Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Odin Encounters, Part I

Oneself to oneself, some who follow Odin emphasize certain tenets more than others. And though this choice can alter the mysteries, magical side-effects, and divine tests available to them, why they do it? No one knows.

Main Emphasis (d20)
1-2. Wisdom
3-4. Death
5-6. Insight
7-8. The Runes 
9. Ravens
10. Wolves
11. The Worlds (Sleipnir), Seidr
12. True Rulership
13. Grimness
14-20. All are emphasized

For example, if a cleric of Odin's focus was ravens, then he could gain a raven totem ability (link) instead of his mystery as described in Volume one. Similarly, some of his magical side-effects, divine tests, and even spells can be substituted with those of that totem (link).


Male Classes (85% chance, d12)
1-4. Cleric 
5-7. Priest
8. Seidman (seer/ shaman, see link)
9. Mystic (see Volume II)
10-12. Runecaster (see below)

Female Classes (15% chance, d12)
1-2. Cleric 
3-7. Priestess
8-11. Volva/ Seidkona (seeress/ shamaness, see link
12. Runecaster (see below)

Hair Color (d5)
1-2. Gray
3. Blond
4. Red
5. Brown
6. Black

Build (d8)
1-4. Slender
5-7. Medium
8. Stocky

Complexion (d6)
1-2. Pale
3-4. Fair
5-6. Medium

Garb (d12)
1-2. Blue robes
3-4. Grey robes
5-6. White robes
7. Robes of a different color
8-12. Practical garb

See also Road Encounters in Volume I for more ways that followers of Odin might disguise themselves when traveling. 

Main Weapon (d8)
1-3. Spear
4-5. Staff
6. Longsword
7. Short sword
8. Dagger

Special Qualities (percent chance)
These can be adjusted by the follower of Odin's main emphasis too.
- Thrice High fylgja (15%): their spirit guardian is particularly active in the matters of insight, will, and magic, granting a +1d3 bonus to 1d3 rolls that involve at least one of them per day. The fylgja is otherwise generally supportive, like those that other people have.
- Holding the Eye currently in effect, per Magical Side-Effect result #4 (15%)
- Eye plucked out, per Divine Test #18 (4% per level)
- Hung on windswept tree, per Divine Test #19+ (2% per level)
- Magic item (8% per level)
- Magic weapon (8% per level)

Sample Cleric-Types of Odin
Asbrand HrolfssonLvl 7 Norse cleric of Odin, Align: N, MV: 40', AC 8, HD: 7, HP: 42, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d8+2 (+2 spear), SP: cleric abilities, spells prepared (1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear (reverse, with raven calls), Sanctuary, 2nd Level: Augury, Bless, Know Alignment, Hold Person, Voice of Huginn & Muninn* (as ESP, except that the caster is stunned for d4 rounds if the target saves), 3rd Level: Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Clairaudience*, Clairvoyance*, 4th Level: Dimension Door*, SV: C7, Mor: 9, Items: holy symbol, blue robes, +2 spear,  +1 cloak of protection, potion of healing, 74 gold pieces. Main Emphasis: InsightAppearance: gray hair, slender build, fair complexion.

Hreidar HringssonLvl 4 Norse runecaster of Odin, Align: N, MV: 40’, AC: 9, HD: 4, HP: 15, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d6 (staff), SP: runecaster abilities (see below), spells prepared (1st: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic (x2), Resist Cold, Shield*
2nd Level: Find Traps, Know Alignment, Spiritual Weapon (held by a Valkyrie), Knock*, SV: C4, Mor: 8, Items: holy symbol, gray robes, staff, scroll (Hold Person), 24 silver pieces. Main Emphasis: the Runes, the Worlds, Appearance: brown hair, medium build, medium complexion.


* Treat as clerics, except that they lose the ability to turn or use their divinity's mysteries.
* They must carve runes in order to cast spells. Once ready, they can then be activated at a later time by any who touch them, pass by them, or by some other method stated by the runecaster at each one's time of creation.
* Still, runecasters may only have up to their level x 2 of their runes in existence at one time, preventing them from (rune)casting any other spells until the runes they already have are either expended or destroyed.
* They must also roll for Runecaster Side-Effects when casting any spells (see below) in addition to their divinity's magical side-effects. These results can be adjusted based on the runecaster's tradition, per Referee.

Runecaster Side-Effects (d4)
1. Carve a minor rune, taking 1d2-1 rounds to cast. It lasts until activated, up to 3d6 rounds later.
2. Fashion a standard rune, taking 1d3 rounds to cast. It lasts until activated, up to 3d6 turns later.
3. Craft a major rune, taking 2d4 extra rounds to cast. It lasts until activated, up to 3d6 hours later.
4. Forge a greater rune, taking 3d6 extra rounds to cast. It lasts until activated, up to 3d6 days later.

Runecasters can also carve permanent runes, though these would follow similar rules to magic item creation in one's game.

Next week: Temples of Odin in Part II!