Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Clerics of Hengist & Horsa, Part III

Divine Tests
1-4. Conquest will come in due time. The cleric must now rest for the next 2d6 turns, unless of course if he's in the middle of expanding Anglo-Saxon domains, in which case it need only be 1d6.

5-12. The twin horses can bring both weal and woe. The cleric experiences the latter, losing access to all his spells, but can then experience the former, by rolling 1d6 for each to see what he must do to get it back.
[1] Claim a new area in the name of the Anglo-Saxons. Any potential interlopers must be fully aware of this fact.
[2] Be otherwise victorious, defeating a foe in combat or in some similar way.
[3] Spend time with his folk, being near at least 2d3 other Anglo-Saxons for the next 3d4 turns.
[4] Demonstrate his cunning, succeeding on an Intelligence check to clearly outwit another.
[5] Ride or care for a horse, or even do either with a sea-steed (ship).
[6] Engage in an act of fertility, preferably incorporating one or more of the ways above.

13-16. If he isn't careful, others might wish to take what is the cleric's too, likely leading to new adventures themselves. Roll 1d3.
[1] The next group of Norse warriors he encounters (or the like) will seek to loot him, even returning in force if need be.
[2] The next noble Briton he comes across (or similar) will become smitten with having his sister (or whomever is closest), demanding her above all else.
[3] The next Anglo-Saxon potential rival he has (or equivalent) will attempt to diminish his position.

17+ Without Hengist or Horsa? Only one can survive to foster the next line of Anglo-Saxons. When the cleric of Hengist and Horsa next encounters another cleric, the latter must save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10. If the other cleric fails, then he takes 3d6 damage. If he saves, then the cleric of Hengist & Horsa takes the same instead. For every divine test result over 18, increase the save DC by 2 and the damage done by 2d6, making it increasingly likely that only one will remain in the exchange.

Next week: clerics of Hengist & Horsa, Part IV!