Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Clerics of Epona (Part I)

Neutral Gallic Goddess of Horses, the Land, & Fertility

Tenets of Epona
* Honor horses and all that they bestow
* Enjoy the fertile bounty of the land
* Stand up to tyranny and despoilers
* Protect your homeland from invaders too

Clerics of Epona
Special: All clerics of Epona are female and are also known as druidesses or priestesses.
Allowed Weapons: None
Allowed Armor: None
Holy Symbol: Horse, Foal, Cornucopia, Bowl
Can Turn: Tyrants, Invaders, Despoilers
Eponian Mysteries: Clerics of Epona can gain a +2 bonus to one of their casting rolls when mounted or when otherwise near a horses or horses, up to once per day per level. What is more, those who would harm them with any attack must save or be unable to do so.

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