Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Red Noon and Communist Evil

As we feverishly await the unveiling of Divinities and Cults, Volume II (to be released sometime next week!), let us turn for a moment to my next impending novel: Red Noon at Helltowne.

This shorter work (~160 pages) follows the story of Oborren, Brymanah, Kolvaig, and the others as they seek retribution against the Red Dwarves. As described in Quiet Upon Shenbyrg's Dawning, the Red Dwarves were barely stopped in their invasion of Walstock, but their strength remains in their eastern fastness: Helltowne. Discover the terrible land of Uncle Steel Dwarf, mustached God of the Red Dwarves and their human and other subjects. What horrors does this accursed land hold and how will the adventurers ever survive it?

Part of the Night Skies Over Valhallow series, Red Noon at Helltowne continues to explore the world of Amercia, the fantasy future equivalent of America. Fans of the series will enjoy the continued gripping  action, humor, and deep insights into the way of the world of both the future and today: a parable of what brave folk must do in the face of overwhelming evil.

And those new to the series can even start with Red Noon at Helltowne, if they wish: an extensive glossary is included so fans of fantasy, philosophy, and social commentary can dive right in to this amazing book. It's projected release on Kindle is this September. Stay tuned!