Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Dwarves, Part II

Additional Dwarf Abilities
For those who want more than just the talents of a hill dwarf, see the following. And though each one's corresponding tendency can be resisted by saving vs. spell/ making a Will save DC 15 on a case-by-case basis, few dwarves would want to. For example, a dwarf berserker might choose to save to try to stop fighting a battle that was impossible to win or to even wear armor, but not if his personal honor was at stake.

Mountain Dwarves
Dwarf Berserker: gain a +2 to hit and to damage in melee, along with being able to attack an extra time each round, but must never break off from a fight, nor wear armor.
Dwarf Runemaster: gain the magical abilities of a 1st level cleric, but must carve runes in order to cast spells. Up to their level x 2 can be in existence at one time, and they can then even be activated by others who touch them. Dwarven runecasters  will also only give their runes to other dwarves and roll on the dwarven magical side-effects table (see Part III).
Dwarf Strengthgain an extra 1d2 Strength, but will never allow themselves to be one-upped.
Dwarf Toughness
: gain an extra 1d2 Constitution, but must act harshly, being unable to accept compassion.

Black Dwarves
Dark Dwarf: gain the magical abilities of a 1st level cleric, but must invert the truth, sometimes even speaking backwards. When casting spells, they may choose to roll for dwarven magical side-effects (see Part III) or for the arch-devil or dark deity they follow.
Exploiter: gain a +5 bonus to manipulate and take advantage of others, but must do so whenever possible, even when inopportune. Fittingly, when they fail a roll, 
their great sense of concealed inferiority comes through and they suffer a -5 to all rolls for the next 1d6 turns.
Fell Shapeshifter: can turn into a monster with a HD equal to their dwarf level/HD x 2, but will become consumed with greed, attacking any who might threaten their treasure.
: become trusted amongst such kind, gaining a +5 bonus to influence them. Also gain a strange, dusky complexion and features akin to goblins though, making other dwarves have to save or attack them on sight.

Treat as dwarves, except that they have a -2d3 penalty to their Strength, -1d3 penalty to their Constitution, and are 1d4 feet shorter. In return, their personalities are more passive and flexible.
Forest Gnome: gain a +2 to all rolls when in forests, but must respect them and their denizens.
Garden Gnome: gain a +2 all rolls when in gardens or other scenic areas, but must wear pointed and/or bright hats.
Just a Gnome: those wishing to harm them must save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 or otherwise feel too much sympathy to do so. In return, such gnomes can't initiate violence.

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