Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Poseidon Encounters, Part II

Temples of Poseidon

Style (d8)
1. Minoan: palatial
2. Mycenean: cyclopean
Aeolian: free-flowing
4-5. Ionian: graceful
6. Corinthian: exotic
7-8. Dorian: stately

Form (d12)
1-3. Shrine
4. Tholos (Round)
5-9. Rectangular
10. An island
11-12. Underwater

Temple's Access is Forbidden to 
1. Subterranean beings
2. Winged beings
3. Land-lubbers (humans that dislike the sea)
4. Foreigners
5-8. Reroll twice

Sacred Space (d20)
Reflecting the sea or other travel, such places sometimes embody one of the following (roll 1d12):
1-2. Set your sails for adventure!
3-4. Respect the sea, ‘tis Lord Poseidon’s domain
5-6. 'Tis good work in avasting ye scallywags!
7. There’s Poseidon’s work in earthquakes too
8-9. Horses, Horse Totem
10. Bulls, Bull Totem
11. Fish, Fish Totem
12. Rivalry with other gods
13. Abduction of potential wives, and the resulting offspring
14. Archaic, Mycenean
15-20. No special emphasis

Random Ocean Encounters
(See Volume I)

Magical Special Properties (all temples of Poseidon)
- Anywhere within the temple: All Greek cleric-types can reroll their magical side-effects up to once per day, but must take the second result.
Cella (the temple's main sanctum/ most sacred area): Those who specifically follow Poseidon can reroll their magical side-effects, gaining a +1d3 bonus to the roll, even picking which ones they wish to use, up to 3 times per day. In all cases, the chances of triggering divine tests are also doubled at this place since a 5 + 1d12' tall statue of Poseidon is watching.

Other Special Properties (percent chance each)
- Located near the coast (66%)
- Located on an island (if not an island already, 33%)
- +1d3 bonus to all rolls made for adventure (25%)
- +1d3 bonus to all rolls made to enjoy the sea (25%)
- +1d3 bonus to all rolls made to deal with scallywags/ rascals (25%)
- +1d3 bonus to all rolls made to enjoy horses and earthquakes (25%)
- Located near a spring (25%)
- Includes a natural source of sustenance and/or succor (25%)
- Located near a node, see Volume II (20%)

Special Temple Guardians
Various types defend Poseidon's sacred places, often depending on their nature.

Nautical Types (1d12, 66% chance)
Salty seamen, some might even be pirates (a base 25% chance)
Mve: 40’, AC 8, HD 1, Attk: 1; Dmg: 1d6 cutlass, SP: +1d4 bonus to seaman rolls (or also piracy, if pirates), Sve: F1, Mor: 8, AL: N or C

Poseidon Hoplites (1d10, 50% chance)
Per hoplites in Volume I, also gain a +2 to hit horsemen or when near the sea, but a -2 penalty to all rolls when fighting on uneven terrain.

Wild Animals (1d6, 33% chance)
(roll 1d8): [1-2] horses, [3-4] bull, [5-6] fish, [7-8] other animals of the sea.

Nereid (1d12, 25% chance, 55% if Underwater, on an Island, or at least Near the Coast)
MV 40’/ 80' swim; AC 9 (0 vs. those who are attracted to them); HD 3; Atk (none); SP: allure, charm person, animal summoning, plane shift, alter self, breathe water, water form (can turn to water and back after 1d3 rounds)- all as level 7 clerics of Poseidon; SV: M9; Mor: 6, AL N

Merfolk/ Triton (1d6, 15% chance of either, 75% if Underwater, on an Island, or at least Near the Coast)
MV merfolk: 10’/ 180' swim, triton: 30'/ 160', AC 7, HD 2, Atk 1, Dmg: by thrusting weapon, SP: breathe water, leaders have magic items, SV: F2; Mor: merfolk 8, triton 10, AL N

Oceanid (1d8, 15% chance, 25% if Underwater, on an Island, near a Spring, or at least Near the Coast)
MV 40’/ 100' swim, AC 9 (0 vs. those who are attracted to them), HD 5, Atk (none), SP: allure, charm person, animal summoning, plane shift, alter self, breathe water, wave strike (as flame strike, but is made of and requires a body of water), control weather (near water)- all as level 9 clerics of Poseidon, SV: M11, Mor: 7, AL C

Fishman (1d12, 10% chance, 35% if Fish, Fish totem is honored)
MV: 30’ (swim 80’), AC: 7, HD: 1, Atk: 1, Dmg: by thrusting weapon, SP: aquatic, may have 1d3 other fish totem abilities, SV: F1, Mor: 6, AL C

Minotaur (1d6, 10% chance, 35% if Bulls, Bull totem is honored)
MV: 40’, AC: 6, HD: 6, Atk: 2, Dmg: 2d6 (gore) & by weapon (+2 damage), SP: can gore for double damage on a charge, surprised only on a 1, immune to mazes, 50% chance to track, gains 1d3 randomly determined bull barbarian special abilities, must save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 to not engage in violence or other carnal appetition, SV: F6, Mor: 12, AL C (see the upcoming Volume V for additional options)

Siren (1d6, 10% chance)
MV 40’/ swim 80'; AC 9 (0 vs. those who are attracted to her); HD 3; Atk (none); SP: +1 weapons or better required to hit, breathe water, charm person at will that draws men to them (save vs. spell/ Will save DC 15 negates), 33% chance of having bird wings allowing flight at 120' per rd; SV: E3; Mor: 7, AL: C 

Cyclopes (Polyphemian) (1d3, 5% chance, 25% if on an Island
MV 40’; AC 4; HD 10; Atk: 1 club or boulder; Dmg: 2d10 or 2d6; SP +4 to attack would-be guests; SV F10; AL C)
(see the upcoming Volume V for additional options)

General: It is Ionian.
The temple's access is forbidden to subterranean beings.
Its sacred space is: 'Tis good work in avasting ye scallywags!
The temple's form is rectangular
Magical properties (see above).
Other special properties: located near the coast, +3 bonus to all rolls made to enjoy adventure and the sea, a node is nearby.

Peristasis (columns around the temple): Marking the outer edge of the temple area, they can grant cover. Subterranean beings and scallywags (rascals) will feel a sense of unease here. Any obvious ones caught by the inhabitants will be avasted (stopped) and escorted away from the temple. The 1d4 nautical types who patrol this area will be especially happy to make any interlopers 'walk the plank' for a more permanent removal.

Pronaos (entrance porch):  With protruding cella walls here (in antis), the entrance is especially defensible. During the day, a lone Poseidonian hoplite has a 50% chance of being on guard here.

Cella (main statue room): The most sacred area of the temples, the walls are lined with carvings of nautical scenes. Lydus and/or Oitane (from Part I) will be here during daytime hours too. A 12' tall statue of Poseidon is watching. 

Opisthodomos (treasury): Much sea booty can be found in this place. For those who attempt to steal it, Poseidon has a 50% chance of sending a minotaur to punish the transgressors.

Next week: quests of Poseidon in Part III!