar!