Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Clerics of Epona (Part II)

Healing Side-Effects (Epona)
Like the Great Mare that she is, Epona provides stable, strong, and steady support for those who honor her equine ways and the lands that sustain her people. Roll 1d12.

1-2. Free to Range: Those who would enslave, harm the land, or replace Epona’s folk must be stopped. The cleric’s healing will only work in this case on those who would mete out justice upon such fell ones within at least 1d6 hour’s time, or else the healing is forfeit.

3-4. The Land Provides the Greatest Succor. The healing will only occur if either the patient is outdoors or in some other place where horses are housed or dwell, hopefully with plenty of oats and other grains around.

5-6. Bareback: Horses travel best when they run free, unbidden by restraint and so should the healing’s recipient. He or she must be free of garb for the next 1d6 turns, even gaining a +1 to all rolls for the following hour if Godiva-mounted during that time, though chaffing might become a problem (a base 33% chance).

7-8. Stable Healing. The patient is healed. In addition, if within 10’ of a horse, pasture, or horse dwelling when the spell is cast, then he or she gains 50% extra healing.

9-12. Blessing of Epona. The recipient is healed for the spell’s amount. In addition, he or she also gains a +2 bonus to all rolls related to horses and defending the land for the next 1d6 hours. What is more, if he or she is specifically working against tyrants, despoilers, and/or invaders, then the recipient gains an addition +2 bonus in those situations as well.