Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Priestesses of Freo, Part I

Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Love

Tenets of Freo
* Be loving, gentle, and kind
* Espouse beauty and sweet poetry
* Be with a good man
* Supporting him and your children fully

Followers of Freo
Special: Freo is served by priestesses and witches.
Allowed Weapons: Staff, short seax
Allowed Armor: Shield or none
SymbolsSun, Blond Hair, Falcon, Cat, Moon
Can Turn: None
Mysteries of FreoFollowers of Freo gain either +1 Wisdom or Charisma. They can also grant themselves or another +4 to a healing, attractiveness, or lovemaking roll via applying one or more of the Nine Herbs and their loving touch. They may do so up to once per day per level. 

Folk Variations
Changes to Freo's guidelines can be made to coincide with those who follow similar goddesses.

Freya (Norse): very similar, their abilities can be exchanged, though Freo is portrayed here as less martial and having many qualities of Frigg.

Frijj┼Ź (Germanic): more primitive, her magic can be a mix of Freo's with the Germanic Magical Side-Effects detailed in Volume II.

Lada (Slavic): a love goddess too, incorporating spring and summer, emphasizing more young love.

Mokosh (Slavic): a mother goddess, she includes more family and home aspects, corresponding with Frigg.

Venus (Roman): being a goddess of beauty who focuses on appropriate love, she can match with Freo well.

Next week: priestesses of Freo, Part II!