Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Druids of Gwydion, Part I

Welsh God of Magic, Trickery, Guidance, & Transformation

Tenets of Gwydion
* Work great magic
* Assist your allies
* Undermine your foes
* Be transformed in the process

Druids of Gwydion
Special: Gwydion is served by druids, brydydds (Welsh bards), cyfrinydds (Welsh mystics), gweledydds (Welsh seers), and dewins (Welsh wizards). He can also be followed in one of various ways, bestowing distinct abilities based on which of his aspects most applies (see below). 
Allowed Weapons: Staff, sword, dagger, rod
Allowed Armor: None
Symbols: Stag, Sow, Wolf, Trees
Can Turn: (by aspect)
     Gwydion Magician: those summoned by or use magic
     Gwydion Trickster: those who fail an Intelligence check with a +5 bonus (DC 10)
     Gwydion Guide: those who have attacked an ally.

Mysteries of Gwydion: 
Up to once per day per level, spellcasters who follow Gwydion can do one of the following:
     Gwydion Magician: gain a +2 bonus to a magical-related roll.
     Gwydion Trickster: gain a +2 bonus to a deception-related roll.
     Gwydion Guide: gain a +2 bonus to assist an ally.

For example, a druid of Gwydion might turn as Gwydion Trickster, but access mysteries as Gwydion Magician in a particular instance, or all the time, or turn and access mysteries as Gwydion Guide only, etc.

For details on related divinities, see here.

Next week: druids of Gwydion, Part II!