Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Athena Encounters, Part II

Temples of Athena

Style (d6)
1-2. Ionian: smooth, orderly
3-4. Dorian: practical, orderly, 50% chance of having a historical metope
5. Corinthian: exotic, orderly
6. Reroll 1d5 twice, combine both styles
(All temples of Athena are also almost always very clean.)

Form (d6)
1. Shrine
2-6. Rectangular

Number of Columns: 2d6 at ends of temple, or outside if a shrine

Temple's Access is Forbidden to (d6)
1. Law-breakers
2. Foreigners
3. The Chaotic
4. Defilers
5. Those wearing footwear.
6. Reroll twice

Sacred Space (d10)
Reflecting Greek harmony and order, such places often emphasize (roll 1d10):
1. The moral course of action is always the best (Boulaia)
2. Seek justice, especially for those who cannot seek it themselves (Areia)
3. Work with your skills: true talents will reveal themselves (Ergane)
4. Stand bravely in the manner of Athena, fear no evil! (Pallas)
5. Remain chaste, temperate, & obedient (Parthenos)
6. Hone one's tactics for victory (Nike)
7-10(another aspect of Athenian philosophy- see Part I)

Random Temple Encounters
(See Volume I)

Martial Special Properties (percent chance each)
- T
hose favored by Athena gain a +1d2 AC and save bonus while within the temple's boundaries, as well as when within 1d20 x 10' of it (50%)
- Short walls, 1d2+4' high, are situated around temple and grant any fighting behind them a +1d3 AC bonus from outside attacks (33%)

Magical Special Properties (in all temples)
- Anywhere within the temple: Non-chaotic Greek cleric-types can reroll their magical side-effects up to once per day, but must take the second result.
- Cella (the temple's main sanctum): Those who specifically follow Athena can reroll their magical side-effects, gaining a +1d3 bonus to the roll, even picking which ones they wish to use, up to 3 times per day. Non-chaotic Greek cleric-types who don't specifically follow Athena can gain the same benefits as anywhere in the temple above. In all cases, the chances of triggering divine tests are also doubled at this place since a 4 + 1d12' tall statue of Athena is watching.

Special Temple Guardians
Athenian Hoplites (2d4, 75% chance )
Treat as hoplites (detailed in Volume I). In addition, they have the following modifiers:
- When fighting as a phalanx, along with the +3 AC bonus, they gain an additional +2 AC bonus when defending an area or when using wise tactics, but also suffer a -2 to all rolls when fighting on uneven terrain.
- They gain a +2 to rolls involving philosophy, but a -2 to morale in protracted land battles, whether fighting as a phalanx or not, as well.
AL: L, Mve: 35’, AC 3/5, HD 1+1, Attk: 1 (spear or short sword); Dmg: 1d6; SP: +1 to hit, damage, or AC each round, Sve: F1

Palladium Guard (1d4, 25% chance)
Protectors of Athena's cult images. Treat as Athenian hoplites, except that they have a +2 bonus to all combat-related rolls and AC when defending her images or fighting in coordinated, tactical ways, but a -2 to all combat-related rolls when not.

Guardian Owls (1d6, 15% chance)
Highly intelligent (and wise) owls, they patrol the temple grounds, silently landing near those of good character and hooting loudly at those who aren't. 50% of them will be in spirit form instead. All offer surprisingly helpful advice.

Guardian Spirits (1d3, 10% chance of either type, See also Volume IV for additional rules on spirits)
- Medusae: Ancestral spirits who can turn any who have defied their sacred vows to stone (save vs. petrification/ Will save DC 15 negates).
- Arachnae
Totemic spirits who can empower great weaving in the humble (+2d3 bonus) while in the temple. Those who are not will find themselves tangled in webs, or even worse, beginning to take on spiderlike aspects (save vs. spell/ Will save DC 15 negates either).

Greek Heroes (1d6, 5% chance)
Whether dedicated to Athena or simply seeking her counsel. 33% chance of also wearing capes. See Part I for details.

General: The temple is 26' long, 18' wide, & 23' tall.
Its focus is to remain chaste, temperate, & obedient (Parthenos).
It is Ionian, rectangular, with 4 columns at either end (like most Greek temples, it faces east).
The Chaotic are forbidden from entering.
Martial special properties: (see below)
Magical special properties: (see above)

Surrounding: Short walls, 50' around the temple, grant any fighting behind them a +1 AC bonus from outside attacks. 

Pronaos (entrance porch): stately and graceful, the columns are separate from the cella walls (prostyle), affording an excellent view of the short walls and surrounding area beyond. Within, the cella can be seen. 1d4 Athenian hoplites keep a close watch.

Cella (main, statue room): A graceful, tastefully decorated, and very clean large room, it features a 6' tall statue of Athena. There's a 75% chance of either Oreithyia and/or Ageta (from Part I) being present during daytime hours.

Opisthodomos (rear porch): Offerings are left here, but it is also guarded by a medusa spirit (see above), who will gladly attempt to petrify any would-be thieves. Any treasures are per Referee, though olive oil is recommended.

Next week: Quests of Athena in Part III!